Kellen Lutz and Peter Facinelli Read New Moon

Peter and Kellan, who both read New Moon awhile ago, decided to have a little fun with the paparazzi in LAX.

Good to know that they are able to keep up a sense of humor about all the attention.

Paparzzi, So How Bad Is It?

We’ve been getting a variety of questions in our inbox about how bad is the paparazzi for the Twilight stars. Well, bad enough that they have body guards walking around with them in Vancouver.

Once we realized the paparazzi in Vancouver and Hollywood have gone insane, we have been trying to avoid covering the myriad of photos that feature the cast going shopping, walking their dogs in their bathrobe(taken deliberately right after she complained about them in an interview), having a drink at the bar, coming out of the bar, taking their dog to the vet, etc. you get the idea.

We’ve been covering the unique stuff like when “the humans” landed for the first time in Vancouver, or the actual footage of set stuff from behind barriers, or if the stars seem cool about being photographed, or are signing autographs and waving, OK.

People say, “You’re famous. You have to expect the press.” The thing is, it’s not just a polite, “Can we have a photo?”  So, we thought we’d let you know some of the tactics of the paparazzi. Pretend you’re Robert Pattinson. They usually follow alongside you snapping away. The first question will be innocuous enough like How are you doing? Are you excited to be filming? You may think, not so bad, I’ll answer. Then it will switch to a question that is aimed to get you riled up, and to which there is no answer. It will be a question like, “So, do you think Michael, is going to kill you for screwing Kristen?” or it will be something about what your preferences in bed are, followed by do you think that’s what your (insert name of relative) enjoys too? To the first question, if you say “yes” or “no” either way you have admitted to a fling with Kristen Stewart which you may or may not be having. You hear the second question and you’re flustered, you now look POed, maybe you try to laugh it off…it all happened in an instant and they have exactly the picture they want along with a soundbite of “Rob lives in terror of Michael” or “Rob laughs about Michael” and “Rob claims Dad taught him everything he knows.”

So, do these people spring out of bushes, what do they do? Well, they go through garbage, the lurk in corners, live out of their cars, and yes according to a recent photo we saw first on the Pillow Biter’s blog, they hijack Jamba Juice costumes and Elvis/Prince wigs. Seriously, we want to know if that goes on his resume, ” I wore a Jamba Juice banana to stalk Kellan Lutz.”