Stick Man Theatre Does Breaking Dawn Part 1

We love the guys over at Stick Man Theatre. They have done so many Twilight parodies. They finally have round one of Breaking Dawn up. Here are two of their latest cartoon cells!

Check out the full part 1 parody on their site!

Stick Man Theater Does a Special Segment For Our Birthday!

We love the guys over at Stick Man Theater. They do these hilarious, short versions of the Twilight movies and novels using stick figures. Their stuff is simple, but has just the right amount of good-natured snark and humor. They’ve also recently branched out into Harry Potter and True Blood.

Well in honor of our birthday, they did a 12 cell condensed version of the Twilight Saga.

Check out all the cells and the rest of their work over on their site!

Stick Man Theatre Does Bree Tanner

We have LOVED the guys over at Stick Man Theatre for FOREVER! Their Twilight Saga summaries/parodies stick man style are hilarious. The just completed their take on Bree Tanner.

Go check out the whole spread on Stick Man Theater and see their previous episodes if you have never seen their work before.

Stickman Theater Concludes Eclipse

The guys at Stickman Theatre are back with their Eclipse conclusion.

Check it out here!

Also, Stefanie, one of the creative artists at Stickman Theater had her birthday recently.

Check out her birthday cake!

Twilight Stickman Theatre: Wedding, The Unseen Files

The folks at Stickman Theatre are at it again. This time it’s a spoof look at what the guests at Edward and Bella’s wedding wore.

Check the rest out on Stickman Theatre

Stick Man Theatre: Eclipse Part 2

Stick Man Theater is back with part 2 of their condensed look at Eclipse.

The group has also branched out into some True Blood and Harry Potter spoofs. Check it all out on Stick man Theatre!

Stick Man Theater Does Eclipse

Our friends over at Stickman Theatre have done it again. They have now produced their humorous take on Eclipse.

Check out Eclipse and their past episodes here. Which picture is your favorite?

Stick Man Theatre: New Moon Trailer

The folks over at Stick Man Theater are back with their take on the New Moon trailer.

You may remember their previous items on the Twilight and New Moon that were book-based. You can catch the whole series on their site.