Moviefone: Harry Potter vs Twilight Smackdown

Moviefone is looking for the ultimate Harry Potter and Twilight fans. according to their website:

‘Twilight’ and ‘Harry Potter’ are both fantasy books-turned-movies, and they’ve shared one actor in the form of Mr. Pattinson (who played Cedric in ‘Potter’ and now plays Edward in ‘Twilight’). They have also both achieved cult-like devotion from their rabid fans.

Before the next ‘Potter’ film comes out on Nov. 19, we’re curious to see which movie (and book) series’ fans have the strongest base.

For one thing, we’re looking for the biggest ‘Harry Potter’ fans and biggest ‘Twilight’ fans to submit videos about why they’re the best and craziest representatives for their franchise. Think you have what it takes? Submit your video about why you’re the biggest ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Twilight’ fan of them all. Winner gets bragging rights and possibly the chance to thumb-wrestle your ‘Potter’ or ‘Twilight’ counterpart.”

Submit your video here.

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Note the competition isn’t about hating the other franchise, it’s talking about having more passionate fans. Personally we still think that the two coolest werewolves of all time are Jacob Black and Remus Lupin. On their downtime they discuss their problems with vampiresΒ  and death eaters while sharing a butter beer and watching the sunset at La Push.


  1. go TWILIGHT GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love Harry Potter BUT TWILIGHT HAS A VERY SPECIAL PART in my heart and honestly I could care less if people want to hate it or not because that’s how I feel and I’m SURE millions feel the same way I do.
    And Harry Potter is the bigger franchise but I doubt they have more passionate and a main fandom that Twilight has. That’s obvious when watching any award show.

    • “but I doubt they have more passionate and a main fandom that Twilight has.”
      How can you know that?
      Some people are crazy about Harry Potter,and some about Twilight.
      It depends..we`ll see πŸ˜€

  3. In my opinion Harry Ptter is a really good book but Twilight speaks more to the teenagers because it speaks for the pure and deep love between two people so i support TWILIGHT…….

  4. Twilight is nice,too.But I`LL VOTE FOR HARRY POTTER!
    I just love Harry Potter so much,too much to be described in words πŸ™‚

    • Im obsessed with Twilight and Harry Potter <3

      But we are talking about Heroes here guys… I love Edward, but he isnt a Hero like Harry.

      Edward has saved Bella and killed a few rapists and murderers, But Harry has saved the entire world from Voldemort. Even sacraficing himself to make sure everyone else would live πŸ™‚

      So sorry guys… Harry Potter all the way πŸ˜€

      Plus Harry Potter has got a bigger fanbase, im afraid to admit πŸ˜€

  5. Sweetie let me tell you, it’s not the Twilight fans hating on Potter, it’s the Potter fans hating on Twilight. Check out the Entertainment Weekly blog sometimes when they post a Twilight story. The Potter fans are hateful and vicious (I’m a Potter fan too).

    Don’t you remember the Twitter trick they played to prevent Eclipse from trending this summer? They spammed and blocked it with the pertronus spam scheme?

    Do you think a Twilight fan will do the same in a few days when Potter comes out? No, I don’t think so.

    It’s not us, it’s them.

    • This is stupid.It depends on the person.
      Some Potter fans are hating on Twilight and some Twilight fans hating on Harry Potter.

    • AliceKikiCullen says:

      I have to agree. Twilight fans are both HP and twilight. HP fans are bad at dissing twilight. I was attacked by a fellow fan on Youtube when I corrected them about blaming twilight for Half-blood prince the movie being re-scheduled. I am a die-hard Potter fan but I am sometimes ashamed of Potter fans because they act the oppsite of what the books are all about. It’s sad, really.

  6. That’s “patronum”…it’s early in the morning πŸ™‚

  7. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    I think Twilight and Harry Potter have very devoted fans. Many of whome were Harry Potter fans that became Twilight fans… visa… versa… In truth, I don’t see an issue with liking both series, as both have something to offer. As they are comparing fan base, both are on equal ground. HP fans are quite as fanatical any more, but then again you are looking at a series that has been stretched out for some 10 years now. I remember the craziness of the early days. And at that time it was HP vs. LoTR… πŸ˜› Oh the good old days.
    In truth the Harry Potter films have been produced much better than the Twilight ones, largely due to HP’s hefty budgets in comparison to Twilight’s more “indie” styled budget with Eclipse being the most expensive.
    Granted the last two Harry Potter movies felt less like a movie and more like a book summery, the previous four, were quite fantastic and stood well as stand alone movies. This can not be said for the Twilight movies.
    Much larger budgets and a bit more polish time would have helped them perfect the books into movies, but alas Summit wanted to get them finished as quickly as possible, and while all the movies have their moments of greatest, as a whole they’ve fallen a bit short to what they could have been.

    In response to Twihard… while I’ve never seen a Twilighter try to sabatoge an HP event, I’ve seen many a Twilighter get “offended” when the slightest criticism is made towards the books, the author, or the series. Just read the comments left after a movie critics review. Some of these comments are hostile and quite mean.

    In the end they are both fictional series that have both recieved praise as well as controversy. It doesn’t really matter which series is better, as they have both done what they were meant to do, bring entertainment.

  8. Are you seriously making this comparison? Twilight is no match for harry potter

    • Thank you!!!

