Matt Lanter Comments on Fan’s Reactions to Vampires Suck

Well we think fans have a decent sense of humor.


  1. I was disappointed. It looked hysterical, but they tried too hard. But that’s just my opinion. I guess I like to enjoy and poke fun at Twilight in my own way, lol.

  2. im not agains parodys, but this was a terrible movie!

  3. No this movie was grossly inappropriate! I may just be too mature for the age group THAT movie was geared to,I didn’t want to see it to begin with but it was stupid and horrible!

  4. Agree with U Amanda! I thought it looked amazing and I thought it was a movie to look forward to, but it was boring and they tried to hard so it looked totally fake 🙁
    I didn’t even bother to see the whole movie!

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