Taylor on Taylor on SNL


  1. abigael_d says:

    “Hi, Taylor!”
    **blows a kiss**

    i loooooooooooove Taylor-squared ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. liz raine says:

    just a fraction of the reason i adore that girl!

  3. LMAO, one of the funniest SNL skit in a looong time! This girl’s a natural performer, she never loses her cool.

  4. whoa, i knew she was a good singer/songwriter but i didn’t know she was funny!

    good job t-swift ๐Ÿ™‚

    and she had BETTER be dating taylor.

  5. Kathleen loves vamps says:

    This is way i love Taylor Swift she is so funny and talented! I wonder how Taylor Lopner feels seeing that! And it was a huge kick in the face for Joe lol! He deserves it!

  6. and now i am singing “in my monologue” so that just shows that all of her songs have the power to get stuck in my head. haha.

  7. HAHA wow, I love this girl! Even though I still love Joe, that was definitely funny! ^_^

  8. twiightgirl68 says:

    she is so talented and down to Earth !! You go Taylor !!!

  9. i hope they’re together!

  10. That was hilarious! I don’t like her music at all, but I’m finding more and more that I do like her. SNL tends to do that to me (Justin Timberlake, same deal.)

  11. that was funny! i love taylor2!

  12. hahahaha you go girl ! XD

  13. that was SOOOOO FUNNY!!!! OMG!!!! i can’t believe she did that!!! that was great hahahaha

  14. silver-swallow says:

    LOL! i never even paid any attention to her at all before i heard she and taylor lautner were possibly dating, but she is freakin KICKASS! i love her now, she’s too hilarious!!! our Taylor better watch himself lol, she sure aint afraid to hang joe jonas up to dry… ;-P

    Ah, was dubious about them at the start, but i really hope they get together now. i suppose that kiss just kind of confirmed it though!!
    ahh… still laughing….

  15. Just love Taylor and well both of them cant wait to see her in March and him in just a few weeks on the big screen!!!

  16. I have always loved Taylor Swift and now i’m finding she is f-ing hilarious i really hope she and T Lautner are dating they’d be sooo cute, and I always liked how excited he was to see her perform.

  17. That was hilarious! I loved the whole security lining my stage bit about Kanye. I really hope she and Taylor Lautner are dating. She seems so sweet. But yeah Lautner better watch out. If they break up then i can definitely garentee that his name will appear on her next CD! LOL. It’s funny, i mentioned that a few days ago to my sister.

  18. She seems nice but I don’t think Taylor and her make a cute couple. For one thing I think she’s taller than he is. He looks cuter with Selena Gomez but I do think Taylor Lautner looked really cute with his now ex-girlfriend Sara Hicks more than Selena even.

  19. Do you, Taylor Lautner take Taylor Swift… haha… that would be funny!

    That was super cute!!!! I loved it!!!

  20. SethIsMINE says:

    Wow! That was freaking HILARIOUS!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Our Taylor was in the audiance….can’t wait to see if he is also at the CMA’s on Wednesday night because Taylor Swift will be there. They are soooo cute together.

  22. Everyone is like “I hope they are together.” Well, I hope not. Taylor(Lautner) is mine. It kills me when I hear rumors that he is dating someone. Taylor(Swift) is really nice, but she better not take my Taylor(Lautner). I’ll stop my rambling.

  23. Ewwwwww… Too bad Kanye wasn’t here to interrupt her this time ๐Ÿ™

  24. Cute monologue, if they are dating, Taylor L. better watch out he doesn’t cross her or he’ll find himself the subject of one of her revenge songs.

  25. im so happy for them both. NOT! jk jk (sort of!) everyone keeps saying theyd make a great couple, um not really seriosuly. shes liek the blondest of the blode, the palest of the pale. and hes dark hair, and a deep tan. he seems very serious about his career and she seems silly and unfocused, and btw hes mine anyways so she cant have him! LMAO! i friggen wish! the skit wus hilarious!!!!!! Hate joe jonas so good gurl taylor (swift)

    • Taylor Swift is not silly and unfocused, she worked really hard to get where she is and she was hosting SNL for crying out loud, the whole idea is to be silly. I remember when I saw her on tv for the first time a couple years ago and she was just becoming famous and she had worked so her for the award she was winning. Taylor Swift is anything but unfocused.

      • I second that. She played in an episode of a crime show and she did a great job in a serious role too, SNL is where you’re supposed to be silly.

    • Just wondering why their skin and hair color have any weight on how good of a couple they would make. They are both light hearted, innocent, and joyful and it seems their temperaments would match well.

  26. love her! haha if they got married they would have the same exact name

  27. This made me giggle!

  28. I’m glad this was posted too! Best SNL monologue I’ve seen. I absolutely love her and she is such a natural performer. Even in comedy, her delivery is perfect. Taylor squared rocks!

  29. I’ve watched it twice just cause I needed a good laugh due to my hectic day. It was so funny…Taylor Swift is so talented & I’m not a “fan” of her’s, although I hear her songs on the radio here & there, but I do know that that girl’s got a gift. Thanks for posting it Lexicon:)

  30. AliceKikiCullen says:

    ROFL! Nice. I love both taylors soooo cute! Both down to earth clean cut people. Nice one girl!!!

  31. To all the commenters who said “they’re not a cute couple, b/c he’s mine!” … I say to you “GROW UP!”

    And what does it matter if she’s blonde and pale but he’s tanned w/ dark hair? Even if you think they don’t “look good” together doesnt mean they can’t be good together.

  32. I’m sitting here giggling over the thought that if Taylor Swift married Taylor Lautner, they would both be Taylor Lautner. XD

  33. That was funny! She really can be hilarious girl!
    And the best part must have been when she mentioned Twilight ๐Ÿ˜€ the wink and kiss.. soo funny!!!

  34. papermoon says:

    not a big T swift fan but she seems like a nice girl and i thought her performance was cute all around ^_^

  35. She is adorable!

  36. My niece said if they got married they would both be Taylor Lautner. Kids are great!

  37. Taylor Swift is adorable. She is the best guest SNL has had in a while.

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