Win Sarah Clarke’s and Kellan Lutz’s Shoes

The folks over at the charity Shoe revolt sent us over the following email

Kellan Lutz and Sarah Clarke have generously donated to Shoe Revolt to help raise awareness and put a stop to Human Trafficking. Currently Kellan and Sarah both have autographed shoes that are up for auction. We would LOVE your support in posting the auction on your website and sending tweets, FB posts or Pinterest pins to your followers. If you’ve already done so, THANK YOU! If you have any question please don’t hesitate to email me. Auction ends April 15th.

Check out the auction here! The shoes are size 11 1/2 in case you were wondering.

Kellan Lutz Embraces His Twilight Groupies

In an interview with GQ, Kellan Lutz talks about his Twilight fans.

What’s a Kellan Lutz groupie like?
Well, originally in the first few years they were quite hysterical and would scream and yell and call me me Emmett. Throughout the years though, you make friends with them. Now I have friends throughout the world who I see from time to time at different events, conventions and outings; every time I do a talk show in New York, a lot of them come out from wherever they are in the world. You know them by name and you have a chat with them and really build a relationship. I probably have more friends from Twilight than I’ve ever had in my whole life.

Do you get many strange gifts from fans?
I do. I even get gifts for my dogs. This group of Twi-moms that I know from Philadelphia, they send me and my roommates and even my dogs stockings with presents. The dogs’ stockings have all these chew toys and even letters that we’ll read to the dogs from them.

See more on GQ

Kellan Lutz at the Launch of Abbot + Main Spring Collection

Kellan Lutz spent his 27th birthday at Bloomingdales helping launch the spring collections for Dylan George and  Abbot + Main which he helped design.  The line is mostly upscale casual mens wear with henleys and hoodies.  There was even a fashion birthday cake complete with iced t-shirts!  To see all the photos from the event visit SocialLiteLife.

DenimBlog is also featuring some behind the scenes photos of Kellan modeling some of the clothes he designed for the line.

Attention Long Island Fans: Kellan Lutz Heading Your Way

According to the Daily News:

On Saturday March 17, 2012, Immortals and Twilight Saga star, Kellan Lutz will be on-site at Bloomingdale’s at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY to introduce shoppers to the Dylan George and Abbot + Main Spring 2012 collections, available for the first time at the luxury retailer. Customers who purchase any Abbot + Main or Dylan George item between March 8 – March 17 will get access to the VIP “Express” Line to meet Kellan first!

This is the first time Kellan has done an East Coast event for fans in awhile. Jump on it while you can.

Video: Kellan Lutz on Jimmy Fallon: Twilight, Doing Stunts, Robert Is Bothered

Kellan Lutz appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night.They talked about”about Twilight, doing stunts, and what he has in common with ‘Robert Is Bothered’.”

“A Warriors Heart” With Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz Out Feb. 7

Fans of Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene need to keep an eye out for the DVD release of “A Warriors Heart” on Feb. 7. The film follows the story of lacrosse star Conor Sullivan, played be Kellan Lutz. The film also stars Chord Overstreet and Aaron Hill.

Kellen Lutz Heading to Punk’d

Back before she was famous for Twilight, Ashley Greene actually appeared in an episode of Punk’d as one of the background accomplices in an episode where Justin Long gets Punk’d Now it looks like Kellan Lutz will be in the driver’s seat for an episode. According to Hypable:

During MTV’s New Year’s Eve telecast, it was announced that the previously-reported Punk’d reincarnation would replace former host Ashton Kutcher with a new host each week. Among the first announced are Twilight’s Kellan Lutz, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the basic idea is that celebrities prank (AKA Punk) their friends with the help of several accomplices and and hidden cameras. Think of it like a Candid Camera only it’s on cable so the themes can be a little bit more risque.  Hypable has the video preview of the first episode.

Here is the episode Ashley was on, it’s not the best video. No word get on who Kellan punks.

Vote For Kellan Lutz to be in Runelords

This is definitely a new one on us. Apparently a movie studio is leaving the final casting of a movie to the movie going public. Here is their press release (Bolding emphasis is ours). We’re not sure if the actors have actually been approached and are waiting for the public’s choice, or if this is just a wish list:


The Runelords movie is getting ready to do a casting call for actors. The choices for the starring roles have been narrowed down to nine candidates and the decision is being taken to vote in the public forum. Those nominated are Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai, Brad Pitt, Zak Efron, Deepika Padukone, Bruce Willis, Russell Crowe, Hayden Christensen and Kellan Lutz. All fans are invited to vote for their favorites. Voting ends January 31,2012. Results will be tabulated at that time by David Farland Enterprises and The Runlords Movie Group.

The Runelords, a New York Times bestselling fantasy series written by David Farland, ten years in the making, is being prepared to be made into a major motion picture. A number of studios have jockeyed for position, capitol investors are lining up and a great deal of their decisions rest upon who will direct the film and that in part will depend upon who the actors will be.

Actors for the starring roles are being selected as one of the first steps to preparing to make the movie. Nine stars have been nominated for three roles. David Farland Enterprises has elected to allow fans to vote on which stars should be used, by public poll. All are invited to go to and vote for their favorite actors and actresses.

Author David Farland says, “Deciding who to nominate was tough. For wise King Orden we need a middle aged actor who looks like he has a head for strategy and can be a tough guy. He’s in for the fight of his life. We finally narrowed it down to Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis or Russell Crowe. The part of Iome, the outrageously beautiful princess, has to have a slightly oriental look. We struggled with some tough choices and came up with Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai, or Deepika Padukone. Finally there was the part of Prince Gaborn, a strong young idealist that falls head-over-heels in love with Princess Iome. He is a warrior, so he has to be lean and he’s going to get some magical treatments that are created by brands on his body. So he basically has to look good with his shirt off. There we boiled it down to Zak Efron, Hayden Christensen or Kellan Lutz. Now we want to see what the fans have to say.”

To vote for an actor, go to

For information contact David Farland Enterprises. David Farland is a #1 bestselling author of The Runelords series and is also known for many other works including his novels in the Star Wars and The Mummy franchises. His staff can be reached at

Kellan Lutz and Booboo Stewart’s Guardian’s of Luna Giveaway

Kellan Lutz and Booboo Stewart are providing voices for two of the characters in the upcoming Guardians of Luna.

In the left poster Kellan plays the blond down front (Carson Stone) and Booboo plays a young werewolf called Jake.

Official Description: Carson Stone has come to Steelhenge looking for answers about his lineage, driven by a mysterious letter from his father. What he doesn’t realize is that the city bears an ancient curse. With each full moon, the city is terrorized by a pack of vicious werewolves. City leaders plan to harness the ancient power which has summoned the werewolf menace, and Carson becomes embroiled in a battle to defend it, joining forces with three other werewolves.

Currently Spirit Hoods (those animal hoods you see everywhere) and Guardians of Luna are teaming up for a giveaway. Check out the details here.

Kellan Lutz Hits San Diego Radio: He Wants He-Man and More

Kellan Lutz is on San Diego radio promoting his films and Abbott & Main clothing line.