Leaked Photos, Kaleb Puts It Better Than We Could Have

For people who have been emailing and tweeting about why we haven’t posted various leaked photos Kaleb’s video explains why. We have no plausible deniability, if we post them, we are toast. Courts have set a precedent that providers of stolen material that they in fact know to be stolen even if they didn’t take it themselves can be jailed. Good bye good relationship with Stephenie Meyer, Little Brown, Summit Entertainment, etc.


  1. cierra hatch says:

    i totally agree with u all and that movie was basically amazing…

  2. I have to agrEe with everyone about the leaked photos, those who have leaked them and posted them should be shut down, this so wrong, There is a reason why Summit is doing the things they are doing for Eclipse, too much wa sleaked, and seen with New Moon. Yes people are excited, and want something, hold on there are other movies coming out that can be seen with the actors of Twilight. Its all about respect for their work. Yes I looked at them, have I posted them? No. Will I post them No not until they are approved to be posted. ITS ALL ABOUT RESPET!

  3. I understand not posting leaked photo’s but how did you know they are leaked? they didn’t exactly come with a banner or a warning

    • They know they are leaked because Summit hasn’t given the fansites the okay yet.

    • Twilight_News says:

      They were distributed by a person on twitter saying they were leaks. Sites running them linked back to this person and/or to a site that tagged the photo with a watermark who then linked back to this person.

      Studios don’t release 6 shots of the same scenes (even if they are doing a “deliberate leak”.

      Studios don’t release highly anticipated items early on Saturday morning of a three-day holiday weekend. When there is no one in the studio available for commentary or questions.

      Studios give major media like EW, Access Hollywood, MTV etc. first crack(or equal crack with fansites) at that stuff because the point is to get them to the widest audience possible. They also put them out with a full press release giving movie details, quotes, explanation of the scene, etc.

  4. I did not know that they were leaked. There was not a warning. I even thanked David Slade on twitter for sharing the pictures. I feel like an idiot. Kaleb you are doing the right thing, but you already know that.

  5. Go Kaleb! It’s your birthday! Cute clip.

  6. Mostly Silent Fan says:

    It’s always best to color inside the lines – though you can choose whatever color you would like, and whatever pattern. Those other sites may get more hits initially, but in the end you’ll still be standing and they will have faded away…

  7. I didn’t realize they were leaked either. I was just looking at another site and I saw them, I feel horrible.

  8. Thanks for clearing that up. I had no idea they were leaked either. It’s no fun playing if the rules aren’t followed. Will wait patiently for official photos from now on.

  9. I didn’t realize it either. I posted them on my profile on a site I belong to!! Should I pull them down???

    They’re all over Polyvore.com and people are using them to make sets!!

    Oh no!

    • Twilight_News says:

      We have never, nor will we ever tell anyone what they should or should not post on their own website. That’s up to an individual. Websites are like kids, nobody should tell you how to raise yours as long as you aren’t breaking any laws, and even then (unless they are the police) it’s not their job to set policy elsewhere. The average tiny personal blogger who wouldn’t know likely won’t get in trouble, but we can’t speak for (nor would we ever want to speak for..note running a press release and speaking for are two different things) Summit Entertainment.

      We were getting tons of tweets and emails asking why we hadn’t posted and “didn’t you know these photos were out there?” and “How come you’re falling down on posting the news?” To save our inbox we were about to write a post of our own when Kaleb came out with his video. We had no idea he was making it, but it sums up a lot of our feelings. It seemed like a good idea to post his video and our follow up links at the bottom.

      We can only tell you why we have not posted. Which is because we knew them to be stolen property and the courts have ruled that those who knowingly mass distribute stolen property (even if they are not the ones who initially stole it…see link in the post) can be prosecuted and convicted.

      In this fandom, especially after the Midnight Sun debacle, we have no interest in posting items that are not distributed from an official source.

      • Rock on!

