Stick Man Theatre Does Bree Tanner

We have LOVED the guys over at Stick Man Theatre for FOREVER! Their Twilight Saga summaries/parodies stick man style are hilarious. The just completed their take on Bree Tanner.

Go check out the whole spread on Stick Man Theater and see their previous episodes if you have never seen their work before.


  1. alexacharma says

    yeah, thats true, i dont understand why stephanie meyer wrote a whole book about bree tanner. i don`t care about bree tanner, so what the?? why doesnt she finish midnight sun, or write about one of the cullens history, more than in the saga.

  2. Does anyone know the answer to the suddenly-“redhead Edward” question? I can’t remember reading anything from Stephenie from the fan junket interview on that question.

    • Twilight_News says

      In the other books he is described as having copper hair. Personally I pictured more auburn than flaming redhead a la Victoria

      • I agree, and have always pictured it as “bronze” as often described…so when Bree kept calling him the “redhead” it really threw me for a loop.

        • Bree is a bit more blunt than Bella. Bree see’s edwards hair (which i imagine is reddish-brown) and thinks “red”. While Bella thinks “Bronze!”.

        • ha ha, im so slow, i didn’t get why bree was cheese, so im was typing “y is bree cheese” when a saw it together. BREE CHEESE. now im blushing. now im thinking of bella blushing. lol.

  3. OMG!!! That was soooo funny. Loved the *Scot Fargus* bit and the *just for men*.

  4. switzy4ever14 says

    hahahaha i always love stick man theatre. they crack me up. i loved scot fargus and the wolf riding vamps. and of course the classic just for men.

  5. He’s always had copper hair in the books. Copper hair is red hair. Search images in Google for copper hair and you will get redheads. The movies got that very wrong. Also, look at the graphic novel, it’s red in there.

  6. ok i love ‘the short second life of bree tanner’ and the stickman theatre is always hilarious but i can’t help but feel a little offended at the stick drawings of diego w/ a sombrero. other than the ‘spanglish’ and sombrero, i liked it. emmett’s pie-chart made me smile

  7. Twilight dreamer says

    Very funny, I kind of imagine edward as a blonde with a brown sort of red mix in it. Also did anyone see that trailer for that movie vampires suck? I dont know weather to laugh or be offended.

  8. I thought that was a bit odd too that Bree would describe Edward as a redhead,when we read from Bella’s pov she describes his hair as copper. I liked the novella and it gave me a better understanding from a new born’s perspective,how Victoria’s army ultimately failed.

  9. twilightlover says

    just leave her alone!! jeeez man she’s an important character if u don’t like her, why make a website about her!!!! it’s rubbish