Eclipse Nominated for Razzies, Giant PR Stunt

I don’t think any of us would argue that the Twilight Saga movies are high art; however, there is a difference between not high art and truly dreadful. In our opinion, the plot, acting, production values of Eclipse doesn’t fall into the truly dreadful category.

Kaleb Nation has a great video explaining why Eclipse and several Eclipse Actors are nominated for this year’s Razzie Awards.

Personally we love Jodelle Ferland who stated on her Twitter account, “LOL I love how Eclipse got all those Razzie nominations…when we all know it was one of the best movies of the year :)”

And best ever in regards to the Razzie’s were Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock showing up to collect their Razzie Awards the same year they won the Oscar. If they win, Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Jackson should show up and raz the Razzies!


  1. I think Twilight gets nominated because it’s so overrated. Don’t get me wrong, the movies are good… but the constant media attention and die-hard crazy-obsessed fans put a negative light on the franchise. It’s as if Twilight is about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. It’s NOT. It’s about Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, and Jacob Black. More people need to actually READ the books, instead of hearing a cheesy outline of the plot. It’s giving Twilight a bad rep.

    • I agree with you. It i snot about the actors so much as the real characters in the book. Some people take things to extremes and this with out a doubt has been one of the most media covered eveents and anticipated movies in my lifetime. I love the franchise too but again it’s not about the actors it is aboutthe actual characters. SO cheers to you!!

    • Word yo i am so sick and tired of this goddamn media portraying Twilight so inaccurately I bet you any money that they only looked up the summary on wikepedia and did that. Balooley!!!!!!!!!!!! They are such bullies and dirty pigs if you ask me. In fact while we are at it lets go find the producers at The Razzis and tos them in a pig pen because thats where they belong.

      • And…comments similar to this are why people think Twilight fans are weirdos. It’s really not that big of a deal. No Eclipse doesn’t deserve the title “worst film,” and it was definitely the best of the saga so far; but it is not even close to being an amazing, award-worthy film. Just because critics don’t like the films is no reason for us to lose our heads and start promoting violence against the “bullies and dirty pigs.” They are entitled to their opinion just like we are, and such childish reactions only support their beliefs.

        Also, the bad grammar and misspelled words contribute to the opinion that we are just a bunch of uneducated teeny boppers. That is possibly the most irritating aspect of the fandom, in my opinion. A fair percentage of us are well-mannered, educated adults, but because the psychos are more vocal we all get lumped together. Grrrrrr.

        • Amen, K!

          I think it’s absolutely hilarious it’s nominated for Razzies. I think the franchise would get some kudos if they went along with it, like Sandra and Hallie did. It’s gold to be a good sport!

        • haha! Yes Kathryn – those are my sentiments exactly!

        • Thank you Kathryn for satin what I want to say!
          Brittany, I agree with you. It’s unfortunate the franchise got this way.
          I sometimes wish it could go back to the series no one knew about and it was your own world.

  2. Twilight is an easy Target to get the Hits the Razzies need. Every comment the Fans are posting on any of these blogs or sites , that its not fair to get this nomination for Twilight, gives the Advertisers the chance to strut their stuff. Caleb Nation on U Tube calls it “The Haterz Pay our Bill Award” so you click on Worst Movie, WorstActor, Worst Actress, Worst they have 4 Hits for the Ad Machine from each of you. Its actually a brilliant Marketing Scheme and shows u again how easy it is to make money of this franchise.

  3. Actually, Halle Berry won the Oscar in 2001 and the Razzie in 2004..

  4. I think the first two commentors on this board totally miss the point and Kaleb is only scratching the surface.

    The Twilight movies are “movies” it’s not the book and not supposed to be the book. It’s not about how popular or the publicity of Rob, Kristen and Taylor. I don’t understand the double standards that is always placed on this franchise or maybe I do – misogyny which not only comes from men but women as well.

    This is the reason why the Razzies chose Twilight, it’s a predominantly female franchise that is beyond all expectations of box office success and people cannot understand it and hate it because of its successs.

