Chapter Eighteen – The Funeral

Chapter Number: Eighteen

Chapter Name: The Funeral

Page Numbers: 404 – 423

Date of Chapter: Saturday March 18, 2006

Summary: In this chapter Jacob pays a surprise visit to Bella.  He has come to talk with her and ask her an important question.  The atmosphere is filled with tension as Bella is protective of her relationship with Alice and Jacob’s senses are on edge from Alice’s presence.  After a few snippy exchanges. Jacob explains to Bella that she can not be under the Pack’s protection in Forks as long as a Cullen is there.  In accordance with the treaty they can only protect their own lands in La Push.  He goes on to ask if "the rest" of them are coming back.  This is a very painful question for Bella.  She knows Alice’s visit doesn’t change anything.  And her reply to Jacob conveys that with a simple "No, they aren’t coming back." 

Jacob turns to leave and Bella slumped against the kitchen counter in sadness.  Sadness for her loss of a best friend and recognition for there having been no other way.  Jacob quietly comes back to Bella’s side to comfort her, and apologize for hurting her again.  A sweet exchange between the two follows where both exchange apologies, promises of friendship, and dislike of the circumstances they find them selves in -a catch- 22.  As they hold each other Jacob takes Bella’s face in his hands and draws closer to her.  Bella is struck with confusion.  She hasn’t made her decision yet.  Sure she loved Jacob but was she ready to make him hers?  Was she ready to take this step,  a kiss?  But before she could answer that question the shrill ring of the phone broke through the thick atmosphere.

Jacob answered the phone and is body language told Bella all she needed to know.  It was a Cullen.  "He’s at the funeral." was Jacob’s last reply before hanging up the phone.  Bella demanded to know who it was and when Jacob told her it was Dr. Carlisle Cullen she was furious he had not let her talk to him.  This heated exchange didn’t last for long as Jacob tensed and quickly moved to the door to leave, only to find a paler than usual Alice on the other side of the door.  Bella instinctively moved between Alice and Jacob.  "What’s wrong Alice?" she asked.  Then in response to Alice’s one word reply, "Edward."  Bella collapsed.

Through the next flurry of moments filled with Jacob’s profanities and accusations at Alice, Bella come to.  She listened as Alice phones Rosalie and a heated exchange between the sisters follows.  Bella is confused.  She is getting broken information and the two of them, Alice and Bella, begin to sort through the fragmented pieces of information to reveal what happened.  They figure out that Rosalie called Edward to tell him Bella was dead.  And the "Dr. Carlisle Cullen" who called was in fact Edward.  The response from Jacob on the other end of the phone "He’s at the funeral" only served to confirm Bella’s death.  Edward’s phone was found by a stranger who answered the phone when Alice called it.  Edward had dumped the phone and gone to Italy.

The Volturi, a powerful family who ruled the city of Volterra and had the power to give Edward what he wanted most.  Death.  This information was even more confusing to Bella.  He left her.  He didn’t want her any more.  Why should he care?  None of that mattered now.  Bella had to save Edward.  Alice instructs her to write a letter to Charlie and get her I.D. and passport while she arranged the flight.  They were going to Italy.  Without hesitation Bella was going, Alice had tried to explain the dangers, Jacob had protested, but Bella was going.  She would stop Edward. 

Bella’s heart panged in regret as she remembered the last time she ran out of the house like this.  Last time it was running from danger.  This time she ran toward it.  She tore through the house, stifled an arguing Alice and Jacob, and turned to lock up the house.  Jacob had promised to take care of Charlie, treaty or no, but he still pleaded with her on the porch…"Don’t go."  In desperation, worried this would be the last time she would ever see Jacob again she threw her arms around him and then kissed the palm of his hand, before dashing off to join Alice in the now revving Mercedes.  She couldn’t bare to look him in the eye before, but as Alice spun the car around in a squeal of shrieking tires Bella called out to him once more. "Take care of Charlie!", but Jacob wasn’t there.  Only a shred of white tennis shoe remained on the edge of the forest.

Characters Involved:  Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Charlie Swan, Sam Uley, Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Jacob Black, Jared, Embry CallEdward Cullen

Character Mentioned: Mr. Newton, Mr. Weber, Billy Black, Carlisle Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen , Mr. Berty, Renee Dwyer, Mrs. Newton, The Volturi, Carlisle Cullen

Places Visited: Charlie’s house

Memorable Quotes:
"…you probably wouldn’t like it to much if I killed your friend."
~Jacob Black

"Why does everyone keep doing that to me? I don’t smell!"
~Bella Swan

"Yeah. It was easier when we were both human. Wasn’t it?"
~Jacob Black

"He’s at the Funeral." 
~Jacob Black

"I’ll go alone if your afraid."
~ Bella Swan

"Yes. You’re right, dog."
~Alice Cullen

"Don’t die, Bella,"
~Jacob Black

Important Information learned:
Vampires smell bad to Werewolves.

The Pack can’t protect Bella outside of the reservation as long as the Cullen’s are in forks.

Jacob was strong enough not to phase in front of a vampire.

Jacob didn’t believe Bella could be friends with both him and the Cullens at the same time.

Bella was still unsure of the direction she wanted her relationship with Jacob to go.

Rosalie told Edward Bella was dead, based on Alice’s vision.

Rosalie is remorseful.

Volterra is a dangerous city for humans.

Edward wanted to end his life, because he thought Bella was dead.

Chapter Prepared By: Cocoa