Twilight, Hunger Games, and Games of Thrones Lead Baby Names List

All this makes you wonder how people will feel years from now if they get named after a book character with an unusual name. They might want to ask the artoo-deetoo’s and Luke Skywalkers who are in their 30’s and not too happy about it.

Time: Twilight Still Influencing Baby Names

According to Time Magazine”

“Isabella and Jacob, names of the female protagonist and her handsome werewolf from Twilight, reign supreme on the list for the second straight year. (Sorry, Team Edward.) True, Twilight‘s Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner — i.e. the first actor you think of when wondering whose abs you could do your laundry on — isn’t entirely responsible for the popularity of the name. We know this because that appellation has been in the Top 10 for the past 12 years, but this is only Isabella’s second year to make the cut in recent history, arguably courtesy of author Stephenie Meyer.”

Time also goes on to cite the name “Kellan” rising up on the list, though it didn’t crack the top ten.

See the whole list and their analysis here. Do you really think Twilight and shows like Teenage Mom are affecting name choices?

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Jacob and Isabella Top Popular Baby Names Lists Again


According to USA Today:

Twilight is spawning more than just sequels. The film seems to be inspiring new parents.

According to the Social Security Administration, Isabella (the full name of Kristen Stewart’s Bella character) replaced Emma as the most popular baby name for girls in 2009. Among the boys, Jacob (the werewolf played by Taylor Lautner) retained its 11-year-run at the top of boys list.”

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