Stickman Theater Concludes Eclipse

The guys at Stickman Theatre are back with their Eclipse conclusion.

Check it out here!

Also, Stefanie, one of the creative artists at Stickman Theater had her birthday recently.

Check out her birthday cake!


  1. Oh man!!

    That was so funny! I nearly cried laughing.

    Thanks Stick Man Theatre you guys made my day! 🙂

  2. So funny!! I love their take on the Twilight Saga:D

  3. Love the cake. What a great idea

  4. “hold on”, “like a spider monkey?”, “no, that’s gay” lol!!! these guys r great!! read this at work, luaghing way too much, got really funny looks!! thought the brokeback mountian ref was pretty clever…leave it to a guy to pick up on that one! love it!!

  5. Melissa12345 says:

    haha love the pg nc-17 thing xDxDxD

  6. These are awesome!!

    I just snorted milk up my nose!!


  7. Awesome cake!

  8. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I don’t get that PG and NC-17

    • Think what you’d be allowed to see between two people in a movie…Edward wants to keep their night together more “PG” like hand holding, snuggling, a little kissing, and Bella wants to go all out, more…”grown up” stuff, like you’d only be able to see in an “R” or “NC-17” rated movie (NC-17 is more graphic than “R” and no one under 17 is allowed in the theater)

  9. Thanks for posting my pictures! Wanted to clear something up though, I don’t work for the people at Stickman Theatre. I’m just a fan of their work. 🙂

  10. That was hilarious! And the cake is awesome!

  11. Oh my God that cake is great! It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

  12. Omg!! Who did that frosting?? They have some major skillage!

  13. YES! I have been WAITING for this!

    “It’s God Damn adorable.” Hahaha now I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!

  14. I loved the Brokeback joke. It’s effin’ hilarious.

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