Moviefone:The Great Movie Franchise Debate: Twilight and Harry Potter

On Tuesday, Laura debated Andrew from Mugglenet on which movie franchise did a better job: Harry Potter or Twilight. Several very specific categories were debated as picked by Moviefone, and we squared-off on roughly a half-dozen questions. We are happy to announce that Twilight as represented by Laura (as decided by two impartial Moviefone judges, who were guys) won!

It was all in good fun. We are still Harry Potter fans, and will be seeing the movie tonight! (Although there is a distinct possibility that the moderators of the Harry Potter site that Lori and Laura used to help run are plotting Laura’s demise.) We are definitely Team Switzerland on what book was better, but we had a ton of fun talking about movie adaptions and their ups and downs.

Don’t worry, Laura and Andrew are  still friends. Laura bought him lunch after the debate was over. There were rumblings of a possible rematch for this summer when the final Potter movie comes out. As we said last week, “Personally we still think that the two coolest werewolves of all time are Jacob Black and Remus Lupin. On their downtime they discuss their problems with vampires and Death Eaters while sharing a butter beer and watching the sunset at La Push.”

After you watch the debate tell us what you think in our comments and over on Moviefone.


  1. I do agree the Harry Potter movies are better made and that the books are way more intricate BUT I’M SORRY THE TWILIGHT BOOKS ARE VERY SPECIAL TO ME. THe Potter books budget’s triple the Twilight ones for a reason and Twilight was the movie franchise that could. Still love the Potter books but nothing will compare for me. And I’m glad it’s all in fun !

  2. This debate is really well done and both bring up great points! Thanks Laura for representing the Twilight side of it. I answered the questions in my mind as well. Some are hard to give good debate to sometimes.

    I’m still Switzerland on both. Though I have to say I think Hermione is a better heroine.

  3. I’m crazy about both series also..I will see Harry on Saturday afternoon…I can’t see how the two most perfect series in the world could be pitted against each other. If its in good fun its alright but only in good fun.

  4. I very much agree with the last argument. Grandmothers, Mothers, & Daughters brought together, this signifies Twilight falling into a category to quote Disney,
    “Tale as old as time
    True as it can be
    Barely even friends
    Then somebody bends

    Just a little change
    Small to say the least
    Both a little scared
    Neither one prepared
    Beauty and the Beast

    Ever just the same
    Ever a surprise
    Ever as before
    Ever just as sure
    As the sun will rise

    Tale as old as time
    Song as old as rhyme
    Bitter sweet and strange
    Finding you can change
    Learning you were wrong

    Certain as the sun
    Rising in the East
    Tale as old as time
    Song as old as rhyme
    Beauty and the Beast

    Tale as old as time
    Song as old as rhyme
    Beauty and the beast”
    (Alan Menken)

  5. There’s enough room in this world for both Twilight and Harry Potter. Life is good!

  6. I am more strongly Twilight than Potter, though I love both, but I think that they missed a few points.

    #1 – Harry maybe able to attack from a distance, but that only lasts until Edward reaches him. With his mind reading and speed, Edward could snap Harry’s wand before Potter hit with his first attack.

    #2 – Hermoine is a better heroine in the terms of role model for girls. She is a strong individual who values her friends but can still stand on her own if necessary. She is not constantly needed to be rescued (though Harry, like Edward, has a “saving people thing”). She gives to others without lessening herself; Bella has been described as selfless to a fault. And because she is also willing to receive; for those of you who want to rip me apart for that, check the letters to Meyer, where she addresses the character flaws that Bella and Edward both have.
    #3 – Harry Potter has a more universal appeal that Twilight. Yes, Twilight unites generations of women in a family and brings them together in the love of Twilight, but that is the main problem too. It unites generations of WOMEN. Few men find the appeal, and join in the bonding, of Twilight, whereas Harry Potter has appeal for the entire family. Mom and I may do midnight launches for the Twi movies, but Dad is going to HP 7.1 with us tonight.
    On the other hand, I believe the point about the iconic couple is very true. Twilight is the definitive romance of a new generation, while still holding the appeal of previous eras by the references to Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights. Harry Potter is the stand alone hero, with the romantic overtones being in supporting characters, but I can’t be too critical of that; after all, it worked for Star Wars.

    No matter which team you’re on, I think the most important thing about the two series is the impact they have had on childhood LITERACY. Harry Potter started an entire generation reading, and Twilight is the perfect successor to continue to encourage kids to read. The fact that the movie franchises are so successful only re-inforces the message to go pick up a book. Rowling and Meyer should be proud that they have had such an impact on such an important issue. Thank you both, ladies, for your magnificent contributions to literature and literacy.