    Now as for why the Razzies did what they did goes beyond just publicity. If you go to vote on the Razzie’s site, you must become a member which will cost you at minimum $35. Someone brought this out yesterday. There is no age limite and the funds can be mailed in (convenient for youngsters) which means you don’t need a credit card.

    Like Kaleb said, this is about money and making the Razzies relevant. We all know that there is no way the fans of Twilight who everyone knows are hardcore voters, will vote to make sure Twilight does not win a Razzie. The Razzies know this.

    They are making so much money off of this it’s ridiculous. They also know that Eclipse was the best movie of the franchise. You cannot tell me the opening scene in Eclipse sucked. It was one of the worst scenes you’ve seen this year. You cannot tell me that the scene with the vampires fighting the wolves was the worst fight scene you’ve seen this year. You cannot tell me that Billy Burke and Xavier Samuel who are members of this cast are part of the Worst Casts on screen this year.

    You cannot look me in the eyes and actually believe this.

    It’s about money. Razzies are seeing “cha ching”! It’s disgusting. So the meaning of the Razzies are totally false. It’s a full out attack for attention and money. It’s obvious. Anytime Richard Roper gives praises to Eclipse and when he states that he enjoyed it just tells you that the Razzies are full of it.

    I agree with Lexicon to a point, if any of the members of Twilight win, I think they should go and give a serious sarcastic acceptance speech calling them on the carpet for what they did which was nominate them not because they were the worst but to raise money and try to make what they do relevant and show how sad they really are. I wouldn’t have not one line of comedy. I wouldn’t make it a laughing matter at all. I would make them look like the fools that they are and make them pay for nominating them. I would suggest not giving an acceptance speech like Sandra or Halle. I would take what they did seriously.

    Give them the attention they didn’t expect. I think if they it will be their worst nightmare. I would love for Peter to give the speech. He will rip them a new one and do it sarcastically and it would be hilarious too.

    It’s about $$$, make no mistake about it. Sorry for the length Lexicon. I’m just a bit agitated.

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!

    I SO have to agree with him about the disappointing bomb which was The Tourist. Depp and Jolie, for all their ‘star’ power, simply couldn’t save the abysmal script. In fact, I found the Interpol agents more entertaining!

  6. While I liked Eclipse very much (definitely more than the other two) I can understand why it was nominated. I haven’t seen any other movies with Kristen Stewart so I can’t say anything about her overall acting abilities, but the Twilight movies do not put her skills in a positive light for me. Almost 2.5 hours of her monotone voice, plus she almost never smiles or really laughs (those smirks and sniggers don’t count). It drives me crazy; give us some emotion and passion, Kristen, I’m begging you! The same for Robert Pattinson. Him I have seen in other movies, and I know he can do better.

    But personally, even though Eclipse was nominated I don’t think it will win. If it does we can thank the obsesssed stalker fans for that. If some fans showed some restraint and self-respect for a change the overall sentiment towered the series might be different. But since the general public thinks all the Twilight fans are psycho the books and movies don’t get any respect.

  7. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    Kaleb has a good point, but I also believe that the large reason for Twilight Saga: Eclipse’s nomination is as everyone here has already said, the Saga movies have become overtly overrated. While the movies haven’t been “bad” per say they aren’t the greatest thing ever either, but the way some fans act, to even state that the movie wasn’t “that” good is not only blasphemous against the Holy Twilight Saga, it should be punished by instant death, or name calling as some supposed Twi-Hard trolls have done on this forum.
    I think the Twilight Saga was LOADS better than “Wolf Man” of which murdered its classic roots in favor of a plotless bloodbath and cheesefest effects. I didn’t see the Tourist, as it already looked boring to begin with. But neither of them had the same cult following…

    We can rest assured though that Breaking Dawn will be safe this year from getting a Razzie as Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon is coming and we can guarantee that Michael Bay won’t disappoint with another horrorable TF movie.

  8. I think that a big part of the reason they nominated Eclipse is to do exactly what they seem to have accomplished…to get the Twihards all upset. Eclipse was probably put together the best out of the 3 so far and yet none of the other movies were nominated for a Razzie. A small movie with a BIG following has taken over Hollywood and all the voter award shows with it. This is a way to get back at us. The person who wrote the article on MSN said that this (Razzie) was for all the others that just didn’t get the Twilight Saga and our devotion to it.
    I am as big a Twihard as anyone, but this is one of those moments to have a sense of humor about it like Halle and Sandra did.

