What Should Taylor Do On SNL?

Taylor Lautner has landed a gig to host Saturday Night Live on December 12th. MTV’s Hollywood Crush has some sketch ideas.

“1. The inevitable “Twilight” parody

We know it’s going to happen, the only question is how will it? Though several humorous scenarios ran through our minds (Taylor as vampire!), the one that tickled our funny bones the most was seeing Taylor cast as Bella Swan (just like his maybe girlfriend Taylor Swift was when she hosted!). I mean, come on, he already has the wig for it! With Andy Samberg as Edward Cullen, any moment from either the first or second film would be hilarious, but we’re hoping for the Volterra scene from “New Moon.” Taylor splashing through a fountain and running into the arms of Andy would be epic.”

Check out the rest of their ideas and let us know what you think.

Taylor on Taylor on SNL

SNL Twilight Parody

SNL in Robert Pattinson’s Future

Fans have been clamoring for well over a year for Robert Pattinson to host Saturday Night Live. Last night at the Emmy Awards Seth Meyers went on the record:

We know you’re kicking off the season with Megan Fox, but how about getting Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson on to host?
Seth Meyers: We would love to get Robert Pattinson. How dare you tell me he’s the hot guy from Twilight, like I don’t already know!

Seth Meyers, closet Twilight, or maybe just Rob Pattinson fan. We love it! So the powers that be at SNL would be into Rob hosting?
Yes, absolutely.

Think of all the ridiculous skits you could do with him. The possibilities are endless! That hair…
We’re actually hoping if [Rob’s] not available, at least his hair will come by and host.”

There was also a fair amount of Tweeting done by other entertainment reporters yesterday that suggest the same thing. So who knows, SNL might actually become a reality.

Find out who else loves Rob here on E!

Evening News

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