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The Popwatch blog has 3 Reasons why Rob should host SNL.  They recently picked up on the fan generated buzz and petition.


 Fandango lists the 22 movies to watch and get updates on when you can buy tickets to see Twilight. 




The Blog Zap2It is reporting on Taylor as "the one to watch." 



Don’t forget to check out Cam Gigandet tonight on Scream 2008.  The show begins 9PM EST.  Check your local listings.


  1. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I already gave them my email so they can alert me a soon as possible.
    i need to have those tickets.

  2. genuinesmile says:

    I didn’t think of it that way, for the 3 Reasons Rob should host SNL, he could also perform! I think it would be awesome to have him as a host or as a performer but both would be, by far a sweet treat!!! 😉

  3. renae cullen black says:

    ome ome i can;t wait to see the twilight thing on scream

  4. Just watched the Twilight clip on Scream…what the heck??? We’ve seen it all before! We got a whole second of something new (Jasper, Emmett, and Alice jumping in) but that was pretty much it. I dunno, I’m kind of disappointed. They showed us more at Comic Con. On the bright side, ONE MORE MONTH TILL THE MOVIE COMES OUT!!!

  5. emilypruitt says:

    Just saw Scream. I have to say that nothing Twilight related to me is a waste, but i was a bit disappointed they chose to air chopped up portions of a scene we’ve all already seen since it’s been on Youtube since Comicon this summer. But there was a new bit of the Cullens coming to the rescue so all is not lost.

    I kind of figured that when they said Cam was going to introduce the scene that they’d reuse the ballet scene. But its okay. We’ve got less than a month to hold out now.

    We’ll just start saving our monies now so we can ensure opening weekend can be called nothing but success for the film we’ve been waiting years for.

  6. I just watched the Twilight part of Scream… i have to agree with you emilypruitt, i was disappointed to! But i still got all fuzzy inside when i saw Edward and heard his voice and it made it all better! =P

  7. Just saw the scream too. Yep, same response, as emily. I really didn’t think it was a waste, I’ll take all the twilight i can get. ^^ But yeah, when i saw Cam, and adding on the fact that it’s Scream awards, I kind of figured it would be at least bits of the ballet scene.

  8. Just saw it. i was disapointed. All they showed that we never saw was emmett alice and jasper jumping in. ah well, at least it was something 🙂 30 more days 🙂 🙂 !!!!!

  9. Same here Shelby1!! I got all squeamish when he carried bella and said, “I’m so sorry.” I was like AWW!! He sooo really loves her!! It made my heart skip a little. ^^ lol 🙂

  10. exactly when is the twilight part on? i just need to make sure that when it comes on, i’m in front of the tv. 🙂

  11. genuinesmile says:

    my immediate reaction was dissapointment but now thinking about I’m glad it was just a ‘repeat’ LOL afterall whats the point of more exclusive scenes when the movie is only ONE month away 🙂

  12. yah, but remember everyone those of us who didn’t go to comic Con probably weren’t supposed to SEE that scene yet ^^;

    So essentially it IS a world Premiere for those who weren’t awake enough to try to find that video 😛

  13. Devon061381 says:

    Damn I missed Scream. Ah well. I managed just barely not to spurt iced tea through my nose when reading the PopWatch/EW.com bit about why Rob should host SNL – I laughed hysterically at the mental picture of Rob doing a parody BD scene with prego Amy Poehler and the possibility of vomiting blood…oh man. That would be priceless! And all this talk about Rob singing, especially on SNL, from the soundtrack reviewers! How jealous am I? Very. Extremely. All I have to say is that Fueled By Ramen better have my soundtrack combo package delivered on time…early would be excellent, as I’m not doing the Hot Topic listening party for fear of too much emo, writing bad poetry, and then thoughts of slitting my wrists so I can feel LOL. J/k (maybe haha).

  14. Freakinloon says:

    I can’t believe I wasted valuable DVR space for that! I thought the world premiere scene would be the scene that Melissa Rosenberg brought to Austin for the Austin Film Festival. THAT was a great scene and a lot more and a lot longer than that.

  15. i just watched it…NOTHING NEW!!! WTF.

  16. The Scream thing was such a waste of my time.

    I spent the whole time watching, waiting to see the “new, never before seen” Twilight footage and it was the same effin thing they show everytime.

    Newsflash guys, it is NOT new if you add 3 seconds too it. As the saying goes, you dont have to lie to kick it.

  17. I think a lot of you guys are being a little immature about this. For those of us who Didn’t go to Comic Con this WAS NEW.

    Comic Con is a closed event, the entire world can’t fit into that con and see the behind the scenes things. And before the age of cell phones and Digi cams we wouldn’t have seen this clip. So… to those who didn’t search the net (all 3 of you XD) this was supposed to be a never before seen clip…

    So yeah… calm down! There’s only 29 days left! 8D

  18. I watched and taped the Scream Awards last night so I could have a copy of the Twilight Trailer. It’s incredible. I can not wait to see the movie.Wish I could have been at Comic Con. I think the movie is going to be AMAZING. I realize that it’s not 100% true to the book but hell Edward, Bella, The Cullens on the big screen you can’t get any better. Hope they make the rest of the series into movies it will be great.


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