        I haven’t looked at the photos, just because I like to build up the excitement of seeing the movie when it comes out, but even if I did look at photos, I wouldn’t until I heard it straight from here at the Lexicon. This is my one source for everything Twilight related, and to be honest until I hear it from here I just don’t believe it.

  10. Some idiot on Twitter is saying that since she’s not a Summit approved outlet she can post whateveer she wants and won’t get in trouble, and that only you guys can get in trouble because you are summit approved. she’s also kind of implying that you get paid by summit and she doesn’t.

    ANYONE can get in trouble for posting illegal stuff. didn’t some fansites NOT summit approved get cease and desist letters?

    • Twilight_News says:

      I can tell you that we have never received a dime from Summit Entertainment. We are not in any way paid or reimbursed by Summit. The most they have ever given us of monetary value was a Volterra capethat we gave away to a fan for a movie event,a tee shirt at Christmas, and a ticket to see New Moon.

      They do not tell us what to write because if they did I assure everyone they wouldn’t want us posting Rachelle Lefevre info or talking about the parts of the movies we don’t like. We have done both. The only thing we have done is abide by journalistic embargo dates like other outlets like MTV and refused to post items we know were leaked.

      Summit has not told us specifically who received a C&D, but that they did go out.

      I can’t tell you what is in the Summit corporate mind (seriously not something I ever want to try to do, I have enough trouble with my own brain let alone absorbing Summit’s gray matter). All I can tell you is that the photos were leaked, and under the law if Summit chooses to they can enforce their IP rights and press charges. In the past they may have chosen to overlook things, but as of late (via two court cases we recently cited) they are enforcing their copyright. We didn’t want to run the photo because of the the two Summit cases that we knew about where they are suing and the recent legal precedent set by the person prosecuted for uploading the Wolvarine film.

      We were also told within 15 minutes of the items hitting the Internet by a Summit rep that they were stolen items so the choice not to post was basically an easy one.

      As for what Summit will or will not do to any site/individual posting these photos, you’d have to ask Summit. They don’t share their specifics in those matters with us. All I can tell you is that in no uncertain terms they were not happy.

  11. haha you are awesome that was hilarious as well as informative thanks!! I didnt know they were leaked either!!

  12. haha, his head looks huge ^^

  13. Good for you Lexicon! Love Kaleb! Besides, if you posted every bit of crap, your reliability would drop. If you guys say it is true, then I am inclined to believe it. Keep up the awesome work!

  14. Again, the Lexicon is a classy operation!!!

  15. OMG! I didnt know they were leaked! I feel soo bad now, since i posted them on my facebook page! Im deleting them now, cause i had absolutely no idea!

  16. This is interesting! Comcast, a HUGE cable mogel ran the whole article and the pictures and when I replayed the pics, it said at the bottom of the screen, Courtesy of Summit. Hummmmm, very strange especially when I went onto Summit’s website and nothing was there about Eclipse except a release date. Well, I looked at the pics…(Okay, I admit it)at least a dozen times and it felt like I was a kid sneaking a peek at my presents on Christmas Eve while everyone was a sleep…lol Really cool pics but yes, definitely strange that there would be 6 stills from the same scene. Thanks for keeping everything on the up and up!

  17. icrodriguez says:

    In a nutshell, that was just damn fun to watch. LOL! (And I so agree with you.)

  18. Yea for people that keep things the way they should be in this world. Thanks for NOT leaking them along with the rest of the world.

  19. This is why movies are not being filmed in great locations…too many people think it is there right to chase down movie sets and actors. How is my life is going to be different or better to see pictures RIGHT NOW instead of seeing the movie when it comes out???? I am a Twihard, and I will wait until the trailer and movie comes out to get my fill of “Bella and Edward”!!

  20. Tell you what. I’ll put as much effort into communicating and working with Summit as they put toward communicating and working with Rachelle. I’ll give them the same amount of professional respect too.

  21. I feel so guilty now. Like many people, I had no idea they were leaked.

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