Paparzzi, So How Bad Is It?

We’ve been getting a variety of questions in our inbox about how bad is the paparazzi for the Twilight stars. Well, bad enough that they have body guards walking around with them in Vancouver.

Once we realized the paparazzi in Vancouver and Hollywood have gone insane, we have been trying to avoid covering the myriad of photos that feature the cast going shopping, walking their dogs in their bathrobe(taken deliberately right after she complained about them in an interview), having a drink at the bar, coming out of the bar, taking their dog to the vet, etc. you get the idea.

We’ve been covering the unique stuff like when “the humans” landed for the first time in Vancouver, or the actual footage of set stuff from behind barriers, or if the stars seem cool about being photographed, or are signing autographs and waving, OK.

People say, “You’re famous. You have to expect the press.” The thing is, it’s not just a polite, “Can we have a photo?”Β  So, we thought we’d let you know some of the tactics of the paparazzi. Pretend you’re Robert Pattinson. They usually follow alongside you snapping away. The first question will be innocuous enough like How are you doing? Are you excited to be filming? You may think, not so bad, I’ll answer. Then it will switch to a question that is aimed to get you riled up, and to which there is no answer. It will be a question like, “So, do you think Michael, is going to kill you for screwing Kristen?” or it will be something about what your preferences in bed are, followed by do you think that’s what your (insert name of relative) enjoys too? To the first question, if you say “yes” or “no” either way you have admitted to a fling with Kristen Stewart which you may or may not be having. You hear the second question and you’re flustered, you now look POed, maybe you try to laugh it off…it all happened in an instant and they have exactly the picture they want along with a soundbite of “Rob lives in terror of Michael” or “Rob laughs about Michael” and “Rob claims Dad taught him everything he knows.”

So, do these people spring out of bushes, what do they do? Well, they go through garbage, the lurk in corners, live out of their cars, and yes according to a recent photo we saw first on the Pillow Biter’s blog, they hijack Jamba Juice costumes and Elvis/Prince wigs. Seriously, we want to know if that goes on his resume, ” I wore a Jamba Juice banana to stalk Kellan Lutz.”


  1. I feel sad for them.

  2. Sophieee says:

    That must be soooo frustrating πŸ™
    And annoying, i feel for those guys!

  3. SuperVixen says:

    I am a new Twitter junkie and Spencer Pratt of all people made me realize just how invasive it is. He posted a pic of what it looks like from their end as they’re at lunch with like 50 cameras pointed at the and it was really eye opening and kinda scary!

  4. Sophieee says:

    Oh, and also Kellan looks super-cute in that photo, even if he is being stalked by the paps!

  5. ughhh, poor kids

  6. Yeah, but when you have the Spenser Pratt’s of the world wanting that kind of attention by their posed events let the paps waste all the film they want. When you’re going to restaurants and bars where the paps are in droves, why are you bothering to hide your face?

    Still the moments of shopping, dog vet visits, dr visits, the paps are a bit much. But I think there a still some areas in the country or even the world where the stars can be left alone. Good luck trying to find them.

  7. You know, I got into an argument with an associate regarding the methods used to get pics. He thinks celebs ‘owe us’ and that ‘it is their job’; whereas I believe that celebs should be able to have their private life private. But one pap told me this, it’s the money. Paps get paid high amounts for those pics. Truthfully, no one wants to see Rachelle walk her dog or Rob come out boozed up. No one really cares (well those of us over 25..)But as long as people keep feeding into it, the more intrusive they become….

  8. Twilitex57 says:

    aha. jeezee. kellan looks like hes just laughing about it. thats kinda what you have gotta do. if it were me, i’d just ignore them.

  9. Kellan looks amused/irritated πŸ™‚

  10. I didn’t even realize that you guys don’t post those invasive photos, but now that you mention it, THANK YOU!!!! That makes me love your site even more.

  11. I would never want to become a celebrity.I wouldn’t be able to handle all these people on my back.I feel really bad for the cast.

  12. BitterSweet says:

    The photographs are always BITTERSWEET.
    I enjoy the pictures, but at the same time I feel horrible for the actors in the picture because you know they’re being stalked & probably harassed by paparazzi.

    Twilight Lexicon, you have my uppermost respect trying to be a paparazzi-free website. Not posting any paparazzi photographs or intrusive information about the actors personal life. Having respect for actors right to privacy.

  13. i so HATE the poparazzi, they must seriously have no lives, so instead they feed off of somebody elses and get paid. Whatever happened to” don’t do unto others what you would’nt want done unto you?”

