Time: Twilight Still Influencing Baby Names

According to Time Magazine”

“Isabella and Jacob, names of the female protagonist and her handsome werewolf from Twilight, reign supreme on the list for the second straight year. (Sorry, Team Edward.) True, Twilight‘s Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner — i.e. the first actor you think of when wondering whose abs you could do your laundry on — isn’t entirely responsible for the popularity of the name. We know this because that appellation has been in the Top 10 for the past 12 years, but this is only Isabella’s second year to make the cut in recent history, arguably courtesy of author Stephenie Meyer.”

Time also goes on to cite the name “Kellan” rising up on the list, though it didn’t crack the top ten.

See the whole list and their analysis here. Do you really think Twilight and shows like Teenage Mom are affecting name choices?

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  1. me and my husband are going to name a future son Kellan. I love the name. I actually has nothing to do with twilight, but it sure doesn’t hurt 😉

  2. If I was going to have another child and it turned out to be a boy, I’d name him Aro or Felix…maybe Caius.

  3. But there is Anthony! Edward’s middle name! Yay! 😀

  4. Brittany Clark says

    I kinda did plan to name a future daughter Rosalie. And i LOVE Kellan Lutz so Emmett, Christopher and Kellan are possible future boy names as well…. I named a fish Didyme….

  5. Why not Edward! It’s a romantic name, If I were a engilsh/ american i would definitly name my baby boy after Edward!

  6. Isabella is a lovely name according to me,it’s classy and sounds elegant.It means ‘beautiful’ in Italian…how cool is that? I beleive Stephenie wanted to name her daughter that if she ever had one.

  7. Marcela A. says

    Bella is a lovely name, but I don’t like Isabella for some reason.

    Edward is definitely one of the top boy names I’d want to give my kids..not even because of Twilight, I just think it’s a very pretty romantic old fashioned name.

  8. danyelle says

    My daughter’s middle name is Issabella. Pronounced eesabella. We are Italian and the extra s gives emphasis on the translation BEAUTIFUL bc she is. This is b4 I knew about twilight but when I fell in love with it I was sooo happy I named her that. Now I call her Bella all the time!


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