Comparisons, Comparisons

We recently were hit with the latest media outlets wanting to compare Harry Potter and Twilight, and bless their naive little hearts, they actually thought they were the first to come up with this concept. We told them that we were not interested!

As we’ve said for years, the only way you can really compare them is that they are phenomenally, bestselling books done by previously unpublished female authors. Granted both have adult followings, but there are some major differences. Harry Potter is marketed to elementary students for the first part of their series which is a fantasy/quest/coming of age tale aimed at both sexes and Twilight is a YA/romance/supernatural tale predominantly marketed to females. It makes about as much sense as comparing the The Traveling Pants series to the Great and Terrible Beauty series or comparing Judy Blume to Shannon Hale.

Both Alphie and Pel WERE and ARE Harry Potter fans before Twilight ever came about.  (The graphic above has been in Pel’s forum signature for years.) In fact they used to run a site called The Werewolf Registry devoted to their favorite character from the series,  Remus Lupin.  They also fed their obsession  by reading and writing fanfic at The Sugar Quill and following the news on The Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet.  (Side note here is the Pel had to contain herself not to go all fangirl on Matt and Andrew from Mugglenet/Twilight Source the first time she met them, and Alphie got all sorts of excited when Pel ended up on a discussion panel with Melissa Anelli from The Leaky Cauldron.)

So where is all this going? WHO SAID WE HAD TO CHOSE????? It’s not a contest to see which is better and to declare a winner and a loser. ENOUGH ALREADY. They are great books and movies and we love them both for different reasons. If they were both vampire romances we could see a comparison, but they’re not.

So the other day on Twitter, Pel who had absolutely had it at that point, Tweeted about her frustration because as far as we are concerned Remus Lupin and Jacob Black, two of the coolest werewolves ever are kicking back on La Push beach enjoying a butterbeer together and laughing at all of this. So Pel wrote, “SNORE…YAWN…both great books…who said we had to choose? Remus and Jake need to have a butterbeer at LaPush.”  Well, it spurred and onslaught of comments, retweets, emails, etc. from others who love both series and who are just as frustrated, and came up with other ridiculous comparisons and insight.  We thought we’d share a bunch of them them:

NickyGallardo: “Who rocked the blond-do better? Draco or James?”


torasamuels: “Maybe Jake and the pack could teach Lupin some werewolf manners and I think Hagrid and Charlie would get along nicely. Or maybe Emmet could pick a fight with Grawp. A friendly fight of course.”

erinsalas: “Remember to add in Emmett exchanging practical joke ideas with the Weasley twins.”

PiojisPink_YC: “We can have Emmett on a Quiddich match!”

ToriK13: “Jacob drools over Mr. Weasley’s flying car. He takes it for a ride, and is the 1st flying werewolf.”

tessa_gee: “Edward and Cedric will wonder why they are sooo look-alike!”

K_Kowalczyk: “i think Emmett and Oliver Wood would sit down and discuss how to mix quidditch and baseball for the ultimate sport!”

Natalia_Vic: “Carlisle and Dumbledore will talk about Philosophic terms Nick Flamel will discard Sorcerer’s stone and become a vampire…”

FashionLuva: “Fleur & Rosalie can try to decide who’s the most beautiful, who has the best blonde hair & who has the better husband! :)”

_German_Girl_: “Bella/Edward should meet up with Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny to discuss stupid children names.”

VictoriaBsB: “imagine Aro inviting Voldemort to join the Vulturis xD”

ClaraCullen: “Ooh or Molly and Esme could talk about being such great mothers..”

rosie4posie: “Also James and Voldemort can come up with the ultimate plot to get rid of the Cullens and Harry. Which will ultimatly fail.”

TwiExaminer: “Yeahhhh… better yet, have Ron and Alice play wizard’s chess, Carlisle and Hermoine inventing something …Finish it off with a self-deprecation-off between Harry and Edward. 🙂


  1. where’s JASPER in all this??

