Peter Facinelli visits Fort Lewis

Thanks to Becky for sending in this report and pictures on Peter’s visit to Fort Lewis, WA.  Becky couldn’t express enough how giving and generous Peter was with his time.

Friday at 7pm Peter Facinelli aka Dr. Cullen attended  a free screening of Twilight at Fort Lewis Washington base theater. Attendance was free to all military and their dependents after the screening Peter did a Q&A for all attending.  On Saturday from 9:30am to 10:30pm he visited with fans ( he is still there do autographs and pictures).  He spent quality time with his fans and there was no limit on how many items you wanted signed. He also took pictures with his fans as well. He had to cancel his flight tonight due to the overwhelming amount of fans that were in attendance. He refused to leave until all fans were able to have there dvd signed.  Peter said he was given a choice of coming to DVD signing for Chicago or Fort Lewis he choose Fort Lewis as he wanted to thank soldiers and families for there service. I witnessed Peter thank and shake every soldiers hand that came through the line I commend Peter for his time, he is truly the most classy and giving of any of the cast of the twilight series. I personally stood in line from 11am to 8pm to get a signature and behind me were probably 100 more fans. Peter you are amazing to me. I am touched. Thank you for thinking of us soldiers and family members.

The lines of people waiting to see Peter


Peter signing for people.



  1. That goes above and beyond duty for fans. He easily could have said, “guys I gotta catch a flight”.

    He it truly an amazing human being and I am a bigger fan of his because of it.

  2. lovemesomecullnes says:

    He sounds like a pretty classy guy. That’s very cool!

  3. Lomesir22 says:

    Peter Facinelli’s attention to Soldiers gives him about a zillion points in my book. He’s my favorite castmember.

    -_- I’ll be at Ft. Lewis in 2 years and 4 months. Hooah.

  4. He’s undeniably awesome!!

  5. I’m an airforce brat, and that’s really awesome of Peter 🙂

  6. Peter just about gets every Kudo in existance. 😀
    I’m an army kid, so this is really appreciated.

  7. Oh My God..
    .. I have no words to express how much I love him!
    I agree with the one who said that he easily could have said that he needed to leave..
    ..But cancel his flight because he refused to left any fan without a sign in the dvd? Damn! That’s too much!
    I mean.. that’s so admirable!
    I am– I am wordsless!! He’s a wonderful huma being.. he really is! Damnn I’m in shockkk!!
    I can believe it.. He alredy was my favorite cast member.. but now.. now I would give everything I have just to see him for a second!!
    Peter Facinelli, you’re completely amazing!!
    ..I Love U sooo muchh!!

  8. wow, i am so impressed and proud. that really shows how great a person he is. i don’t know what else to say except, thank you to peter for being so nice! i wasn’t there but just reading the story makes me feel thankful for his generosity!

  9. He is really such an amazing person to give so much of his time to us like that. The lines were so long but he was fantastic. I repect him so much for staying so long and making sure everyone got signed yesterday. Thanks for not letting anyone down. <3

  10. I am very impressed too. I do not usually think of anyone from Hollywood as being so down to earth and caring.

  11. ScarletRubie says:

    His hand must be very tired but i totally have so much more respect for him now, i mean what he did was pretty awesome. If i were him i would do the same thing. He missed his flight and everything

  12. Third generation Navy vet, a Twilght fanatic and moved by such a class act as Peter Facinelli. *standing ovation*

  13. He is such a kind person.Just like Carlisle!

  14. I second the Standing ovation for Peter we are a military family and we apreciate his kindness and classy behavior, THANKS A MILLION PETER!!!
    I was pretty much an edward team… now I am a Carlisle Team!

  15. I married into the Navy 20 years ago & it’s always so cool when people go out of their way to say thanks. What Peter did was outstanding.

  16. as if we needed more proof he was perfect as Carlisle. 🙂
    what an awesome dude.
    three cheers for a friendly cast!

  17. I was there!! he is sooo nice to make sure that all the fans got to meet him and signed the DVD. He said that this was he’s first 12 hour signing and worth it. I’m so lucky to meet him.

  18. OMG!
    I met him there.
    He really is a sweet guy.
    He was truly amazing and such a trooper to stay there for 12 hours!
    He spent 3 min. with everyone and was great.
    I love him.

  19. When Peter came to AAFES HQ (Army and Air Force Exchange Service – your BX/PX) to talk to us about Twilight, you could tell he was a class act.

    Check out the AAFES interview with Peter and Robert:

  20. OMG< that is fricken awesome! Yay Peter.
    I wish one of the cast would come out to see us here in Germany (biggest US military installation in Europe!)

  21. I met him there, he was so cool. When I got my autograph it had already been four and a half hours since he had showed up and only a ten minute break during all of that. He thanked my dad for his service, which was so incredibly awesome of him. Who knew that there was a cool, sweet guy under the cool, sweet persona of Carlisle Cullen?

  22. I was at the signing and saw him the night before outside the theater, he was a true representation of Dr. Cullen very sweet, softspoken and seemed to be every bit humbled by his chance to be at Fort Lewis…I got at the signing at 11am. he started at 9am I heard and I finally met him at 8pm so the guy had to be exhausted but each person he saw he smiled and signed all anyone brought and took a picture and yet he never looked irritated, the manager said he had only had two 15min. breaks in that time spand. He truly is a nice guy I wish him well in his life, family and career.

  23. I was one of the fans that had waited from 10:00 am to about 6:30 pm. I have to say how over joyed I was when I heard he was staying longer to sign every single fan’s dvd. He shook my husband’s hand and thanked him for all he’s done and he also sign ed all the dvd’s I had bought. He is just an amazing guy and I wish we would have received more press for this. He totally deserves it. Well just wanted to say thanks and express how much I appreciated his support for the military families at Ft. Lewis. TEAM CARLISLE!!!!!!!

  24. Tanya Fassett says:

    I was there ! I live on post and decided to get up and go that morning ( at 9 am i thought that i was going to be early ) I basically in line for about 4 1/2 hours .He was so sweet He hugged my son and asked him if he could sign his forehead and my 4 yearold told him No guy you no sign my head. Seriously was the sweetest person ( celeb and my son actually asks to go back to see him now- he also think he is a real doctor)

  25. Jennifer Jones says:

    My girlfriend and I was there from 530 til about 1030 til we finally got to see him. He is so sweet, very “Down to Earth”. Very dedicated, My girlfriend Alicia is definitely head over heels for him. I was very impressed on how he made us(military) feel special. Thanks again Peter. Still waiting on Robert though. LOL

  26. Peter Facinelli aka Dr. Cullen stayed at fort lewis signing autographs and taking pictures with any one who asked till 2am sunday . He even decided to start signing early at 930 due to the crowds. What a marathon 930am saturday till 2am sunday. Now thats a guy who cares about his fans

  27. CullenCoven says:

    This is probably my favorite Peter Facinelli story. My dad was a Green Beret (spelling?) and loved this story.


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