Kellan Lutz in Human Trafficking PSA

Kellan Lutz is joining other celebrities to raise awareness of this important issue.

Via Twifans


  1. Valerie Antonovich says:

    I’ll watch anything KELLAN is in. Even his charities< and Promos for his clothes line. ANYTHING.

    Kellan hasn't seen success yet. Just wait!!! The future is going to be GREAT for him.

    I have the most perfect role for him to play, it's just a suggestion though a real possible role. And I think he'll be just the sexiest , most beautiful, stunning actor on the planet. Just email me and I'll tell him what it is. He willl

    just freak. But it will make him a *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Valerie Antonovich @

    I will need proof it's him or his reps!

  2. Valerie Antonovich says:



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