Tyler Shields Video Features Anna Kendrick and Alex Meraz

Tyler Shields who shoots a lot of what could be called proactive art house videos and photos has a new video. This one has some old footage of Alex Meraz coupled in with some new footage of Anna Kendrick. There are also at least 30 vignettes by other rising Hollywood talent.

Tyler’s work is not everyone’s cup of tea. Please be warned that the video is not of a PG-13 nature. It’s sexually suggestive and has images of simulated violence that some may find disturbing.


  1. Freaky doesn’t begin to describe the tip of this iceberg…think i caught a millisecond of Alex (at the very end)tearing off his shirt?

    Hey guys! i think I saw the syringe that Edward will use to save Bella come Breaking Dawn 😉

  2. Um at :39, is that Zachary Quinto from Heroes and Star Trek!?

  3. frozenfire2001 says:

    I wonder if this is going to turn into one of those things where the now popular movie star is embarrassed by what they did while they were fairly unknown. I can’t even comment on the video.

  4. Didn’t even watch the whole thing. It disappoints me that the Lexicon would even put this on their web page. I am a devote follower, and a mother of a teenager.
    I know there are a lot of younger Twilight followers on here.
    You guys should know better. Just because it has a glimpse of some of the Twilight actors? Come on.

    • Vampiregirl says:

      I agree wven though they did warn that it wasnt PG13 I still think it shouldn’t have been loaded here, am not a parent though

  5. I totally disagree with most of the comments. It’s an artisic video and there is a clear warning in the post about it’s more graphic nature. I personally really like tyler shield’s work and trust me kids old enough to use the Internet have seen much worse from watching tv so I really think people are being way too oversensitive

  6. i’m a teenager, and i thought that was really funny! i laughed the whole time.

  7. messofajess says:

    lol 121!!! good job mickey!

  8. Where was alex meraz. I didn’t even see him.

  9. If you look through tyler shield’s youtube channel there are the extended videos of Alex and Kellan.


  10. I didn’t see Alex but when I saw Zachary Qunito was in it I was happy that Sylar was on there and forgot about Alex…

  11. Lame.

  12. I don’t care if there was a warning, kids will click on it anyways… I was a kid once and know what that’s like. There wasn’t even 2 full seconds of our Twilight stars in the video. This shouldn’t have been posted in my opinion. It was disturbing.

  13. this was a really cool video i’m not understanding how its inappropriate for teenagers….teenagers see and hear worse when they go to school….and last time i checked doesnt twilight talk about sex all the time y is this video causing people to freak out?

    • I totally agree! Maybe the haters just don’t understand this type of artistic expression. I’m 17 and when I was in middle school we all heard about things that were sexually suggestive. This video can be sexually suggestive IF you are already jumping into that idea.

  14. I thought that was interesting…the song sounds really familiar too…anyone know where it might have been used (tv or movie)?

  15. I agree. That video was disgusting. And just because teenagers hear worse at school, doesn’t make it okay.

  16. This is totally okay. People should not be so oversensitive about art. Art is supposed to shock and disturb, and this wasn’t even that bad! People are so predictable.. I am a teenager myself and i thought this was very well done. Creative and fun to watch! I’ve seen some Tyler Shields photos on his site and although i sometimes too think he takes it up a different level, it still looks good, get’s you thinking actually and i admire him for doing what he likes to do best, which is take photos very creatively. Come on people, don’t be so shocked, there are far more worse things out there to worry about..!

  17. Twilight_News says:

    We put the warning on it as we have with other things of this nature before. Tyler Shields is a highly touted member of the photography and and videography community. Many liken him to be the Andy Warhol of his generation, which makes him just as revered and reviled as was Warhol in his day. While the images are shocking that met the YouTube upload criteria. We provided the warning and description so that people knew what they were getting into. Time will tell if Shields is creative, avant guard, genius or two-bit hack.

  18. michelle matus says:

    Thank you TL. I like seeing things that are different. Because honestly, I don’t care what “RobSten” are doing everyday! I thought the video was kinda cool. Tyler has talent. If you didn’t like it then too bad. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” I say keep up the good work.

  19. I didn’t really get the video but i loved it! I think that the idea was to show how corrupt our society is, maybe. He definitely did want to make it shocking and disturbing. There was a warning: sexually suggestive, not everyone will like it. I liked seeing Ashley’s video from when she worked with him, and i like to see Twilight stars previous work. Lexicon was just doing their job showing us what comes up with the Twilight stars. I also have to say I am a 16 year old girl, yes there are probably younger kids on this sight, but the reality is you can see that much on tv… literally. There is sex on tv, killing, dead bodies. I am 100% positive that anyone watching this has seen it before. I also have to agree with whoever said there is sex in Twilight. Come on guys, the honey moon, Bella trying to convince Edward to have sex in Eclipse as well. Not to mention there is violence in the books as well, i.e. Victoria’s head being ripped off. This video does not have footage of things anyone on here hasn’t seen or read about before, Twilight Lexicon was just doing their job and there was a clear warning.

  20. Angela ^_^ says:

    …the guy with the syringe is hot o_O i love his hair:P

    i’m not gonna get into art vs. morals discussion i’ve had to do it everyday for two years sheesh

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