Vampires Suck Blu-Ray and DVD Promo

If you saw the movie in theaters is it worth a rental?


  1. NO!! Maybe for teenagers who can relate to that type of crass sense of humor. I am refering to the scene where the father tells his daughter how great her breasts look. I was disgusted with that! The movie was just horrible,IMO! But I am kinda old…36 so what do I know,right?? LOL!

  2. Instead of doing this they should concentrated on making their movie decent. It was worse then Airbender.

  3. I hate that they make every Twilight fan a 12 year old WHATEVER.

  4. Makes me glad I never saw it, I’ll save the rental fee now too! Thanks for the heads up…I hate that kind of crass humor too.

  5. It was horrible. Time I can never get back! 🙁

  6. twilight dreamers says:

    I watched a few minutes with a friend. It was rlly stupid! Its crude and odd. I didn’t enjoy. No, don’t.

  7. best bits were in the trailer… if you want something to pass an hour, then go for it. Very easy to predict but there were some crude humour moments which some people (mainly 15 year old boys) found funny

  8. No.

  9. No it’s not i’ve seen it quite a few times with friends and it was horrible definetly waste of time

  10. Absolutely not! Wait for it to come on a cable channel or something. I was extremely disappointed with the movie. They tried way too hard and ended up failing miserably. The funniest parts were shown in all the trailers and ads.

  11. I saw it in the theater. I thought the funniest parts were with Jacob. Charlie’s character was awful! Edward’s character was just boring. But they nailed Bella’s character Its not worth buying the dvd though.

  12. I saw it, went home, scrubed my eyes out, screamed in pain for 3 hours, then watched real twilight to make myself feel better.

  13. It made me giggle. But I’m a sick, sick woman.
    The new trailer keeps showing on tv, and every time I see it I gasp thinking it’s Eclipse. I’m such a nerd.

  14. Tizzabella says:

    My mum and I went to see it, we are 40 & 66 and we loved it! We are both obsessive Twihards and we found it hilarious, especially the first 45 mins, we are English so maybe we have a different sense of hunour,I think you have to take it for what it is, a joke! I think only a Twi fan would understand it, if you havent seen Twilight and New Moon its not worth watching. My only fear was watching Twilight again and
    thinking of the spoof movie instead but that didnt happen either, I wouldnt advise paying full price
    Wait til its on tv or in the bargain bucket and knowing Rob’s British sense of humour i reckon he would find it pretty funny! Anyway thats my opinion! oh and Team Edward! x

  15. Tizzabella says:

    Oops, i meant ‘humour’ x

  16. shameless way to make money. Not even funny. Big waste of money…

  17. God, no, it was HORRENDOUSLY BAD — and that’s coming from someone who LOVES satire and quality spoofs. It was absolutely terrible, I’m honestly still frustrated I wasted my time and money on it. Beyond awful and just agonizingly cheap, obvious, and stupid.

  18. Probably not. There were a laugh out loud funny parts, but most of it was pretty dumb and kind of offensive.

  19. *actor

  20. NO! NO! NO!this movie was sooo bad! terrible. dont waste even $1 on it! its was so disappointing because there really are soooo many things about twilight that you could poke fun at! but potty humor, really? the youtube spoofs are way more creative! if you want a good spoof watched the Hillywood ones and they are free!

  21. I really want to see this movie. the actual Twilight movies suck. Such Horrible acting!!!!!!!! LOVE the BOOKS!!! anyone who has not seen the Twilight movies, don’t watch, be prepared to be disappointed.

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