The Psychology of Twilight and Harry Potter

twilight-booksThe Varsity has a piece up that essentially compares/contrasts Bella and Hermione as they fit into women’s roles in the modern era. There’s a lot of what might be termed “psycho-babble” going on in the article that reads somewhat like a research thesis. In the end it concludes:

“What Hermione does seem to represent is the struggles of being a modern woman. She has a feminine emotional range, and yet she finds a way to mediate between masculine and feminine, and grows up to have a successful career.

Bella represents a much more traditional woman, one who dedicates her life to her husband and child.

One thing that I hope modern feminists will concede is that both Bella and Hermione are better role models than, say, Miley Cyrus in the song, “Can’t Be Tamed.” That song is essentially the alpha-straight-male’s nightmare, isn’t it? Jane Goodall discovered that without the taming of unifying social structures, primates will rip each other to shreds. Human beings can be downright beastly. We need to be tamed to function in society. That’s why it’s only socially acceptable for us to bite each other during the “terrible twos.”

There are some interesting thoughts, if you can get through all the citations and clinical analysis.

Check it out here apparently it’s part 1 of an ongoing series.

Moviefone:The Great Movie Franchise Debate: Twilight and Harry Potter

On Tuesday, Laura debated Andrew from Mugglenet on which movie franchise did a better job: Harry Potter or Twilight. Several very specific categories were debated as picked by Moviefone, and we squared-off on roughly a half-dozen questions. We are happy to announce that Twilight as represented by Laura (as decided by two impartial Moviefone judges, who were guys) won!

It was all in good fun. We are still Harry Potter fans, and will be seeing the movie tonight! (Although there is a distinct possibility that the moderators of the Harry Potter site that Lori and Laura used to help run are plotting Laura’s demise.) We are definitely Team Switzerland on what book was better, but we had a ton of fun talking about movie adaptions and their ups and downs.

Don’t worry, Laura and Andrew are  still friends. Laura bought him lunch after the debate was over. There were rumblings of a possible rematch for this summer when the final Potter movie comes out. As we said last week, “Personally we still think that the two coolest werewolves of all time are Jacob Black and Remus Lupin. On their downtime they discuss their problems with vampires and Death Eaters while sharing a butter beer and watching the sunset at La Push.”

After you watch the debate tell us what you think in our comments and over on Moviefone.

Comparisons, Comparisons

We recently were hit with the latest media outlets wanting to compare Harry Potter and Twilight, and bless their naive little hearts, they actually thought they were the first to come up with this concept. We told them that we were not interested!

As we’ve said for years, the only way you can really compare them is that they are phenomenally, bestselling books done by previously unpublished female authors. Granted both have adult followings, but there are some major differences. Harry Potter is marketed to elementary students for the first part of their series which is a fantasy/quest/coming of age tale aimed at both sexes and Twilight is a YA/romance/supernatural tale predominantly marketed to females. It makes about as much sense as comparing the The Traveling Pants series to the Great and Terrible Beauty series or comparing Judy Blume to Shannon Hale.

Both Alphie and Pel WERE and ARE Harry Potter fans before Twilight ever came about.  (The graphic above has been in Pel’s forum signature for years.) In fact they used to run a site called The Werewolf Registry devoted to their favorite character from the series,  Remus Lupin.  They also fed their obsession  by reading and writing fanfic at The Sugar Quill and following the news on The Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet.  (Side note here is the Pel had to contain herself not to go all fangirl on Matt and Andrew from Mugglenet/Twilight Source the first time she met them, and Alphie got all sorts of excited when Pel ended up on a discussion panel with Melissa Anelli from The Leaky Cauldron.)

So where is all this going? WHO SAID WE HAD TO CHOSE????? It’s not a contest to see which is better and to declare a winner and a loser. ENOUGH ALREADY. They are great books and movies and we love them both for different reasons. If they were both vampire romances we could see a comparison, but they’re not.

So the other day on Twitter, Pel who had absolutely had it at that point, Tweeted about her frustration because as far as we are concerned Remus Lupin and Jacob Black, two of the coolest werewolves ever are kicking back on La Push beach enjoying a butterbeer together and laughing at all of this. So Pel wrote, “SNORE…YAWN…both great books…who said we had to choose? Remus and Jake need to have a butterbeer at LaPush.”  Well, it spurred and onslaught of comments, retweets, emails, etc. from others who love both series and who are just as frustrated, and came up with other ridiculous comparisons and insight.  We thought we’d share a bunch of them them:

NickyGallardo: “Who rocked the blond-do better? Draco or James?”


torasamuels: “Maybe Jake and the pack could teach Lupin some werewolf manners and I think Hagrid and Charlie would get along nicely. Or maybe Emmet could pick a fight with Grawp. A friendly fight of course.”

erinsalas: “Remember to add in Emmett exchanging practical joke ideas with the Weasley twins.”

PiojisPink_YC: “We can have Emmett on a Quiddich match!”

ToriK13: “Jacob drools over Mr. Weasley’s flying car. He takes it for a ride, and is the 1st flying werewolf.”

tessa_gee: “Edward and Cedric will wonder why they are sooo look-alike!”

K_Kowalczyk: “i think Emmett and Oliver Wood would sit down and discuss how to mix quidditch and baseball for the ultimate sport!”

Natalia_Vic: “Carlisle and Dumbledore will talk about Philosophic terms Nick Flamel will discard Sorcerer’s stone and become a vampire…”

FashionLuva: “Fleur & Rosalie can try to decide who’s the most beautiful, who has the best blonde hair & who has the better husband! :)”

_German_Girl_: “Bella/Edward should meet up with Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny to discuss stupid children names.”

VictoriaBsB: “imagine Aro inviting Voldemort to join the Vulturis xD”

ClaraCullen: “Ooh or Molly and Esme could talk about being such great mothers..”

rosie4posie: “Also James and Voldemort can come up with the ultimate plot to get rid of the Cullens and Harry. Which will ultimatly fail.”

TwiExaminer: “Yeahhhh… better yet, have Ron and Alice play wizard’s chess, Carlisle and Hermoine inventing something …Finish it off with a self-deprecation-off between Harry and Edward. 🙂