  14. Rachel A. says:

    I agree with Safina, if there is one thing keeping me from ever wanting fame it is the total lack of privacy and consideration. I have no desire for that, and I feel sorry for everyone that has to put up with it.

  15. That’s the Why I love this site, u guys are the best, only post what is really reliable… TY!!! About the paps, well, this is a crap. There’s no other word to put it, however, we have to consider there are several celebrits who paid for the paps do this kind of job…lame, but it’s true. I feel sorry for the cast, well, worry would be better word. This kind of stuff could possible damage seriously any people famous or not.

  16. nmadison says:

    Wow, was nothing learned with Princess Di’s death. Paps gotta have a limit! I wouldn’t want anything to end badly for ANY celeb…

    • No they didn’t because they have convinced themselves it was the driver that killed her, and one went as far to say if she had worn a seat belt she would have lived. And let’s not forget the first set of paparazzi that arrived at the crash scene and decided to take pictures instead of calling the police.

  17. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    I think what they do is completely idiotic and mean…that’s part of the reason they’re all scum…no offense to the paps reading this…but it’s true. Seriously, jamba juice? idiot…next thing, someone in a costume for that mac and cheese dude is going to be stalking Kristen Stewart…

  18. Hey guys!!!Let me start off buy saying i do not support gossip magazines or the paps..I feel if you are lucky enough to meet someone famous you should treat them with respect,Or at the least treat them how you would want to be treated..They are just people after all.At the same time there are steps you can take if you dont wont to be noticed.Like the pics w/rob in the cab,he could have easily taken a private car service w/tinted windows and simply go unnoticed.Sometimes i think w/this cast they want to generate as much buzz as they can.We all know fans are going to see the movies no matter what junk they say about the cast because we love the novels.

  19. I totally spelled want wrong…i put wont down instead uhhhh.

  20. SuperVixen says:

    Yeah the Spencer Pratt’s of the world bathe in it but I think most celebs don’t? Here’s a few of Spencer’s pics that I mentioned

    At Lunch

    Getting gas

  21. Amber Pederson says:

    I just don’t understand why the paparazzi job hasn’t become illegal by now. There have been enough file suits against it! What it entails is STALKING and an INVASION OF PRIVACY. How is that not illegal? I would be if the affected parties weren’t famous people. I seriously think any judge that presides over a paparazzi case and allows the offending party to continue without judgment is seriously just bitter. The rules don’t just CHANGE because somebody has more money and attention is part of their life. Taking a picture in a public area? Oh sure! I mean, if I saw Taylor Lautner just walking the streets, I would go up to him and ask for one. If I was too shy, I might even stoop to just snapping one and walking away. I’m kind of a shy person, so I’d feel like I was bothering him, but I’d still want a photograph of that, you know? But at the same time, I’m not going to FOLLOW him to the restaurant he’ll be dining at and photograph him eating chicken alfredo, THEN follow him as he goes to get a coffee, THEN follow him when he wants to go buy a cool new shirt he saw. THAT is STALKING. And anyway, I thought standard procedure with videos and images was that the party that the picture was of had to sign an agreement… Maybe that’s just with *professional* photography. I dunno.

    Thank you, Lexicon, for bringing this injustice to everyone’s attention. I’m sure there were a lot of people who didn’t understand what the big deal was before, but now have had their eyes opened. πŸ™‚

    And thank GOD I’m going to be a writer. There’s not nearly that much of a threat from the paparazzi in that profession.

    • Amber Pederson says:

      it would be*

      OH! And ANOTHER thing! How do they OWE us? You know, we’re the ones who put them on such a high pedestal in the first place. Way back when, acting wasn’t such an idolized profession. It was for silly people who didn’t seek out *real* jobs and were just there for entertainment. Now it’s like they’re perfect and godly.

      And anyway, if someone feels so angrily toward somebody famous and even SAYS that, then he just needs to get off his stalking butt and WORK for it. Does he want to be a model? A famous chef? An actor or a musician? Because it sounds like he’s angry with where HE’S at in life by saying that.

      There. Steam gone. πŸ™‚

    • OME – I’m a writer too and that’s what I tell all my friends. Who pays attention to the writer? Nobody. The director who gets famous – less likely to get stalked but still probably stalked, actors who get famous – screwed, everyone else (writers) – who are they?…I mean, do we EVER see pictures of Melissa Rosenberg? Nope. Being a writer rocks…

      • Amber Pederson says:

        Ahaha. That’s so true! Another thing: appearance isn’t even close to being as big a deal as it is for everyone else. There have been some nasty comments about Stephenie, but Twilight in general is pretty controversial right now. Usually, a writer can be as hairy, hairLESS, overweight, interesting looking as they want to be and NOBODY CARES. They just need to keep bringing on the goods. πŸ˜€ <3 being a writer!

