Twilight, Hunger Games, and Games of Thrones Lead Baby Names List

All this makes you wonder how people will feel years from now if they get named after a book character with an unusual name. They might want to ask the artoo-deetoo’s and Luke Skywalkers who are in their 30’s and not too happy about it.


  1. Tell me about it – my name was taking from the Bionic Woman – Jaime Summers.

    • At least your have a normal/common name. I know a lot of “Jamies.” I would hope there is no one dumb enough to name their child Renesmee…

      • Helen Pauline says

        Unfortunately, my Mom works at a pediatric office, and there is some poor child who was given that name.

      • I actually really like it. but at the same time all my children have strange names. both me and my partner have 100+ family members each and not one of my 5 children share thier names!

  2. Years ago – mid ’90’s – hubby and I had a cat we named Jasper. I’ve never heard that name since until Twilight’s Jasper Hale ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wonder how many baby girls will be given the name Renesmee?

    If I were younger and to have children right now – I’d likely go with Esme or Leah for a girl – and Jacob or Jasper for a boy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I got and named my cat Bella long before Stephenie Meyer had her dream but now it looks like I named my cat after Bella Swan. Oh, well. (:

  3. I was named after a baby on bewitched. Sometimes I just want to smack my mom lol

  4. My 22 y/o daughter recently gave birth on Valentines day, she named him after her favorite character lawyer in a book/movie—Atticus. I love it, and I hope he does too someday….:) Oh, its from TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD…:)

  5. I’ve been in love with the name Emmett since Legally Blonde. Doesn’t disappoint me that it’s on the list. It needs to be more popular. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. AliceKikiCullen says

    Alice has always been my fave. Alice in wonderland AND twilight win win! ๐Ÿ˜€ Middle name: Luna. Youngest son: Seth. Works out, biblical and a twilight name too. ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t use Edward, that’s my brother’s name lol.

  7. This is hardly a new phenomenon. I know people who named their children Zander, Sarah, and Giles after Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. It’s one thing if you like the name and just heard it there for the first time, but to deliberately name children after characters themselves? Ick. At least in the case of Atticus, To Kill A Mockingbird is a classic pieces, not pulp fiction like Hunger Games and Twilight are currently. (Don’t mistake me, I love both series, but their cultural staying power has yet to be established.)

  8. That Other Twilighter Girl says

    A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet
    – – anyone?!? Anyone at all!?!?
    Names are names.
    Really the only names that names that should have restrictions are ones that sound like unsavory body parts or sexual things there are people out there with the name Anus ( not pronounced the same, but still) and some one whose last name is Carr, first name Wayne.
    Even names like La-la ( pronounced ladashla)

  9. Being devoted to a fandom is one thing, but honestly naming your child after a character, that specifically has an unusual name… is… crazy. If you want to name something… name your dog or cat… Please spare your child.

    There is a family in Enid Oklahoma that named their son, Anakin, after Anakin Skywalker. What if the kid, abnormally grows up to hate Star Wars? Children out toys, or items that are part of the fandom. Just because you are a fine, doesn’t mean they will be. By the time they are of age to no better, that fandom might be long gone, leaving them with a silly name for life.

    Thankfully Meyer used mostly vintage names of which are normal. Naming a child Renesmee though… ugh… Why? WHY!!!!! You want unique… look up names in other languages… One of my friends named his daughter, Aaliyah, of which means Ascending in Hebrew. It’s cool sounding, unusual, and it ain’t weird! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • LadyLovesLeo says

      Aaliyah – beautiful name and love the meaning. Also a popular name in my area of the country as it is the name of the popular singer and actress who was tragically killed in a plane crash after a video shoot in the Bahamas in 2001.

      In my neck of the woods, once someone names their baby an unusual or seemingly unique name, for several months (possibly a few years) other parents will copy it and name their children the exact name or a variation of it.

  10. Jenna Duffy says

    I was named after a character on the original series of Dallas. I don’t think naming babies after book or tv characters is weird. So many people do it that some of the names get blown out of porportion.

  11. While I do think that Renesmee is a very odd name and was a not fan of it even for the character, I think people blow it all out of proportion. I love that Twilight has made so many names cool again like Emmett, Edward, Jasper, and Rosalie. Esme is a beautiful name that is unique as well so if someone wants to name their child that, then more power to them.

  12. Christalee says

    We named our son Emmett and it came from the Twilight movies. Everyone I know has liked his name, except for my mom (who refuses to read or watch the Twilight movies and books). My mom did get over her disliking of the name though.

  13. When I think of the name Emmett, I think about Emmett Brown (Doc) from Back to the Future. And Clara (also from BTTF) is another pretty name.

  14. I named my daughter Tiana 16 years ago. Then a few years ago Disney released a movie with their latest beautiful princess — Princess Tiana. Now everyone is assuming my daughter was named after a Disney princess. Oh well… sometimes you just can’t win!! :p

  15. My son’s middle name is Edward, my dauther’s is Marie, they are beautyful names!

  16. my husband was named after a character on Young and the Restless… it’s unique, but not odd… As for me – there were always at least 2 more Amy’s in every class I was in growing up. I have so many friends with my name – we have to use nicknames. It is fun though, when we go out together and introduce ourselves… people think we are messing with them.

    So I tried to name my first a “unique” name. In 2002 – Owen wasn’t even on any name list… now it’s number 16 or something. Who ever said it earlier is right – you can’t win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I named my daughter after two characters, Arwen Elektra (Lord of The Rings and the movie Elektra.) And so far, everybody likes it. Arwen is different, but not crazy different. I wanted something different because my name is waaaaaaaaay too common! I think though if you name your kids after a character, make sure its not really freaky. The kid will grow up and be an adult one day!