SNL Twilight Parody


  1. omg that is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!

  2. That was hilarious…The Franks rule!

    • J!!!! THE Franks so rule!! The bad FRANKS were soo funny and than jake the MUMMY ah great go t-swift!!I guess it a LOVE STORY!!!!

  3. that was the most hilarious twilight parody ever!

  4. haha, i love taylor swift! so funny!

  5. THat was so funny, I was laughing even after, just remembering it. But I couldn’t decide what was funnier– the Franks, or the fact that it took SNL THIS LONG to catch on!!!

  6. This was so funny but i love her SNL Monologue song that had me dieing when she *wink* and blow a kiss at taylor that was priceless and them pashinh jonas she hilarious

  7. Freakin’ awesome!!! Loved Taylor Swift as Bella. xDD Epic win!

  8. That was awesome!!! I loved it!

  9. Awesome! Thought it was so funny!

  10. Okay this is really bad but now i think Taylor Swift is actually a better actress than Kristen I kind of wish that she had played Bella now. Also that was really really funny, that was probably the best Twilight parody i’ve seen.

    • BWAHAHAHAHA!-Seriously?! That’s a great joke!

    • Kathleen loves vamps says

      Ha Ha I totally agree with you lol!

    • Oh yeah, I totally agree with you. I’ve always thought Kristen was horrible at playing Bella. Even though this is a parody, I can really see Taylor playing her for real.

    • You are an idiot.
      Kristen is not only the most gifted actress of our generation, she is the best person to play Bella.

      Get your head out of your backside and get your eyes checked.

  11. That was funny retarded but funny.

  12. FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree! Taylor just might be a better actress than Kris!!! OMG! LMAO!!!!

    Kudos to SNL!

  13. This parody was hiliarious.

  14. I loved her monologue song! You guys should check it out on the nbc site. She mentions Taylor!

  15. LOL! Very funny and cute, Taylor looks GREAT with brown hair ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Erin, the redhead says

    That was amazing! So funny. ๐Ÿ™‚


  18. That was hilarious!

  19. lmao Taylor does a great Bella

  20. The video isn’t loading for me.

  21. it was funny, but i think Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Robert is Bothered’ skit is funnier.

    i thought the monologue was pretty funny too ^^

    • omg, i flipping LOVE robert is bothered.
      though i thought tswift did a fabulous job on snl all together.
      i really respect her as an artist, which isn’t something i say lightly.

  22. I was wondering when SNL would do a “Twilight” spoof. That was funny. I like how Taylor used Kristen’s mannerisms like the lip biting and playing w/ her hair. I also thought it was hilarious that her friend was a mummy instead of a werewolf. Cute skit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. ***If you haven’t watched her monologue, you MUST! Taylor Swift is so incredibly cool and funny. And she mentions Taylor L in a hysterical way. You have to watch it. I laughed so hard!

  24. I thought this was pretty lame. it could have been waaay funnier. heck, me and my mom do a funnier parody of the “say it!” scene.

    • i agree! this is SNL for goodness sake! they could have come up with something better. it made me smile, but not laugh.

  25. When I saw this last night I pretty much died of laughter. Excellent stuff.

  26. Twilight Nymph says

    I was LMAO, when I saw this last night. It was hilarious.

  27. Kathleen loves vamps says

    Lol I saw it last nite when it came out for the first time. Its just as funny the second time!

  28. HAHA! That was fantastic! I loved it, way funny!

  29. omg! that was so funny!! hehe! the franks!

  30. Best parody ever! simple idea but unique and brilliant!
    taylor’s a great actress hehehe
    this, her monologue song, and the segment where she gets interviewed by those 2 people had me dying of laughter last night!

  31. I think Tyler Swift did a great job! She had me dying of laughter

  32. This is a little off-topic, but I when I read The Host, I imagined Taylor as Pet and I know I’m not alone on this. It’s nice to see that she is not an awful actress ;P

  33. OMG!!!!! WAS BELLA TAYLOR SWIFT!?!?!? SHE WAS SOO GREAT !!!! that was really funny :]

  34. FRANKS and BEANS

  35. Hahah Jacob as the mummy had even my older brother peeing his pants. So funny. XDDD

  36. Taylor, you forgot to do Kristen’s Stuttering, Blinking and don’t forget panting all the time! hehe Other than that, it was right on!

  37. Samberg as Edward, my favourite thing all day!

  38. … sad thing is… smaberg makes a better edward than pattinson, srry for all the rob lovers out there but seriously ladies. he looks liek a hobo and really ugly, uggggg kstews even too good for him. and taylor $got to do the kstew annoying as hell stuttering, deep voice randomizing and blinking! watchred this last nite, OMG i wus friggen falling off my chair laughing!

  39. I just watched the whole episode of SNL. I think it’s been 5 or 6 years since I’ve been able to sit through the whole thing.
    I know have a huge girl crush on Taylor Swift. She is so talented. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. MeatRocket8 says

    “We found an old blind man strangled to death. Looks like it was an accident.”

  41. Neither of the SNL vids are working for me.
    Is there an international version?


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