Another Twilight Parody Movie On The Horizon

The Twilight Examiner did a great job running down this story.

“Back in April, we talked about the fact that another Twilight spoof movie was being developed – after the lackluster Vampires Suck, this seemed a little improbable, but still – and now a few details about the film, which will be called Breaking Wind, have been unveiled…the film comes from Craig Moss, who did The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It.”

Check out the full details on the story over at Twilight Examiner.

Did you watch Vampires Suck? What did you think? Are you up for another Twilight spoof movie?

Vampires Suck Blu-Ray and DVD Promo

If you saw the movie in theaters is it worth a rental?

Matt Lanter Comments on Fan’s Reactions to Vampires Suck

Well we think fans have a decent sense of humor.

Vampires Suck: Fan Opinion

So far the critics are all panning the Vampires Suck movie that spoofs Twilight. One sample review from the Washington Post reads:

“Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer — the writer-directors who have participated in a parade of movie-genre parodies, including “Scary Movie,” “Date Movie” and “Meet the Spartans” — have set their comedic crosshairs on the most obvious of targets: the hugely successful film franchise based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer, all of which have already been dissected, debated and, yes, satirized ad nauseam. Before it even makes its first Team Edward/Team Jacob joke — a gag that involves a bunch of tween girls bashing one another in the head with shovels — “Vampires Suck” already feels burdened by the weight of the numerous “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and MTV Movie Awards sendups that have preceded it.”

Now in general, critics have never liked the Twilight movies, but they have been enjoyable to fans. So, did you see Vampires Suck? As a Twilight fan do you agree with what the critics had to say or not?

Reelz Channel Interviews Jennifer Proske

Jennifer Proske is playing the character that spoofs Bella and Kristen Stewart in the movie Vampires Suck. Reelz Channel talked with the new to the industry actress.

A relative newcomer to Hollywood, Jenn Proske has started her career off with a bang, playing “Becca Crane” in the new Twilight Saga parody Vampires Suck. The 23-year-old Boston University graduate beat out hundreds of other actresses vying for the caricature of Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart), who has become a recognizable face among fans of Stephenie Meyer’s worldwide phenomenon. We recently talked with Proske about her love of Twilight, fan reactions to the Vampires Suck parody, and how she managed to channel Stewart’s famous portrayal.

RC: From what we’ve seen in the trailer, you’ve done a great job in Vampires Suck.

Proske: Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

RC: So tell us, how did you get the part of Becca in Vampires Suck?

Proske: I graduated from Boston University in May of 2009 and moved to LA in late October to pursue acting. I started auditioning full-time and about four months in, I had this crazy week that was jam-packed full of auditions. The very last one was for Vampires Suck. I had been called in for the role of Iris (the Alice Cullen character), and I knew I wasn’t quite right for it, but I gave it my best. Two weeks later, I got called back in, but for the Becca role instead. I had to go in about seven more times after that, and then I booked the movie late on Friday night and flew out to Louisiana the following Tuesday to start shooting. My life literally changed and turned upside down within four days, it’s incredible! I feel so lucky…”

See more at Reelz Channel

MTV: Vampires Suck Meet Edward Sullen

The Vampires Suck movie has the best potential we’ve seen since Jimmy Fallon to do a really good spoof that isn’t just vague, off-topic guess work on fangs and sparking.

Vampires Suck Trailer

We really didn’t know anything about this until a Lexiconer notified us on Twitter. We’ve seen a ton of parodies from the amateur to professional  and even though people put a lot of work into them, it’s hard to be consistently funny. This on the other hand was different. This is the IMDB page and the official page.

Vampires Suck Exclusive Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos

So what do you think?