      • Joshua L. Roberts says:

        People are going to make comparisons just due to the fact that they appeal to the same demographic in audience.

        Is the Harry Potter series better than the Twilight Saga? That depends on the terms you are arguing.

        Comparing story structure, character development, and over all writing ability, yes the Harry Potter saga wins out with strides.

        If you compare the quality of the movies, Harry Potter still wins in strides…

        However, as I mentioned beforehand… There was a time when Harry Potter was compared to Lord of the Rings, as the movie adaptations came out at the same time, and of course Lord of the Rings won hands down.

        Comparisons, other than for argument sake, really mean nothing, because ultimately to the normal fan, things like story structure, and whot-knot don’t mean a thing. You like what you like and that is that.

  9. The idea of Remus Lupin sitting down to chat with Jacob and Co. almost made me spit out MY butterbeer. On one hand you have the machisto werewolves of the Rippling Pecs, and on the other you have the self-loathing, truly dangerous, deferential and erudite Lupin. What on earth would they talk about?

    On a totally different topic, I hate hate hate that the 6th HP movie omitted the scene where Lupin is angry at dead Dumbledore for trusting Snape. Those and the other Order of the Phoenix scenes were the most interesting.

    P.S. HP is better. And I say this as someone who loves Twilight.

  10. Is it bad to be a HUGE fan of both these franchises :$ I mean although fantasy they are completely different genres so I definitely am a big big fan of both these :D, have read books and watch movies from these franchises again and again and follow news on these properly.
    TEAM EDWARD <3 <3 <3 lol xxx!

  11. I agree with all of yoou sincerely lately i have been having issues with balancing my love to both series and i am beginning to feeel more resentmentto harry potter because of its fans and it just makes me see a different side to it because it is so disgusting for people to have such hateful things to something that is not hurting anyone. Don’t you think there are enough problems in this world without competing over two literlary texts and films is honestly not important enough. I had a talk with my sisiter about this isssue and she says they are not something to stresss over they are there to enjoy, and it is your choice with how you choose to embrace them and after that i realize she was right. Over the years i have fallen deeply in love with Harry Potter and appreciate for what it was and Daniel Radcliffe was my first love in my imagination and i thought nothing else in this world can replace him. But then A wonderful thing called “Twilight” came by and at first i knew nothing but overtime i allowed myself to open and feel a deeper attachment and fascination as time went by I follow the films and the actors. Now it’s almost three years and this month I am celebrating my anniversary with my love for it, and i notice how different my loyalty to thisseries is because instead of turning to twilight once or twice a year i keep it with me all the time because i dont want to let it go. It is something that has changed my life and change the way I see things around me make me understand how people are and should treat each other and gives me alot of hope and comfort. When I was in my last year of high school and went through alot of stress I turned to twilight as my refuge and the more I stayed with it the more i felt more comfort. Another thing I love about twilight is its remarkable characters who come in all shapes and sizes with different personalities and background and feel very relatable and real. The actors are just about the most wonderful people in the whole world they do so many wonderful things and who wouldnt be proud of them or say anything ugly. They never hurt anyone. Furthermore whenever i go to these twilight websites and see how supportive the fans are it makes me want to be part of that and im glad i am and would not give it up for anything. Twilight just happens to be the best thing that has happened to me and i would rather be dead than give it up. We fans are a loyal family and like a family we should stay together, no matter what because our love to this beautiful series is powerful and strong. So from now on for as long as i shall live i will never give up Twilight, and never give up my love for it or my loyalty to the cast and always support the fanbase for years to come. Even though I still love Harry Potter, but I love Twilight more and I thank Potter for being part of my life but from here I run with the vampires and wolves so I will go peacefully with no regrets.Thanks for the memories but my future lies with twilight now. Love to you all. And in the words of a song “Life is not worth a damn till you can say I(We) am(are) what I(WE) am(Are). Thank you and much love to you twihards!

  12. I love twilight, but HP is way bigger. j.k.rowling changed YA literature forever. Every book that comes afterwords, even huge phenomenons like twilight, owes HP.

  13. I love both!

  14. This kind of poll makes me mad. he media just tried to create stories that aren’t there. I won’t choose Harry or Edward. They are both wonderful heros in the context of their stories. I love them both and the annoying media will never make me pick. I think most of us fans are fans of both Twilight and Harry Potter.

  15. gucci gucci says:


  16. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Lol, I love the note at the end. That is how it is. I am funny enough, doing a project comparing the two. My final thing is simply, two different areas of the Fantasy genre, cover different themes. They are the best in what they do and to compare is impossiable. I argee with Margie and Miranda. Why do they need to spread the hate? Harry Potter changed my life and I would have never read Twilight if I hadn’t read HP first. Moviefone is kinda really stupid in doing this.

  17. I think harry potter is better written (J.K Rowling created a whole universe where everything connected in the end!) but there is something aobut Twilight that is almost alien. the story is so good you cant even put it into words. so im going to have to vote Twilight…that being said i still cant wait for the harry potter midnight showing!
    the fact that the main male characters in both movies are really hot makes everything better πŸ™‚

  18. Gahhhhh I hate it when Harry Potter and Twilight ate put against eah other!!!! The books are impossible to compare because they are of completey different genres! I mean that’s comparing a romance and an action/fantasy series- IT DOESNT WORK! Harry changed my life but twilight has a really special place in myheart.

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