Chapter Two – Open Book

Chapter Number: Two

Chapter Name: Open  Book

Page Numbers:  29-52 (Hardcover)

Date of Chapter: January 19 – 24, 2005

Summary: It’s Bella’s second day at her new school and while it is a better day in some ways, in others it is much worse.

Mike continues to be very friendly, much to Eric’s displeasure, which Bella finds flattering, however, she is not interested in Mike and realises she will have to do something about his over-friendly behaviour.

Bella is also feeling more confident because she recognises more faces and people are looking at her less than the day before – something that, for Bella, is very important.

Her day gets worse when she gives the wrong answer in Trig and has to play Volley-ball ending up hitting her team mate on the head with the ball – giving us further proof of her clumsy nature.

However, the worst part of this second day is that Edward Cullen is not in school and for some reason Bella can’t stop thinking about him and his behaviour of the previous day. She feels nervous and uncomfortable, waiting to see if he is in school. Bella feels as if his lack of presence is her fault, despite common sense trying to tell her otherwise. At the end of the day, as she is leaving school, Bella notices the car belonging to the Cullens and Hales, and their clothes. She realises that they look wealthy. Their car is expensive and well looked after and their clothes are particularly fine. Showing a high degree of insight and perception, Bella decides that the Cullens must live in Forks because they desire isolation.

After school, Bella goes shopping so she can start cooking Charlie proper meals after having discovered his inability to cook anything other than fried eggs and bacon. Once again Bella is playing a maternal role in her relationship with one of her parents, in this case her father rather than her mother.

After shopping, Bella checks her emails, discovering a series from her mother who appears to be a nervous character, worrying for little reason. Once again, Bella is forced to play the calm and mature adult, allaying her mother’s fears, and offering maternal advice to calm her mother down.

When Charlie gets home he is initially cautious Bella’s cooking. This shows how little he knows his daughter as he remembers her mother’s cooking and is concerned that Bella may take after her. His fears are proved needless.

After dinner they discuss the Cullens. Charlie likes them and obviously has little time for those in the community who are suspicious of them. It is a long speech for Charlie and reveals strong views on the subject.

While the rest of the week passes quietly for Bella, there is still no sign of Edward in school. She is still concerned that she may be the reason Edward is not there.

Bella spends the weekend cleaning, doing homework and sending her mother emails that say she’s happy even though she isn’t really. Bella also went to the library but is so disappointed in their selection that she decides to go to Olympia or Seattle later.

Back in school on the Monday it snows – much to Bella’s horror as she hates snow.

At lunch Bella realises there are five people on the table in the corner – Edward is back at school; Bella immediately feels unaccountably self-conscious and nervous.

In biology Bella is given as shock when Edward talks to her and they continue to converse throughout the lab they are working on, although his initial smile had made Bella incapable of speech, mesmerizing her like the faces of the Cullens and the Hales.. When working on the slides they have to identify their hands accidentally touch and Bella receives an electric shock that makes them both jump. Bella also notices that Edward’s eyes have changed colour, although he says he doesn’t have contacts. Bella find herself telling Edward all about her mum and Phil and why she’s moved to Forks. She doesn’t understand why she has done this.

At the end of the lesson Edward leaves the classroom as quickly as he had the last time. Out in the parking lot, Bella sees him staring at her. In frustration she reverses out of her parking space without looking and nearly reverses into another car. She sees Edward laughing at her.

Characters involved: Bella Swan, Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie, Jessica Stanley, Mr. Varner, Renee Dwyer, Charlie Swan, Mr. Banner

Characters Mentioned: Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Jasper Hale, Emmet Cullen, Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Phil Dwyer

Places visited: The Swan home, Forks High School, the Thriftway, Forks Library.

Memorable quotes:
“I’d been too mesmerized by their faces.”  
~ Bella explains why she never noticed the Cullens and Hales appeared rich.

“Did you get contacts?” 
~ Bella notices that Edwards eyes have changed color.

"On the contrary, I find you very difficult to read." 
~ Edward contradicting Bella’s suggestion that she has a face like an open book.

Important Information Learned:
Bella was so preoccupied by the Cullens’ and the Hales’ faces that she initially failed to notice their expensive clothes and car.

Bella’s never seen snow apart from on television.

Edward’s touch gives Bella an electric shock.

Edward’s eyes seem to change color.

Edward’s eyes are now ochre.