Kellan Lutz in Time Warner Cable Twilight Inspired Commercial

We just DIED laughing! Bravo Time Warner, very well done!


Author Jon Lewis (@jonSLewis) tipped us off to this. If you are an aspiring author you should read Jon’s blog for some of the best marketing advice ever, and your kids will love his books!


  1. This was GENIUS! couldn’t stop laughing!

  2. That one is great.!!!

  3. That was funny…

  4. Faye massenroe says:

    Is this a prelude to BD PT1 on cable? It’s funny

  5. I just saw the commercial and LOVED it!!!
    It was totally cute…I loved how the guys were uping each other with the twilight style gifts. Great Commercial!

  6. I just loved all of this commercial i would totally love him as my present!! <3

  7. radiowidow says:

    That was awesome!

  8. Also…. just a hint.. but my birthday is coming up and i would love to get as a gift Kellan… ūüėČ

  9. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Such a giggle! I can see why Kellan agreed to do it – no slams against Twilight, just ordinary guy-girl stuff. How often do we talk/think about going to Forks? That was great.

  10. So awesome. “Boom.”

  11. Rachelle says:

    That was hilarious and Kellan looks so gorgeous!!!!!

  12. Vampire-girl says:

    that was really cool, so funny

  13. Krystol says:

    LOL!! Oh my gosh, super adorable! It was funny, but not in a “making fun of Twilight” sort of way, which I loved. Also, Kellan Lutz can come visit me anytime…

  14. so hilarious.

  15. Bwa-hahahaaaaaa!

  16. too funny! Hope my husband sees this and gets an idea……lol

  17. Yoko Stevenson says:

    Hahahaha, love this!

  18. Cynthia says:

    two tickets to Forks??? Porks? Pardon my ignorance, but what are they saying here and does it mean??

    • the twilight girl says:

      The movie twilight takes place in Forks so the guy buys her tickets to be there and experience the twilight feeling.

  19. the twilight girl says:

    Absolutely loved this commercial….wonder if I could get Robert Pattison for my birthday! That would be awsome!! ūüôā

  20. i love this commercial! now, i havent seen the twilight movies so, what happened in it exactly? thanks!

  21. Chris Rosas says:

    They shot the locker scene at my highschool like 2 months ago and just found out today 0.o


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