  2. “Edward and Cedric will wonder why they are sooo look-alike!” For the win!

  3. lol these are so funny. I like the stupid children’s names one! ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER! (am i missing a middle name?)

  4. tessa_gee: “Edward and Cedric will wonder why they are sooo look-alike! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! LOVE THAT ONE!!

  5. Jake's girlfreind says:

    Wait! Wat about the wolves and the centars get together and fight all the humans and vamps?!

  6. Jake's girlfreind says:

    Oh yeah! And the whole werewolf vs werewolf thing, Lupin vs Jake would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Totally understand this! I’m a fangirl over Andrew and Matt from Twilight Source. And I (like them) love both Harry Potter and Twilight!

    – Lavender and Jessica can share boy woes and giggle in the corner of the Forks cafeteria.

    – Tonks and Emily will get together in the garden at the Burrow during full moons to trade stories and toast their wolf boys.

    – Charlie and the Grangers could start a support group for parents of girls who choose “alternate,” non-human lifestyles.

    Hahahaha — too fun!

  8. I agree completely that there should never be comparisons between The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter because they’re the best series ever created and we love them both.

    P.S. Those tweets are really hilarious!

  9. Amy Darlene says:

    ooo and Krum can finally meet a nice girl in Alaska

  10. If the Volturi, especially Aro, met Hermione and Dumbledore they would definately try to recruit them. I mean look how smart they are, the Volturi could really use them. And I’m sure Hermione would really get along with Jane, NOT!!!

  11. Amy Darlene says:

    Jasper and Hermione can discuss study techniques

    on a sad note Jessica and Rita Skeeter have joined forces to spread horrible gossip in England and the States

  12. Hmm… I wonder if the Avada Kedavra curse would work on a vampire…?

  13. You guys are hilarious!!

  14. Twilight Nymph says:

    I agree,“Edward and Cedric will wonder why they are sooo look-alike!” is hilarious. Thank goodness Cedric is human and Edward has gold colored eyes, otherwise it would be more hilarious if Bella confused Cedric for Edward. LOL

  15. Oh My Gosh!!!! This might be the most funniest things ever!!! I hate soo much when someone asks Twilight or Harry Potter!
    I cannot schoose i love them both.. Its only that Harry came first then twilight.
    and all the comments,, they are hilarious!! i will laugh at those for a long time! so funny! too bad i dont have a good imagination to think something myself!

  16. this might sound mean, but I never really got into Harry Potter. But, why choose?
    They’re totally different;)

    Oh, and,
    “Edward and Cedric will wonder why they are sooo look-alike!”
    Ha! I love it,:)

  17. eternitys_charm says:

    i hate the whole comparison thing, too. but its easy for me to chose: harry potter hands down. sorry. been obsessed since the first book came out. and the tweet super funny. love the cedric/edward one…but cedric is dead 🙁

  18. In truth, I don’t see why anybody gets frustrated about people wanting to compare them. This isn’t politics. It doesn’t affect your everyday life. In Hollywood, we do comparisons all the time, most of which to sell a script that is close (story wise, even if it is minute) to a successful franchise film.
    The big reasons they are compared is both, as stated, were written by unpublished female authors. Both were highly successful and started a franchise. Both have an appeal to wide variety of audiance, although Harry Potter reaches a wee smidgen more. Both have cults of devoted fans.
    Story wise, they are different daylight from dark. Harry Potter is an epic tale of love, friendship, and sacrifice (especially sense Rowlings sacrificed her characters on a whim). It is one of those boy saves world type of stories, where as the Twilight Saga is about one thing… Bella getting her man, and finding a way to preserve her family and friendships. Not really epic, but then again, Stephenie didn’t intend it to be. The only thing really epic about the Twilight Saga is that it brings in epic bucks, no matter what form it takes. 🙂
    Now folks if we were to compare the Harry Potter series and the Twilight Saga academically, of which takes in account story structure, narrative, plot, over all themes, and craft… Harry Potter would win hands down, without comparison, however you also have to take in account that J.K. Rowlings spent a greater part of 15 years writing seven books. She had already laid the foundation for her series. She already knew there would be seven books. The time she took is evident on every page.
    Stephenie though is a MUCH faster writer, and she is fully capable of turning out a new book, almost every year. Unlike Rowlings, Stephenie has already ventured out of her Twilight universe with a totally original story, “The Host”. Twilight, as originally invisioned, was a one book story, of which later evolved into four books. While I applaud Stephenie for adapting it so, the narrative starts getting stretched thin near the end. She still did a great job, but as stated when you start analyzing both on that level alone… Yeah Harry Potter wins. Doesn’t really mean people should like Harry Potter better than Twilight, as that is a personal choice. The fact is they both are designed to be enjoyed.