  9. Jennifer Southerland says:

    I agree that this was done completely for publicity. I mean, even critics agreed that this was the best movie of the series, so why were the previous films not nominated?

    What bothers me the most is the anger I read in the comments section of every news outlet that has reported this- and not from the “twi-hards” but from the people who just hate the Twilight franchise. There is just something about Twilight that most males just hate. They feel validated by this, they are glad that now we women will understand how “gay” Twilight is. I agree with the above poster, its all about using the series for publicity with a dash of misogyny.

  10. I think that Eclipse is nominated because people are so overly protective of it. The Razzies are LOVING all this attention they are getting because of how many people are upset over it. I think a lot of the fandom need to take a step back and realize it’s just some stupid award show. The back lashing is just feeding the Razzie people what they want.

  11. Twilight dreamers says:

    Look lets face it, everything thats super popular is ALWAYS going to have haters same for Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, popular bands, ect. We all love Twilight and thats what matters, We read the books, We support Stephenie Meyer and the lexicon 100% and we know people who just hate to hate are immature.
    Remember only the positive matters, Haters gonna hate.

  12. The only reason why Eclipse is getting this award is because it’s in to hate twilight. And let be honest you love the movies or you hate them. same goes for the books. I love them and I really enjoy the movies.
    Do they do the books justice? Sometimes. But books are just better.
    You will never find a film critic or a “real” movie buff who will say they are god films. I once saw a movie that had won 8 oscars and should be so good, and I had to break it up it was that slow. And in the end it was about a man getting killed twice, come on. Yes, the actors was good, but that was about that.
    Films that are fun to watch are never the most awarded. And as I said it is in to hate twilight. If you are a guy or a movie freak then you are almost obligated to hate them.
    I will take this as a joke and say there is no way twilight can beat sex in the city. And maybe they are just jealous that they can’t proclaim their love for all things Twilight like the rest of us. And look at all the free PR. I say we got the long end of the stick and can make all the fun of this as we want. And being in the same boat as Hallie Berry and Sandra Bullock cant be that bad.

  13. i have read all the above comments and i have just one thing to say: who cares? why let some stupid second-class, trying-to-be-funny-buy-really-isn’t awrds show make us all act like little twelve year olds who stick out their tongues and huff and puff as their best comeback? seriously?

    • My sentiments exactly. Let them bash away. It doesn’t affect the story, which is what we love…or how much money the franchise will make once Breaking Dawn is released. Free publicity!

  14. Sorry…I think it’s deserved. I’ve actually decided not to even bother with Breaking Dawn because the first 3 were so horrible. I think the producers are banking on the fact that die-hard fans will see them, no matter what, so why put any effort into them?

    • You might be partly right… As big as Twilight was before the movies came out, Summit should have spent a considerable amount of money on the first movie. They spent around 30 mil on the first Twilight movie, and that hindered the quality of the special effects, make up effects, and other aspects of the film. Yet despite that, the movie made almost 300 million in the US alone. They spent around 50 mil on the 2nd movie and around 60 mil on the third (if that), and yet each film makes a guargantuan amount of money.
      In truth I think the Twilight fanbase has it hard. If we protest the films, stating that they are butchering the books, then the movies won’t make money, and Summit will stop making them, period… Other studios might be reluctant to even pick them up. We support the films, and then it looks like we are saying… creating what should have been a mega-budgeted franchise with an indie budget is okay, despite the fact that the movies aren’t turning out as good as they could have been. In short we sort of lose either way.

      To Summit’s benefit, they’ve been very open about the production. Until Twilight most studios kept their projects very hush hush, especially with mega franchise films. Any one remember “Blue Harvest”… (code name for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi). So Summit did something right in that regards.

    • I agree with you. The Twilight movies franchise has turn the books just a reference. I even think that they dont care if the movie is close to the book or not. IS just business and that bothers me. We the fans should demand better from the actors. So, the Razzies are a response for such a terrible acting.

