Kaleb Nation: New Moon Poster, TwiGuy Perspective

Kaleb Nation has a video up where he analyzes the New Moon poster.  He’s also continuing along with his Breaking Dawn read, and is currently up to chapter 11.

Kaleb is New York City bound next week. He’ll be appearing at Book Expo to promote his debut novel (which is getting fantastic early buzz from Publishers Weekly and D. J. MacHale, Kim Harrison and Kaza Kingsley). You can preorder his book Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse on Amazon.


  1. colleen says:

    Holy CRAP I love that poster!! I have such high hopes for Chris Weitz, I think he’s going to take it above and beyond (not that I didnt love Catherines I did, alot lol) and this just makes me so much more excited for november!! EEK! :)And they really polished off the looks for all the char.s didnt they? They look amazing!

  2. Kaleb cracks me up, too funny. I like it because Jacob is kind of shielding Bella from Edward… so it’s more symbolic of him trying to protect her from what Edward did to her and to show the new closeness of their relationship in the movie/book.

    • Jeannaly says:

      i like it because i yhink that beside me he was the only one that noticed that BELLA looks too KIRSTEN

  3. Summit did a fantastic job on that poster! 🙂 I adore it… truly I do.

    I’m so glad Kaleb’s book is doing well! I’m excited to get my copy (pre-ordered!).

  4. Minaminx says:

    <3 the poster DO NOT LIKE his new hairstyle…

  5. Im all for team Edward so im biased but I really dont like the way shes touchin jacob…I know edward left but he did do it for her own good… I kinda just feel like hes abit left out, if shes touchin him to push past (as Im tellin myself she is to make myself feel better) then thats okay. I really hope in the film its portrayed that edward tried to do what was best for bella, an really regreted his decision afterwards!!

    • bunbun81 says:

      I’m a team edward person too, but i can’t help but get really annoyed with him in new moon. he’s reason for leaving still doesn’t make sense to me. it was like a cop out. i know that deep down jacob is better for her than edward, yet, i know you can’t tell your heart who to love. but that’s beside the point i guess. this guy cracks me up and i LOVE the new poster. 🙂

  6. I am Switzerland all the way baby…cant wait for November. I wish they would air the movie sooner because they are making me want to see NEW MOON more and more with these posters…Everyone looks awesome.

  7. What happened to Jacob’s long hair?

  8. I really don’t like this…

  9. Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

    i dont know wat to think.. i mean im totally team Jacob (or taycob, as i prefer! lol) so i think jacob should have had a more prominent position… not sandwiched in the middle and edward should have been in the background… plus bella shouldnt be touching jacob like that.. even if she does like him, it just looks weird…anyhoo, my boy TAYLOR <3 looks amaaaaazing as usual!

  10. Knew it wasn’t just me, it dose look like an eclipse and not a new moon

  11. So funny, I loved the comment of Jacob pushing a knife into Bella, ooooh I love the twilight saga.

  12. yaaay! awesome poster! and love the kaleb video! but, i’m curious…what happened to jaden? i’ve been waiting for his friday videos and i haven’t seen them for a while…anyone know about this?

  13. I mentioned this on the Lexicon, but I think Edward looks good in the front. If you’ll notice his back is to Bella like he’s walking away. They couldn’t get that effect if they’d put him in the back of the poster.

    I am reading a lot of comments that people don’t like the poster. I think people are just being too picky. I think Bella looks awesome. What is all this nonsense that she looks too Kristen. That is just dumb, she is Kristen, how else is she going to look? Why is it so bad for Bella to look a little bit sexier and glam? Yeah, it doesn’t fit with the whole Bella is falling to pieces, but the poster is supposed to entice people to see the movie. Nobody wants to see Bella all ragged looking.

    Furthermore, why does everyone complain that Edward is in front? Isn’t that what fans have been boo-hooing about the entire time – that Edward isn’t present enough in the movie? Summit is just giving you people exactly what you want – more Edward – and suddenly everyone’s complaining about it. I think the poster looks amazing. I love Jacob’s muscles and look of hatred. The short hair fits, because he is a werewolf now. Bella looks great, Edward looks awesome, albeit a little different, but that’s just how things go. It’s a new movie with a new crew. Everyone should be thanking Summit we are even getting a movie and not be so whiny and complainy all the time. Someone please call the Wam-bulance.

    Thanks Kaleb! You’re still awesome.

    • Could not have said it better myself. Love what they did. I love that Taylor’s hair is short. In all reality, Jacob does not really present a threat to Edward’s, or Bella’s life until he becomes a werewolf. And his trasformation happens early in the book. It would be senseless to have him in the poster with long hair.

    • I just don’t like the position of Bella and Jake. She looks like she’s more into Jake than Edward. She’s holding his arm and it looks romantic which they ain’t!

      Sorry, but it has a “Take that, I’m with Jacob now!” look to it and that is not accurate…

  14. Poster is straight out brilliant. Edward with his back towards bella. Jacob standing between them both. With a look a thunder in his eyes. Very good teaser trailer. Role on may 31st for teaser trailer and then 20th november. Great.

  15. Julie T. says:

    OMG! The poster looks gorgeous. Jacob/Taylor looks so hot in this poster! I love how he looks like he is protecting Bella from Edward. Ahhhh! New Moon is my favorite book and I can’t wait to see it on the screen. I can’t wait any longer! 6 months and 1 day until it comes out!

  16. AriLovesEdward says:

    is it bad i didnt notice jocobs hair was short until this video pointed it out?

  17. So the others were fan posters? The one wit Jacob by himself and Edward by himself and Bella by herself?

  18. Switzerland says:

    “hmm, hmm, hmm, next movie??”
    i love that boy 🙂

  19. Kaleb is great! “Jacob Black, in the act of pushing a knife right into Bella’s stomach” Lol! I started cracking up!

  20. Noureen Shallwani says:

    AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYA! I love it! <3<3<3!! OMG I LOVE IT
    Kaleb, you’re hilarious (: Goo Bran Hambric!
    And Taylor, with those muscles, keep stabbing! <3
    Robert, is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!! Love you RObert!!
    And then I love the angle and Rob’s pose, and his make-up makes him look soo tired. Amazing, in love (:

    And Kaleb ahah, you are soo funny dude, you should try being a comedian if you can (: lol, Eclipse! AND BREAKING DAAWN 😉

  21. switzgal says:

    OMJB, I love this. though I wish they didn’t make Jacob have a scowl on his face. He’s more fun loving and sunny in this movie. It does look more like a poster for Eclipse though.

  22. TEAMSWITZ says:

    i llllloooooovee this poster the best ever..!!! cause its so discriptive kindof.jacob’s in the middle cause he’s protecting bella from getting all crazy or forgetting him? but bella doesnt want too
    i am team switz but bella and edward official and taycob’s with renesmee <3 (:

  23. michelle says:

    Actually Jacob isnt all fun-loving and sunny in this movie. Once he becomes a werewolf he finds it very difficult to keep his temper. In fact he mentions a few times how he broke his promise to Bella never to hurt her. I think the poster is depicting Jacob as being protective of Bella from Edward, which is totally the case in New Moon. I also think the eclipse is foreshadowing the next film and also that Jacob is becoming a more prominant role in Bella’s life. As for Edward in the front I do think it shows how he turned his back on Bella, but at the same time his looking back on his mistake. This poster was really well made with a lot of thought behind it, and Im sure Stephenie Meyer had a lil say in it too. I can’t wait for more to come out and I already have the MTV Movie Awards set to Tivo!!!!

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