The Cast of The Host Visits A Dallas Children’s Hospital Radio Program and Sing Justin Bieber

Yes you read that correctly, Max Irons, Chandler Canterbury, and Jake Abel sing Justin Bieber. This is just adorable. You can’t watch the cast of The Host here and not smile!

Justin Bieber Premiere Described as Twilightesque

We’ve seen an awful lot of comparison to Twilight. Usually it’s things like “Is this author the next Stephenie Meyer?” or “Is this character the next Edward Cullen?” So far we haven’t seen anything that totally gets to that Twilight proportion. In other words, no book signing with over 1,000 fans wrapped around the block for 3 hours.

However, judging by what we’ve seen on Twitter and on ET, it looks like there is a movie premiere that did rival the Twilight insanity. ET’s Kevin Fraizer said, “This might be the biggest, craziest movie event I’ve ever covered. This was ‘Twilight’-esque. It’s certainly the biggest premiere for a single guy. I saw fans crying, screaming, totally out of control!”

From what we could tell, the premiere looked like it was held at the Nokia (same place as Eclipse) and the place was PACKED.

After watching the craziness Laura remarked to one of our mods, I think this is the only person who can rival Robert Pattinson for flat out crazy adoration. Good thing he’s not in Breaking Dawn or we’d never hear anything at a premiere! And then I joked, you know, just watch, when they cast The Host movie Justin will end up as Jamie and we will experience it first hand!

Now all of our mods know who Justin is, but we can’t say that we’ve really followed his music that closely. We’re curious, do you have what’s being called “Bieber Fever” and do you think the Twilightesque comparison for fanatical fans is dead on?