Eclipse Remains Unscathed at This Year’s Razzie Awards

Eclipse or an Eclipse actor was nominated in practically every Razzie category this year. Stunningly, it remained unscathed as Razzie Awards were given mostly to actors associated with the films Sex and the City 2 and The Last Airbender. Unfortunately Jackson Rathbone did get a Razzie, but it was due to his role in The Last Airbender, not Eclipse. Having actually watched The Last Airbender, we do understand the nomination, however we had thought that co-star Dev Patel was more likely to win it than Jackson. In any case, knowing Jackson’s sense of humor and creativity, how long can it be until there is a 100 Monkeys song making fun of the Razzies.

You can see the full list of “winners” here.

Via Larry411

Eclipse Nominated for Razzies, Giant PR Stunt

I don’t think any of us would argue that the Twilight Saga movies are high art; however, there is a difference between not high art and truly dreadful. In our opinion, the plot, acting, production values of Eclipse doesn’t fall into the truly dreadful category.

Kaleb Nation has a great video explaining why Eclipse and several Eclipse Actors are nominated for this year’s Razzie Awards.

Personally we love Jodelle Ferland who stated on her Twitter account, “LOL I love how Eclipse got all those Razzie nominations…when we all know it was one of the best movies of the year :)”

And best ever in regards to the Razzie’s were Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock showing up to collect their Razzie Awards the same year they won the Oscar. If they win, Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Jackson should show up and raz the Razzies!