Chapter Thirteen – Killer

Chapter Number: Thirteen

Chapter Name: Killer

Page Numbers: 300-322

Date of Chapter: March 11, 2007

Summary: The chapter begins with Bella on her way to La Push to warn Jacob the rangers, Charlie and a group of volunteers are hunting for the wolves. She believes the werewolves are killing the hikers can cannot condone this, but she also feels bound to protect Jacob.

When she reaches the Blacks’ home, Billy denies that Jacob is there until Bella makes it clear that she knows Jacob is a werewolf. Jacob is sleeping, and Bella decides to walk on the beach while she waits for him to wake up.

She rests on a large driftwood tree, perhaps the same one she sat on when she and Jacob met, and tries to reconcile her conflicting feelings. She concludes that Jacob is her friend regardless of his behavior, but she’s still unsure of how to deal with the situation.

Jacob arrives. He seems happy at first because Bella has figured out that he’s a werewolf, but then he notices her expression. When Bella expresses concern for the men hunting the wolves, Jacob says that they will disappear soon enough. Bella assumes that Jacob means the wolves will kill the men hunting for them.

Angry because he believes Bella is disgusted him, he calls her a hypocrite. Bella asks him if he and the pack must continue to kill people. Jacob realizes that Bella accepts him as a werewolf and explains that they are hunting a vampire who is killing hikers.

Bella assumes the vampire is Laurent until Jacob explains that the pack killed him after he attacked her in the meadow. Bella explains how relieved she feels.

When Jacob asks her why didn’t talk to him sooner, Bella reminds him that he wasn’t around.

They discuss Jacob’s comments about how it wasn’t safe to be in Bella’s room the night before. She assumed he meant the danger from the vampires hunting her. Jacob explains that although one reason for avoiding her was to protect the pack’s secret, a second reason, that he is still learning to control his anger to keep from phasing, placed her in danger.

As Jacob assures Bella that the pack will protect her and keep an eye on Charlie and the others, Bella remembers that there is a vampire killing hikers now. She knows Victoria has come to hunt her. Jacob confirms this, pointing out the pack can’t figure out her tactics because there’s no logic to her attack. Bella explains that Victoria is after her. She describes the events of the previous year’s spring break when James was killed.

Jacob goes into the woods to phase into a werewolf in order to communicate with the pack. While he is gone, Bella considers the various aspects of her situation and her terror increases. Jacob realizes the extent of her fear when he returns. He promises to take care of her and of Charlie.

When Bella asks why he went into the woods, he explains the werewolves’ telepathic abilities to her. He seems surprised that she handles this information so calmly. When Bella points out that this isn’t her first experience with mind-reading, Jacob expresses dismay that the legends about vampires with special powers. He also tells her that Sam, as Alpha of the pack, can give commands that have special power over the werewolves and that they cannot disobey when he does this.

Jacob tells Bella about the trauma of phasing for the first time. He points out that Sam went through this difficult experience alone.

Knowing that the pack will be angered by her presence, Bella wants to stay behind, but Jacob believes that her knowledge of vampires will help the wolves track Victoria. Bella feels like a traitor, but she wants to help stop Victoria.

Bella and Jacob talk about the Cullens and how hurt and alone Bella has been. Then they head off together to meet the pack.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Billy Black

Characters Mentioned: Charlie Swan, Edward Cullen, Sam Uley, Laurent, Victoria, James, the Cullens (implied), the pack (implied)

Places Visited: La Push, The Black home, First Beach

Memorable Quotes:
“Love didn’t work that way, I decided. Once you cared about a person, it was impossible to be logical about them anymore.”
~Bella Swan, pg. 304

“Could you… well, try to not to be a … werewolf?”
~Bella Swan, pg. 306

“Well, I’m sorry that I can’t be the right kind of monster for you, Bella. I guess I’m just not as great as a bloodsucker, am I?”
~Jacob Black, pgs. 306-307

“Be careful, Bella…Don’t push him too far. You need to calm him down.”
~Edward Cullen’s voice, pg. 307

“You really, honestly don’t mind that I morph into a giant dog?”
~Jacob Black, pg.308

“Bella, honey, we only protect people from one thing – our one enemy. It’s the reason we exist – because they do.”
~Jacob Black, pg. 309

“You’re also very good with weird. I thought that would bother you.”
~Jacob Black, pg. 318

“When I … changed, it was the most… horrible, the most terrifying thing I’ve ever been through – worse than anything I could have imagined. But I wasn’t alone – there were the voices there, in my head, telling me what had happened and what I had to do. That kept me from losing my mind, I think. But Sam… Sam had no help.”
~Jacob Black, pg. 319

“You know a ton of things that can help us. It’s not like you’re just some ignorant human. You’re like a… I don’t know, spy or something. You’ve been behind enemy lines.”
~Jacob Black, pg. 320

“How do you know me so well Jacob? Sometimes it’s like you can read my mind.”
~Bella Swan, pg. 321

“Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?”
~Jacob Black, pg. 321

Important Information Learned:
Jacob confirms that he is a werewolf and the other boys in “Sam’s cult” are a pack of werewolves led by Sam, who is the Alpha.

Werewolves exist for one thing – to protect humans from vampires.

The pack killed Laurent.

Killing one vampire is not a problem for a pack the size of the one at La Push.

Victoria is the vampire currently killing people in the Forks area.

The pack is actively pursuing Victoria. They haven’t known her motives until this point, when Bella explains to Jacob that Victoria is trying to kill her.

Anger causes werewolves to change from human to wolf form.

Contrary to traditional werewolf lore, the wolves don’t need a full moon to phase from human to wolf.

Bella is worried about the pack confronting Victoria. Jacob finds this insulting and encourages her to have more confidence in them.

Werewolves can communicate telepathically in wolf form, regardless of distance.

The werewolves have legends about vampires with special powers.

Sam, as the Alpha, has the ability to command the rest of the pack. When he does this, the others must comply. It is impossible for them to disobey that kind of order from the Alpha.

There are, according to Jacob, “a load” of wolf things.

The first time a person changes into wolf form, the experience is terrifying. But the other wolves can help by communicating telepathically. However, Sam had to make the change alone, without help.

Jacob knows Bella has more information about vampires that can help the pack.

Bella feels like she has betrayed/will betray the Cullens for sharing what she knows about vampires.

Jacob pays such close attention to Bella that it’s almost as if he read her mind.

Jacob suggests that Bella is better off without the Cullens.

Chapter Prepared By: silly_bella