    • Lunna-san says:

      Wow. I actually agree with you there. I don’t like the movies. I don’t like the way they portraits Bella and Edward’s love.

      I know that most part of the reason it’s Melissa Roserberg’s horrible scripts. She really make a great job in Dexter, but her adaptation of the Twilight books sucks. She turned the movies into some pro-Jacob movies.

      And I also don’t like the acting either. It’s funny because I like KS’s works. I think she’s a good actress. But she doesn’t convince me as Bella at all. The same goes to Pattinson. Edward is, for me, a modern version of Mr.Darcy. When I see them acting all freakish and awkward… It makes want to hit something.

      So, yes. I’m sorry. But I think they do deserve the Razzles.

      • I agree with you on almost all counts except for Robert Pattinson. I think he portray’s Edward quite well. However, I think it’s because I read the books after I saw the first Twilight movie. (I went to see the movie on a whim… I had only heard of the series a couple of days before it came out in theaters haha) Kristen Stewart is a great actress, but her portrayal of Bella is all wrong. I enjoy watching the movies, but I only like watching them if I’ve JUST read the book the week before. Otherwise, I’m not a huge fan of the movies.
        And I’ve been very disappointed with Melissa Rosenberg’s script writing. Twilight was awful, New Moon was a little better (however I’m still beyond angry that she left out the majority of the chapter where Edward has to convince Bella she isn’t dreaming and he DOES love her) and Eclipse was actually pretty great. I think some of the acting is what let me down for the third movie.
        Ok. rant over. 🙂

  15. I went on here to say how stupid it would be to give Eclipse a Razzie, but now, after reading all your comments, i see this is exactly the attention they want, they want us to get all worked up so they can suck in the media.

  16. Twilight Nymph says:

    Have they even thought about the fact that this will just bring more publicity to the saga in a way. I mean people are curious about just what makes a movie horrible just as much as what makes a movie amazing. Anyways I don’t think it deserved worst movie, I mean this was the better one out of 3, yet I don’t think it deserves an Oscar either. Yet, I agree with the Lexicon cast should show up and raz the razzies. LOL.

  17. Unlike other slams against Twilight (Anne Rice, the book-burning stunt) I just can’t take this seriously. This nomination can only delegitimize the Razzies. Past Razzies have been for movies for which there was strong critical and audience consensus of their poor quality. Eclipse has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 50% and a Metacritic score of 58, much higher than the typical Razzie nominee. The nomination of Eclipse is pure pandering and mindless bandwagoneering that has nothing to do with the movie’s merit – contradicting the very purpose of the Razzies.

    I’m a vampire movie (Nosferatu, Last Man On Earth…) fan dude who got into Twilight from the movies, which are (especially Hardwicke’s) among my favorite vampire movies and movies in general. Kristen Stewart is a very good actress and the sometimes unfairly criticized Melissa Rosenberg (for movie adaptations of novels, the Twilight Saga is pretty darn faithful – as well as sharply scripted, like Dexter) deserves kudos. Stephenie Meyer is, of course, brilliant.

  18. vampbball says:

    Holy crap, Sandra Bullock is funny! I don’t know if she wrote the monologue herself, but either way her delivery is hilarious. I have really underestimated her talent. Oh the irony… ;0)

  19. No, they aren’t nominated because they are jealous of Twilight’s success. They are nominated because they agree with the critics. Same reason Halle Berry won worst actress for Catwoman and Sandra won for whatever the hell.
    The Twilight movies aren’t the worst movies in the world but they aren’t the best either.

  20. LOL! This is so funny. The best you can do is just laugh at it. The whole point of the Razzies is to laugh, right?
    Also: Harry Potter gets nominated at the Oscars. Twilight gets nominated at the Razzies. Sad!

  21. Yes.I agree with you. The Twilight movies franchise has turn the books just a reference. I even think that they dont care if the movie is close to the book or not. IS just business and that bothers me.

  22. how is it the first movie didn’t WIN a razzie, let alone get nominated for one, if eclipse gets nominated? the films are all pretty bad, but they have improved as they’ve gone. twilight was freaking ridiculously bad.


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