Chapter Eight – Adrenaline

Chapter Number: Eight

Chapter Name: Adrenaline

Page Numbers: 181-200

Date of Chapter: Jan 25th – 30th

Summary: After Jacob manages to get the two motorcycles into riding-shape, he takes Bella out for a test-drive. On her first attempt, she was distracted by Edward’s voice speaking to her, and the bike fell on top of her. On Bella’s second try she managed to drive a considerable way down a road before her bike swerved off into the trees. The bike landed on top of Bella again and Jacob came running down the street and pulled it off of her.

Bella got a cut on her head and Jacob tries to convince Bella to go to the hospital. Bella convinces Jacob to take her to her house so she can change clothes so that the story of her tripping in Jacob’s garage and hitting her head on a hammer would be believable. They didn’t want to have to explain to Charlie about the motorcycles.

During a conversation with Charlie about how she got her wound, Charlie suggested that she stay out of Jacob’s garage completely. Horrified at the prospect of not being able to have the opportunity to hear Edward’s voice again by riding the motorcycles, Bella told Charlie that she’d received her cut hiking. Her dad then warned her about the “big bears” that were out in the forest, and advised her to steer clear of them entirely.

Bella tells Jacob about the encounter with Charlie, and he requests the they stop riding for at least a week in order to get Charlie off their backs. Bella then decides that, in order to hear Edward’s voice without the bikes that she and Jacob could go on a search for The Meadow. So, on a Saturday, they make their first excursion into the forest in an attempt to find The Meadow. After joking around with Billy about seeing the “bears” in the forest, Bella and Jacob set out.

They hiked until sunset without reaching their destination, but both resolved to try again soon.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Charlie Swan, Billy Black

Characters Mentioned: Edward Cullen, Quil Atera, Dr. Snow, Dr. Gerandy, Embry Call, Sam Uley

Places Visited: Charlie’s house, The Hospital, Newton’s Outfitters, Jacob’s house, the forest

Memorable Quotes:
“Nothing. I just hadn’t realized before. Did you know, you’re sort of beautiful?”
~ Bella to Jacob.

“Maybe we’ll see the super bear,” Jacob joked, eyes on his design. I glanced at Billy swiftly, fearing a Charlie-style reaction.
But Billy just laughed at his son. “Maybe you should take a jar of honey, just in case.” Jake chuckled. “Hope you new boots are fast, Bella. One little jar isn’t going to keep a hungry bear occupied for long.”
“I only have to be faster than you.”
~Billy, Bella and Jacob discussing a hiking trip

“I hope we see that bear tomorrow. I’m sort of disappointed about that.”
“Yes, me too,” I agreed sarcastically. “Maybe we’ll get lucky tomorrow and something will eat us!”
~Bella and Jacob after hiking

“I would have figured you for a trail kind of girl.”
“Not me.” I smiled bleakly. “I’m a rebel.”
~Bella and Jacob about to embark on the search for the meadow

“Bears don’t want to eat people. We don’t taste that good.” He grinned at me in the dark cab. “Of course, you might be an exception. I bet you’d taste good.”
“Thanks so much,” I said, looking away. He wasn’t the first person to tell me that.
~Jacob and Bella

“You want me to let go of the grenade?” I asked in disbelief. No wonder he was moving back. 
~ Bella, after she was told to ease up on the clutch.

Important Information Learned:
Bella learns that Edward’s voice isn’t triggered by dangerous situations.

Charlie has been getting a lot of wildlife complaints about the big bear.

Bella wants to start looking for the meadow.

The group in La Push is still looking at Jacob oddly, and the situation with Embry hasn’t improved.