  19. If I really had to differentiate, it’d be that I LIKE Harry and Co as a friend but am ‘unconditionally and irrevocably in love’ with Stephenie’s creation, which connected with me so profoundly…almost certainly because she managed to make me feel like I’m Bella…and wish fulfillment doesn’t get any better than the Twilight Saga!

  20. hahaha mi this is just lovely the whole tweets love the cedric and edward i wouldn’t mine having BOTH HAHAHA i love both movies although i do like TWILIGHT MORE but who careS we all get what we want IN THE END

  21. What a hoot!

    How ’bout…

    Lucius Malfoy and Caius debate who wore the blond wig the best!

    Moaning Myrtle and Bella challenge each other to a splashing contest!

    Doby is given a sock from Edward, and is adopted as Renesmee’s playmate!

    Laurent and Haigrid compare “dreds”

    Eric leaves Angela, and dates Cho.

    And just for a lark: Rachelle and Bryce both audition for the part of “Becky Connor” on Roseanne!

  22. Sterling Snow says:

    “Who rocked the blond-do better? Draco or James?”

    Draco, for sures 😛 *fangirl moment*

    Lol, love all those, though. And I agree, why choose. They’re so different. When I’m in the mood to read romance, I pick up Twilight. When I’m in the mood for adventure, I read Harry Potter. Love all the characters in both books, love the stories, expect to be fangirling over both series for a looong time 🙂

  23. I first like harry potter. but then i saw twilight and fell in love with it. i like the edward and cedric will wonder wjy the look alike. these comments are really funny. i wish i came up with some of them.

  24. Victoria and Bellatrix would have one dandy of a girl’s night out. Bellatrix torchers them and then Victoria eats them. 😛

  25. Remy Sullivan says:

    i love this post! i am a huge twilight and harry potter fan, and i could never choose which is better! these comments are halarious! (:

  26. Remy Sullivan says:

    i love this post! i am a huge twilight and harry potter fan, and i could never choose which is better! these comments are great!! (:

  27. German Girl’s is the best!!! Really, it’s like comparing apples and oranges: they’re both so different and both so wonderful.

  28. Thanks–I really needed the laugh today. They were awesome!! Kind of funny too since I’m listening to the Half-Blood Prince (again) right now and just finished Twilight (again) last week. By the way–Lupin is my favorite character too 🙂

  29. agree!

    How can you compare 2 series which have different plots?

    i am a fan of both, and that’s because both stories are just SO AMAZING!

    but rofl , best tweets ever! 😀

  30. and ohhhh
    how come i just knew that Jamie Campbell Bower is going to play Gellert Grindelwald in the next Harry Potter movie?? 😛

    so cool to have Rob and Jamie in both Twilight & HP movies 😛

  31. Oh how fun! Kudos for posting something that celebrates the two series together! This was a great laugh on a day when a laugh was desperately needed. So sweet. 🙂

  32. These are hilarious! I thought I’d join in the fun!

    Snape tries to best Bella at occulumency and tries to break into her mind. Bella doesn’t take it too well. Edward & Dumbledore (the legimens) come in and break up the standoff. They have just been discussing the frequent trauma associated with mind reading, and ‘hearing’ too much information (ala Jessica’s imagingings)!

