Jacob and Isabella Top Popular Baby Names Lists Again


According to USA Today:

Twilight is spawning more than just sequels. The film seems to be inspiring new parents.

According to the Social Security Administration, Isabella (the full name of Kristen Stewart’s Bella character) replaced Emma as the most popular baby name for girls in 2009. Among the boys, Jacob (the werewolf played by Taylor Lautner) retained its 11-year-run at the top of boys list.”

See other naming trends on USA Today.


  1. I’m suprised Edward was not mentioned, that’s got to be getting popular! ^^

  2. Lucy Fultz says

    Our little girl was born in 2003 and we named her Isabella! She is a huge Twilight fan and loves to write Bella and Edward in sidewalk chalk – she says he is hers not Bella Swan! She loves her name.

  3. I saw a birth announcement in the peper a few weeks ago… Cullen Jacob was the little boys name…I thought that was pretty cute!! Guess they didn’t know which team to go for!! LOL

  4. Coincidence: My dog name is Bella. I had no clue about Twilight, I am into Harry Potter series too. I was gonna name her Isabela (pronounced the same as Isabella), b/c of a town in Puerto Rico, where I come from.

    I wanted to use her name for possible junk mail. Yeah imagine credit card offers to your dog! ๐Ÿ™‚ ps: I say that if I get a male, I’d have to name it Jacob-the breed is Great Pyrenees. Google it. It’s like a fluffy polar bear but they sometimes look wolfish, growl loud, and barks even louder. Breed is a guard dog. An “Edward” dog would be soo wrong! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. edwardalways says

    I definitely would name my daughter isabella, but even though I’m completely team edward, I would NEVER name my son edward…JUST to prevent him from having the nickname Ed (I don’t like that name AT ALL and it has a bad history in my family lol). I will ONLY ever name my dog jacob or jake…I mean, c’mon it’s fitting! Jacob IS a wolf afterall

  6. Melinda says

    I was surpised that the biggest jump was Cullen! I am not sure I would do that to a kid.

    • I don’t think that Cullen is that horrible..its not that far of a jump from the name Colin..which is very traditional…you could even pronounce it that way…

    • I found an ancestor in my family tree named Cullen. I thought it was pretty unique for a first name. BTW, I like your name. LOL

  7. Noah Brighten says

    Jacob has always been a top 10 name though, so I don’t see how Twilight would effect that. Its right up there with names like Joshua.

    Isabella is also a common name. While Twilight might have pushed it up the ranks, it is still relatively an ordinary name.

    The thing is, for the most part, Stephenie Meyer used relatively common names for her characters. Now I would be more interested if suddenly people were naming their kids Aro, Renesemee, or Caius.

    • Helen Pauline says

      A patient at the doctor’s office my Mom works for named their kid Renesemee. Everyone at the office was going on about how pretty of a name it was and how the mom was creative, until my Mom informed them that it was from Twilight…

      I just didn’t understand, that out of all the names from the Twilight series, why someone would choose to stick their kid with the name Renesemee…

      • I don’t know about Arizona, but in Utah people make up girl names all the time. After a few years, they are everywhere. Renesmee is destined to one day be as popular as “Kate Lynn,” aka: Caitlin / Caitlyn / Katelyn / Catelyn / Kaitlin / Katelyn / Catelin / Katelin / Kaetlin / Kaetlinn / Caetlin / Caetlinn /
        Kaetlyn / Kaetlynn / Caetlyn / Kaetlynn. Phew!

      • Noah Brighten says

        The same reason an Oklahoma family named their kid Anakin… THEY’RE INSANE! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • I guess the woman who named her daughter Renesemee missed the interview with Stephenie where she said that she deliberately made up a weird name for Bella’s daughter. She said that young girls tend to make up names like that when they don’t have anyone around to talk them out of it. (With Bella that was kind of the case because she didn’t ask for anyone’s input, and they were too worried about her to say they didn’t like it.)

        Stephenie said that she has gotten used to the name over time and it’s only when someone mentions something that she thinks “oh yeah, it is a weird name isn’t it?”

  8. katesinlove says

    So not cool. I have always wanted to name my daughter Isabella Marie long before I read the books and now people will think I just did it because of Twilight. Grrrr

    • I know how you feel.

      I was always going to name my daughter Isabella, but then when I was pregnant (five years ago) it was insanely popular. Everywhere I went there were “Isabella”s.

