Eclipse Remains Unscathed at This Year’s Razzie Awards

Eclipse or an Eclipse actor was nominated in practically every Razzie category this year. Stunningly, it remained unscathed as Razzie Awards were given mostly to actors associated with the films Sex and the City 2 and The Last Airbender. Unfortunately Jackson Rathbone did get a Razzie, but it was due to his role in The Last Airbender, not Eclipse. Having actually watched The Last Airbender, we do understand the nomination, however we had thought that co-star Dev Patel was more likely to win it than Jackson. In any case, knowing Jackson’s sense of humor and creativity, how long can it be until there is a 100 Monkeys song making fun of the Razzies.

You can see the full list of “winners” here.

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  1. Here’s my opinion on the Last Airbender fiasco…and I call it a fiasco because m. night shyamalan massacred that franchise. If Twilight fans are angry about melissa rosenberg…well that’s nothing compared to how much shymalan messed up Avatar: The Last Airbender. I have a five year old daughter, and seven year old sister and we watched the whole series together start to finish. So we are big big fans, to say the least. Shymalan changed the types of characters, their names, the idea of element bending, and plot(I can understand plot changes sometimes to make adaptions work but this was never a book. It was a tv show. They didn’t really need to change anything. Just make edits). He destroyed that franchise, congrats man!

  2. Actually he was nominated for both roles (I dont truly understand most of Eclipse nominations the only person who should have been nominated and won is Bryce and she has escaped the Razzie in past because she is Hollywood royalty where nepotism rules) Anyways Jackson WON for both roles. The Razzie officials were (and ARE) making it loud and clear he won for both. Kinda sad… because Jackson is good at being Jasper. Razzie should nominate just the role and not the actor.

  3. i am happy eclipse did not win anything but i am sad that jackson won for both movies

  4. What was wrong with the last airbender?

  5. My kids loved the movie (and the tv show) so it’s all up to personal taste. I don’t get how Last Airbender “beat” Vampires Suck. That was awful.

  6. To be honest, I think vampire’s Suck should have ‘won’ the RAZZIES. Jackson was amazing in both Eclipse & The Last Air bender, but obviously they judged the character he was and not how he was acting.
    But, the RAZZIES is just another money making scheme, putting in all the Big Movie Franchisee in order to get the Fans all pissed and to react.

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