    • Like you I am more strongly Twilight than Potter (gotta love that romance!) but I love both and I agree with all your points. Well said! I think it is so wonderful that two book series have spurred so much talk and attention. I love that we can enjoy both for their different reasons and also enjoy some friendly debate 🙂

    • Cheri Dunkel Stevens says:

      You said it all!

  7. I love both! Can’t choose one over the other…you just can’t!

  8. I loved Twilight, though I’m starting to feel enthusiasm drain since the series ended. And I will always love Harry Potter.

    As far as the movies go…well…neither the Twilight or Harry Potter movies captured the magic of the books. Although I will say the HP movies have been getting better, while the Twilight movies have been getting worse. I mean that story-wise. Sure the special effects, acting and characterization has gotten better, but the story telling hasn’t. The twilight movies feel like a collection of scenes rather than a continuous narrative. I say HP MOVIES beat Twilight MOVIES.

    The books on the other hand, well HP still wins because they are all around good stories, but Stephanie Meyer did such a fantastic job with character development that I have to give her credit. Literary snobs don’t realize it, because their too biased and filled with angst, but they wish they could write characters that feel as real as in Twilight (and HP).

  9. DonaNicole says:

    Is the debate which is the best movie made? Harry Potter or Twilight saga? Although I love the Twilight story, movies and books, I have to say that the Harry Potter books and movies are better written and the movie better made. They are darker, aimed at a more mature audience even, than Twilight really can be, since so much of their audience are teens. I am hoping Breaking Dawn will not disappoint and be more mature and a bit darker, since that would accurately portray the book. Here’s hoping…..

  10. Thanks Laura ! I feel your points on Camping/Signings won the overall debate. After all it was on which “Movie Franchise” did a better job. Personally I like the HP books and movies and obviously the special effect are amazing, however….I might want to watch the HP Movie series maybe once a year. When it comes to Twilight, thanks to Stephenie Meyer’s descriptives and romance factor her movie scenario’s become addictive. Like her books, I love revisiting them time and time again and the more I watch the movies the more I notice the depth the actors portraying their characters go to. Checking out Taylor Lautner’s abs helps a lot too, I can’t say that HP has that visual attraction…..

  11. As both a Harry Potter fan, as well as a Twilight fan, I hate seeing these two incrible franchises pitted against eachother. However, I fail to see how Twilight “won” over HP.. HP is this generations “Lord of the Rings”, while Twilight is closer to the impact of “The Chronicles od Narnia”. Huge, but not as huge. I don’t think Twilight will ever be as large scale as HP, but will always be strong among its fans. As far as comparing the two, or even their heroes/heroines… It can’t be done. In what world is Edward going to fight Potter? In what world is Bella going to demolished by Hermoinie? Its like comparing apples to oranges.

  12. harrypotter1 says:

    i dont agree with the decision i think the guy 4 harry potter had better points harry potter is and will always b better than twilight after about 15 years harry potter still is getting thousands of new fans as much as twilight does. i like twilight but i jst dont get how ppl think twilight is better than harry potter it jst doesn’t make sense because twilight does not compare to the harry potter franchise.

  13. Harry Potter should have won but Alex was slightly off point when answering questions and didn’t push hard enough.

  14. I said it before and il say it again, twilight is nothing compared to harry potter

  15. you can’t make me choose I won’t not ever!!!
    2 points that I would say
    1.I agreed with Laura that some of the points in the Harry Potter movies are hard to understand without having read the books (although a friend who saw all the films but didn’t read the books told me she understood everything)
    2.I think Hermione is a better heroine she is smart and loyal and to be honest Bella is sometimes a bit of a whiny pain (my life is over he is gone blah blah blah) but I do still love her.
    Overall they are both brilliant!!

  16. twilight dreamers says:

    Look both books and movies rock and are both wonderful I think of it this way- a young girl reads HP as she gets older and enjoys the friendship and lessons while TWI is perfect as she gets into her teens and goes “boy crazy” it teachers her about love and family. I love both!

  17. I know nothing about HP, but I thought Laura did a wonderful job… and she looked great on camera. And that’s always a win.

  18. Cheri Dunkel Stevens says:

    Wow, this is a tough one. I have been a Harry Potter fan since 1999 and was not introduced to Twilight until 2008(a few months before the 1st movie was released). However, I am so obsessed with Twilight that Harry Potter feels like my “first love” who was replaced by the “real thing”. I still love Harry Potter and always will but my heart was stolen by Twilight.

  19. Jennifer L. says:

    Wow, i think debating with Laura and Andrew is fun. I have to say that though i love both Twilight and Harry Potter’s books and movies, I am biased with Twilight. Edward Cullen stole my heart, and there’s nothing Harry Potter can do about it.

  20. I love Twilight, but I’m sorry. Harry potter is so much better. The books are way better written, and the movies have way better acting.


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