      We went with another name, which suits her completely. But it was a little disappointing to not give her the name I had always envisioned.

      So, stick to your guns. It’s a beautiful name, and nobody outside of the Twilight community would ever make the connection anyway.

  9. with all the new pictures and trailers i feel like i have already seen the movie lol but of course i still wont more

  10. Honestly I wonder if anyone has named their baby Renesmee yet. I think we’ll see a surge in Jasper, Cullen, Esme, Embry (some of the cooler names)

    This is a dumb article. Jacob has always been popular and Isabella is an old classic name.

    • Hi Jill, read Helen Pauline’s comment just a little above yours. Her mom knows of someone who did name their daughter Renesemee:)

  11. Anyone else get the email from Summit that there will be a new trailer for Eclipse in front of “Letters to Juliet” this weekend?

    • Is there a web address for the email (like, “having trouble reading this? Click here”)???

      • No, but it does say it’s only on the preview during the Special Preview of Letters to Juliet this weekend. It links me back to the Twilight movie page…but there isn’t anything on there. I’m curious, but not curious enough to go see the movie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Teacher Mercy says

    To be fair, the name Jacob has been number 1 name for boys for eleven years now. So it has nothing to do with twilight.
    On the other hand,if you read the some articles in the net about the most popular names for babies the name Edward has jumps up from its previous spot.
    The name Cullen is also a popular name for boys.
    If I were a mother even I’m solid Edward fan of twilight,I will not name my son Edward because the name is too old-fashioned.

  13. Christina says

    That’s not the real Bella pictured. I’m guessing Kristen’s double?

    • No, I think it is. She’s making a funny face. They don’t usually release promo pics with the stand ins.

  14. Darlene Williams says

    I have three generations of Twi-Hard fans in my family. Yes, I am a Twi-Gran. My daughter, Dana, is a Twi-Hard fan as well as her four daughters. And as far as names go, well… My granddaughters are Yesenia – 8, Thali a – 6, Araceli- 5, and the newest addition to the fan club was born April 9, 2010. And of course she will be a fan, after all, her name is Isa’Bella. A unique twist in the spelling, don’t you argee. (Yeah, it was Grandma’s idea).

  15. Noah Brighten says

    The biggest problem that I have with a parent giving their child a specific name to show their devotion for a movie or book, is that your devotions to such fictional things can change over time, your child’s name will not. Just think of the poor sad little soul of whom will be stuck with Renesemee for the rest of her life.

    I remember in Oklahoma when Star Wars: Episode Dumb..er One, came out. This family named their son, Anakin to show their support for the film. Needless to say the movie was junk, but their son will forever be known as the kid that was named after a dumb movie.

    I’ll name pets after my fav characters (although the rest of the family usually ends up renaming them, because they can’t pronounce half of the names I think of!) (seiously what is wrong with Xion or Nanaki!) ๐Ÿ˜› But a child is a HUMAN being who’s life could be affected by a parent’s rush of creativity.
    I once new a girl named Spyder… She use to joke that nobody’s parents liked to let their kids play with her when she was a little girl, because they didn’t like them playing with “Spyders”. ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. When naming a kid, remember Kindergarten or pre-K. You don’t want a kid frustrated that they can’t write their name. I got a Michael and a Jennifer (the twist is Annalisse, her second name). Name mixed up there, also inspired by a Barbie commercial on TV the same day of delivery. I took that as a “sign” b/c the darn doll TV ad ran constantly. Both times I named the kid the same day or the day before.

    So Jen-Jen turned into casual Jenny, and Michael, Mike. Last advice: DON’T EVER, EVAH REPENT AND RENAME THE KID! I say this by experience. I responded to both names until pre-teens, and I bet if I find the same family that called me by my first name, I’ll still turn around and respond. My name was changed when I was ONE.

  17. I wanted to add this: Edward I think is a “prince” type name, perhaps more by Disney. Bella, like my dog, I outbeat my husband’s cousing so she can’t have a Bella daughter thanks to me (hiding under the desk). Jacob, I don’t dig. Jacob, to me there are two: One in the Holy Bible, one in Twilight. That’s it.

    It’s tough indeed when elder family members got them, or when they pass away; unless you want to honor your child after them. I did not go that route. I found it too creepy.