Kellen Lutz and Peter Facinelli Read New Moon

Peter and Kellan, who both read New Moon awhile ago, decided to have a little fun with the paparazzi in LAX.

Good to know that they are able to keep up a sense of humor about all the attention.


  1. first?

  2. Aha, i love these two, they are so amazing 😀

  3. pg. 314 *swoons* says:

    I love this picture. This is exactly why these wonderful actors have the fan base that they do.

  4. Julie M. says:

    That is hilarious. Way to go Kellan and Peter!

  5. They are hilarious! But I hope this isn’t the first time they read the books!

  6. Cute! Nice to see that they’re taking a well-deserved break until they resume filming in Italy next month!

  7. Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

    Love them! so cute! and people ask why we love the cast i mean seriously!! Way to Go!!

  8. I love the look on Peter’s face. So sneaky and sly-like.

  9. Too good!

  10. That picture is so funny. I love them! I feel bad that they can’t go anywhere w/out being photographed so I’m glad to see that they’re having some fun with it.

  11. i love kellen lutz !!!! and carlisle has to be my favorite charater in the book besides jacob !!! can you beleive that kristen stewart did NOT read the twilight book before shooting the movie ? ugh i hate her

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