Bella’s Wedding Dress on InStyle

InStyle asked a couple of top designers for their take on Bella’s wedding dress. You can find their versions here. The sample below is designer Monique Lhuillier’s contribution.

However, Stephenie Meyer once gave out the dress descriptions and photos (seen below) to the Lexicon’s very own TrueLove who used to have a Bella’s Wedding Dress site. That site recently was taken down, but TrueLove gave the photos to us.

Stephenie’s description on the old Lexicon forums was, “I wish I still had the picture I based the description of Bella’s dress on, but it was lost in my fateful computer crash. Those of you who are going with the old fashioned look are on the right track. Two key words to aid in the search: art nouveau. It’s a simpler style than the frillier Edwardian stuff. Elegant white satin, cut on the bias, with long sleeves (the strapless thing is a very recent development. It wasn’t even popular when I was getting married, only 13 years ago, much less during the modest turn of the century). I search google images for the dress every now and then. I’ll let you know if I find something close one of these days.”

Love2dream based on Stephenie’s description, found the above images and asked if she was on the right track. Stephenie replied that the look was close, but not the exact photo that she had seen.

So what do you think of the EW collection and love2dream collection?


  1. Zookie Monster says:

    But I really like Monique’s!

  2. christine says:

    i’m in love with the monique design! it’s gotta be that one

  3. I like it..but I don’t think it’s the right look just yet…this is my most anticipated moment: seeing Bella in this dress for Breaking Dawn!!! I’m sure the perfect one will be created by then.

  4. monique lhuiller’s design is the best..the one that stephenie chose is soooooo UGLY! and if stephenie will insist on it, it will surely ruin the movie..

  5. Angela ^_^ says:

    ifeellikerain i actually agree with you about the descriptions of most of the outfits :S

    anyone else slightly confuse by the Brian Reyes design??

  6. I want that many designer dress choices! Not fair, Bella isn’t even a real person! I didn’t like any of the TrueLove selections, but I thought the designers takes were cool.

  7. Monique, max, and Erin are closest to the storyline and would suit Bella’s image. Lexicon gowns look dumpy and ameteurish,cheesy.Hair pulled back, slightly, not up, no braids please. Long veil, she earned it.

  8. I hope Summit spends some money on the wedding and honeymoon.

  9. Elaine Thomas says:

    I have just recently come across this article and would like to say that as a fashion designer I became quite fixated on how the dress should look. Even going to the extent of designing and making a dress but with no way of finding somewhere to send it I have had to sit on the dress and the design. Just like Stephenie I believe it should be chic with some lace but predominantly satin sleek and flowing. I just wish I could find someway of getting my info to her so she can see what I have designed. I also have some great ideas for Edward’s outfit as I think he should not be forgotten in all this. Regards Elaine

  10. i think that its a good show but it shout not be a m15+ movie

  11. I like this one a lot better than the other ones.

  12. RenesmeeTwiLover101 says:

    For the picture up top:
    I really like that dress, but I wish it was long sleeves. Bella talked about the buttons down the back and I feel it is old style and goes with the whole Edward life theme.

  13. Its not that pretty but how ever they make it in the movie it prob will look better I’m srry but that’s wat I think

  14. I like it but its very old fashion its just that it dosent look like its 4 bella

  15. Mariah Murrell says:
  16. that dress look sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. love the dress

  18. go to

  19. Delores says:

    I actually think the sketch in the slideshow looks most likely. She definitely is in white not ivory, but the dress in the sketch looks more correct to the period.

  20. i love bella’s wedding dress its wonderful

  21. I love that wedding dress

  22. BARBARA CRISP says:


  23. bellas dress is so cute aint it hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahhahahaha

  24. O.M.E. I LOVE that dress i sooooo want it. Did you get it at a mall or a wedding dress department store. It is soooooooo CUTE!!! whose team are you on i am on edward’s he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT and CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. melissa says:

    that dress is beautiful

  26. melissa says:

    it doesn’t look like Bella it should show Bella in the dress

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  28. i think that the dress would be so much better if the dress was whiter and the dress was strapless i mean that’s just my opioin so idk but thats wat i think

  29. Definetly not the dress I pictured after reading the book and not the dress visioned after the “Anne of Green Gables.” Needs to be made and visioned at least close to what the readers have read from the book or your going to have alot of disappointed viewers! This dress is too modern and nothing like I would picture on Bella. Sorry but honest!


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