Moviefone: Harry Potter vs Twilight Smackdown

Moviefone is looking for the ultimate Harry Potter and Twilight fans. according to their website:

‘Twilight’ and ‘Harry Potter’ are both fantasy books-turned-movies, and they’ve shared one actor in the form of Mr. Pattinson (who played Cedric in ‘Potter’ and now plays Edward in ‘Twilight’). They have also both achieved cult-like devotion from their rabid fans.

Before the next ‘Potter’ film comes out on Nov. 19, we’re curious to see which movie (and book) series’ fans have the strongest base.

For one thing, we’re looking for the biggest ‘Harry Potter’ fans and biggest ‘Twilight’ fans to submit videos about why they’re the best and craziest representatives for their franchise. Think you have what it takes? Submit your video about why you’re the biggest ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Twilight’ fan of them all. Winner gets bragging rights and possibly the chance to thumb-wrestle your ‘Potter’ or ‘Twilight’ counterpart.”

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Note the competition isn’t about hating the other franchise, it’s talking about having more passionate fans. Personally we still think that the two coolest werewolves of all time are Jacob Black and Remus Lupin. On their downtime they discuss their problems with vampires  and death eaters while sharing a butter beer and watching the sunset at La Push.