  22. You know, I like to see pics once in awhile of stars. But there is this line that has to be drawn. Its all about money to the paparazzi and that is it. Who gets the best pic.

  23. Nicole Jet says:

    Thank you Twilight Lexicon for not posting all the paparazzi taken photos!!

    On a side note, anyone else wondering if this is one of the staged pics Kellan told MTV about?

  24. Gothhic Goddess says:

    Somedays, I think it would be fun to stalk the pap’s. Follow them on their daily routine, snapping away, asking intrusive questions, writing/making up stories about them. The thing is, I actually would, if I had the money, lol. (I think karma would take it easy on me, as I’m just giving back to them what they do to others.)

  25. runswiththewolves says:

    Kellan looks sooooo yummsy in this pic πŸ˜€

    But guy in the jamba juice costume just looks insane. At least Kellan looks like he’s taking it well. :/

  26. We the fans are responsible for the intrusive behavior of the media. We crave it, and when we stop craving every little picture and are happy with the scheduled photo shoots, our stars’ lives will have some sense of normalcy about them. Isn’t that what we really want? Don’t be sucked in by every detail of their lives, appreciate their craft and their right to privacy. We would all want the same. As for the comment that this craziness comes with the territory, to a degree, but not to the extremes that many take.

  27. I agree with a lot of the posters, paparazzi should be limited by law to leave celebs alone unless they are going out clubbing or seeking attention. They shouldn’t be allowed to constantly stalk celebs and invade their privacy. Why can’t these people live a semi-normal life without being hounded by cameras?! Its not like they’re aliens, they are human beings! Let them have their space and don’t scream when you see them, treat them like a normal person. Unless their name is Spencer Pratt or Heidi Montag then they want to be left alone.

  28. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been ranting about it myself on Twitter. They make serious journalists/photographers like me look bad. The least they can do is ASK for a picture. Mike Welch, I can tell you, will happily oblige. Notice he even makes the effort to smile at the cameras. Note to paparazzi: Yes, actors EAT! And they WALK THEIR DOGS! And they GO SHOPPING! Fancy that. I refuse to post or link to any of these pictures unless the actors pose for or agree to have them taken. I agree with your policy.

  29. fire and ice ice baby says:

    yeah they are very annoying but they are also the ones who provide us all with some awesome pictures of the cast πŸ™‚ and the celebs probably realize its the cost for fame but i think there needs to be a line drawn between getting a few pictures and stalking someone!

  30. superiorcullen says:

    I feel bad for them, but come on! They knew what t expect its happened to every single famous person. Seriously they’re just people, but they should have anticipated this would happen.

  31. i saw one of them, but all i did was take a cell pic from across the street and hav a quiet spaz with my friend…but we kept a lil bit of respect and didnt stalk him 2 where ever he was going or ask kreepy guestions…hope that wasnt pushing the line
    i think vancounver just made them realize that they should never film her again… sigh

  32. AnkouBlake says:

    freaking evil, annoying gits. Seriously, just because someone is in the movies and they’re doing really well does not give people the right to exploit their personal lives and market that as entertainment. They’re just regular people who have an extraordinary job. There is a line between entertaining people on screen while doing your job and being exploited for entertainment. We seriously need some laws against this kind of crap. Sorry….I got a little carried away.

  33. You guys are awesome and the paparazzi has been and will continue to suck it up for a long time. Let’s really try to help where we can. These guys are so young – and the paparazzi is a really twisted organization. Wouldn’t it be so amazing if Twilight fans were known for their respect? We could set a new standard.

  34. ShameOnJane says:

    Yowie Kopowie, I feel really bad for celebs having to put up with that crap! The sad thing is it’s our love of everything related to them that feeds this insane frenzy so I have to apologies myself. I actually was at B&N and picking up every magazine with anything related to twilight stars and cast by the end of that visit I had over 20 magazines and over $80 spent. I’m so ashamed and beg forgiveness. I will try to be more discerning and sensitive next time. One great article approved spread should be enough for my strange and oddly peculiar addiction I hope.

  35. this is getting crazy! there has to be something us fans to do to stop this.

  36. So….. where is toilet? Hehe))) Joke, relax πŸ˜‰
    By the way, anybody home?!

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