Another Twilight Parody Movie On The Horizon

The Twilight Examiner did a great job running down this story.

“Back in April, we talked about the fact that another Twilight spoof movie was being developed – after the lackluster Vampires Suck, this seemed a little improbable, but still – and now a few details about the film, which will be called Breaking Wind, have been unveiled…the film comes from Craig Moss, who did The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It.”

Check out the full details on the story over at Twilight Examiner.

Did you watch Vampires Suck? What did you think? Are you up for another Twilight spoof movie?


  1. TeamTaycobHeartsU says

    Well, Vampires Suck was an epic fail. The Hillywood Show from YouTube has better parodies than these people make, and the Hillywood Show actors aren’t even pros. (Team Hillywood!) But I have to admit, it is very easy to make fun of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, if that is what they are spoofing rather than the first two movies (again). I have a feeling that this parody will suck, but because I love Twilight (obviously) I will probably see it…once it comes to RedBox.

  2. vicariousfun says

    give it a rest already. I’m tired of the parody’s and all the negativity. two separate but equally annoying consequences of the Twilight phenomenon.

  3. What? Vampires sucks was bad enough! Why do they feel the need to parody any film that has a successful following!? Humm I really hope this flops big time

  4. rosedahlia says

    Am I the only one who thought Vampires Suck was hilarious? It’s my all time favorite parody.

    • I liked it too. Maybe it wasn’t as good as it could have been but it was a far better parody than “Epic Movie” and the lot.

  5. I actually liked it the film and me and three others fans who are all Twilight fans went to see it at the dollar theater and laughed our petunias off louder than all the other people in the theater. We all love Twilight but the sometimes you just have to laugh.

    • i agree! i laughed harder than anyone cuz i got the jokes! especially the victoria recast joke.

  6. Whether some people found it funny or not, Vampire Sucks did horrible at the box office, so it is understandable why people would question making yet another parody about Twilight. A lot of the stuff in the film was not even funny, it was random and awkward and that type of approach that is used a lot in “parodies” these days. Most of the stuff is so out there and unrelated to Twilight that it does not make sense. I miss the days when parodies actually poked fun at a film in a tasteful way instead of just using crude humor, nudity, and disgusting scenes for shock value. I saw the movie even though I was wary and thought it was mostly unoriginal. It would be funny if someone made a parody about the lame parodies these days.

  7. @twihardaddy says

    Parody is the highest form of flattery my fellow twihards

  8. I’m all for a GOOD parody. But Vampires Suck tried way too hard and failed miserably. If people want to see a good Twilight spoof, they need to have people who are Twilight fans make the film. Honestly, who knows how to make fun of the series better than the fans?

  9. I agree i did laugh a lot when i saw Vampires suck, but i’m not into the idea of making another twilight Parody. They’re just doing it for the money because they know twilight and non twilight fans will see it.

  10. I liked Vampires Suck,because it captured the spirit of the Monty Python/Mel Brooks comedies. I love the Twilight saga dearly,but I do get a chuckle out of the parodies.

  11. I agree that the HIllywood show is a lot better than Vampires Suck. There shouldn’t be another parody not because that I’m offended from the jokes, it’s just a bad movie.

  12. twilighterobsessed says

    I loved the movie cuz I understood the jokes. It cudve been better yea but most parody movies r meant to be silly and stupid but still strike ur funny bone once in a while. I think anyway.


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