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The Peace, Love, and Twilight blog is doing an interview with the creator of the Twilight Board game.

They are asking for fan imput on the questions. So hop on over and tell them what you want to know.

The Cullen Boys have a great account with about a chance meeting with Rachelle LeFevere and Kellan Lutz. They later met Jackson Rathbone after his 100 Monkeys Concert.

“I see this shock of red hair. An lo and behold it’s Rachelle Lefevre! I couldn’t believe it, I had a mental block on her name and all I could say to Jamie was red hair… red hair… So we wander over and join the autograph seekers and I have her sign my book and she signed Jamie’s twilight poster. She was very gracious, and beautiful her hair is so remarkable such a vibrant red.”

Over on Twicrack, you can hear about the cast at the Dills show over at the Metropole.

Which is good that the cast got to unwind because, according to Twilight Gossip, it looks like they are back to night shoots over at the alleged Cullen House. They built the house to resemble the actual house located outside of Portland. Only this one has features to enable filming so the crew doesn’t find themselves stuffed into closests or half-hanging out a window to get the shot.


  1. Nezzi Loves Lautner says

    FIRST!! this is dedicated to taylor!!

  2. Nezzi Loves Lautner says

    Rachelle is so cool!

  3. That game was HORRIBLE! It was so lame and thrown together…

  4. Nice share with the vid! Now I had an idea. Hahaha! and I agree with Nezzi that Rachelle is so cool there. Amyways, happy mother’s day to all! ~nixd

  5. Watch the new moon trailer.Really awesome movie to wait for.I’m sure Bella will still fight for the sake of her love to Edward.The discovery for Jason’s real identity would be one of the main scene.

  6. She’s very pretty and talented.She’s so impressive playing the role of Victoria on Twilight Saga.I hope i can also have her autograph on my book.


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