    Aro meets Nicholas Flamel and is infuriated at the idea of a human being an immortal – he thought immortality was his gift to give. This realisation makes him feel insecure and a little less powerful. Add this to the fact that Dumbledore and Snape also share in Edward’s mindreading abilities, and Aro is beside himself.

    Hermoine asks Carlisle to turn her. She would appreciate the extra 8 hours of a study time a night, and well, after the disaster of using a time turner for a year, the whole 3-days-of-agony idea doesn’t seem so extreme.

    Perhaps Steph and JK could collaborate and write a comedy piece for charity’. Perhaps it could be titled ‘Harry Potter: Battle for Forks’ 🙂

    Failing that, I’m sure these ideas would make for a great fanfiction. Any takers?

    I started the Twilight Saga in Febuary when the movie first started taking off in Australia, and read the Harry Potter series for the first time in September (I saw the movies for the first time in July).

    Needless to say, its been a great year for me – I’ve discovered two great loves, and from February to December, I have not been able to stop thinking about the delightful characters with which I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with this year!

    Happy New Years

  33. Love BOTH series. Can’t choose. I’ve read Twilight and Harry Potter more than once. Will be at BOTH Eclipse and HP7 when they are released….

    Anyway, very funny. The Edward and Cedric one was hilarious!

  34. I wonder what would hurt more, Jane’s “smile” or the imperio curse??

  35. Its like comparing apples and green beans.
    Two completely different. Only comparison, both
    have female authors. And I think that’s just fine.

  36. this is getting confusing cuz some characters from both HP and twilight share names… like Voldemort and James banning together, at first i was like… y would harry’s dad join voldemort!!!!???

  37. love2dream says:

    Rosalie in her BMW and Alice in her porsche race the snitch.

    Carlisle’ll want to redecorate his office with Wizzard pictures.

    Who is meaner, Lauren or Petunia?

    Nearly Headless Nick and Bella can compare scars.

  38. All these comments are so funny! I have been a Harry Potter fan since the books came out & have read them faithfully. I also believe that you can’t compare Twilight & Harry Potter. All I know is that they are both written by two of the most awesome authors of our time & are both two kick-ass series of books.

    On another note, I wish you all a very Happy New Year. Stay safe!

  39. Lyrical Ballads says:

    “Bella/Edward should meet up with Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny to discuss stupid children names.”

    Hahaha. Definitely the best.





  41. I agree why do you have to choose between the two best book series of the century??? Bellatrix and Victoria would get on great. Just imagine Aro and Voldemort. That would be a laugh. Ha!

  42. Thanks for making me laugh out loud today. I am a fan of both series. I came late to both, as they were both on the third book before I read them. Thanks to HP and Tw, I now cruise the YA section of the library (despite being >40 years over the age limit). I think Alice should audit Professor Trelawny’s class. Jasper would be very handy to have around as an antidote for Dementor attacks (although chocolate is never a bad choice).

  43. LMAAOOOOOOOOO this is hilarious aro and voldermort getting together omg i can imagine it in my mind. Bellatrix and victoria even better.thnx for making me laugh out loud today im a massive fan of both harry potter and twilight

  44. Thank you so much for showing that we are allowed to like both! I too have only discovered – and fallen in love with – both HP and Twilight in the past year and already I find myself getting more and more angry about this “war” between the two.

    And I was thinking the other day; what would the Sorting Hat make of some of Stephenie’s characters? I think Bella would be in Gryffindor (brave, self-sacrificing, loyal?), Rosalie would belong in Slytherin (determined to have things her way, whatever the cost – particularly in BD), Alice would probably be in Ravenclaw (she reminds me so much of Luna!), as would Carlisle.

    I haven’t worked out where everyone else belongs yet, but would be interested to see whether anyone else has considered this and – if so – do you agree with me?

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