Bill Condon Gives Press Conference in Rio

Bill Condon held a press conference along with producer Wyck Godfrey and Rio Filme director Sérgio Sá Leitão. Here are highlight from R7:

  • According to Bill Condon, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are enjoying the outpouring of fan love. He added that he was enjoying it too.
  • Due to the efforts of Rio Filme they realized that Rio is a very vibrant place, and they decided that the city would be used. They wanted to include the real authentic culture and flavor of Brazil that’s why they filmed in the Lapa section
  • They didn’t want to persay used the most known locations
  • Ilse Esme will be filmed in Mamanguá in Paraty, on the southern coast of Rio, where the team moves today.
  • Wyck Godfrey stated that they were done filming in Rio proper
  • Sergio Sa Leitao, president of Rio Filme, added that the crew would be back to Rio just to make aerial images of the city.
  • They expect to be in Brazil for 10 days and shoot on 5 of them. Other days are for arrivals, departures, set ups, travel, etc.
  • The Isle Esme location is remote and under tight security all personnel working there have been instructed to leave all recording devices, cameras, smart photos, etc. at home or they will be confiscated. Anyone found taping illegally faces serious fines and/or prosecution

See Portuguese on R7

Following the press conference the entire crew packed up from the Copacabana Hotel and proceeded to a helicopter ride to get to their next location.

See more photos on Quem

Some fans from Foforks tried to get the casts’ autographs. They missed Rob and Kristen, but they were able to get Stephenie Meyer.

Another fan on FoForks ended up having her father used as an extra in the Lapa filming while she watched because she was too young. It’s a cute story. Use Google translate to figure it out.

Videos from Filming in the Lapa District Featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

The videos give you the overall of a the crowd scene which is probably an arrival scene in Brazil since you’d hardly expect Bella and Edward to be partying on their way out of Brazil! This is likely some of the only footage that will be seen in Brazil as other areas by all accounts will not be accessible to the public.

According to BlogTwiBrasil and FoForks on Twitter,  filming went through the night, approximately 7 hours. Lots of backing up and resetting to get crowd angles just right which is very typical of large crowd scenes. That many people are difficult to coordinate and timing is everything. Mostly the crowd of extras was cooperative. There were a couple of incidents of fan extras trying to hug Rob and/or Kristen in between takes. (photos here) There was also at least one extra who was removed from set for apparently being drunk and uncooperative.

Videos via BlogTwiBrasil and FoForks

Want a Window Seat to Watch Filming? Going Rate is $30 a Person

According to FoForks people with apartments in the downtown area are selling their window views to fans who want to watch filming at roughly 30 American dollars a person(50 Brazil Reais).

Hopefully they actually see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for that price and not just background action. They also had to get there very early, because police blocked off access to non-residents and residents without address identification.

Full story on R7

Earlier today there was unrest in the area resulting in police being called in.

There were incidents of arson when residents without identification were being denied access to their homes. Current reports from TwiBlogBrasil Twitter indicate that the security is keeping crowds back to allow for movement of vehicles, arrival of actors, etc. They crowd is excited but not unruly.

The  above photo is a portable dressing room arriving. See coverage with plenty of pictures on Globo

Lots more photos of Rob and Kristen here.

Assumptions are that it’s an early arrival scene in Brazil in transit to Isle Esme.

Video From the Marina Filming in Brazil

Rob steering the boat goes just about as well as you would think it does.

Via TwiBrasil

TV In Brazil Covers the Jonas Brothers and Breaking Dawn

The Breaking Dawn coverage happens around the 2:30 mark. It’s in Portguese, but the pictures give you a good idea.

Photo of Bill Condon at the Marina

The original photo is on Capricho abril (Via RPAttz News via Thinking of Rob) the labeling was done by the Lexicon staff.

Middle-aged, pasty, white guys w/ glasses…that’s all I’m sayin’ …:)

Hush Hush Filming in LAPA Section

There will be some type of filming going on in the LAPA section. However, unlike the Marina where things will be in plain view (to some extent) of the public, barriers have been erected. Foforks witnessed the barriers being set up very early this morning for a shoot taking place hours later.

According to the report on Foforks, the residents of the area are having some trouble accessing their homes in that they have to produce ID to prove that they live there. Anyone who has been hired as an extra (earning approximately $70 US dollars accoridng to Fofork’s Twitter)has signed a confidentiality clause with a severe monetary penalty if they disclose details on what is filmed. Similar confidentiality clauses are in place in all areas of production from cameramen to limo drivers.

The most that is known is that the extras have been instructed that they are just to go about their business in the scenes being shot and not to look at Rob and Kristen so that it just looks like a normal background with nothing unusual.

More photos and write up on Foforks primary source on Globo

Apparently this “you need to show ID before you get home” thing isn’t going so well.

RPattz news picked up the story involving some arson in protest. Primary source on Globo

We’re trying to source out as accurately as we can. When we mention a primary source it is the originator of the material, use Google translate to get an idea of what is being said. We are using our knowledge of Spanish and limited knowledge of Portuguese to translate right now. Portuguese speakers please help us out if we missattribute, our translator isn’t around tonight!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Appear in Brazil

Robert and Kristen stepped out on the balcony of their hotel to wave hi to fans in Brazil.

More images on Foforks

Brazil Filming: The Sunday Update, Lapa Streets Blocked Off and Stephenie Visits With Fans

According to FoForks a series of streets in the LAPA section of Rio are closed today for Breaking Dawn filming. Preparations included changing the names on the street signs and adding in some graffiti. Rumor has it that it’s a scene involving a taxi driving through the streets of Rio. There is also some speculation about a scene involving Jacob and Nessie on the run in Rio (Bella’s vision/plan in Breaking Dawn II). However, in that neither Taylor Lautner nor MacKenzie Foy have been spotted in Brazil, that is seeming less likely.

Filming is scheduled for around 8:00pm local time. It is unknown whether anything will be filmed within sight of crowds standing behind established barriers. For other movies various outdoor scenes have been observable such as the confrontation with the frat boys in Twilight, the Italy scenes in New Moon, and Riley’s transformation in Eclipse.  Other times outdoor sequences have kept the crowds at bay such as footage shot a Jacob’s house during both New Moon and Eclipse. Assuming fans standing behind barriers will be able to see, we will have that footage later.

See more photos here

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (or Ashley Greene for that matter) have not ventured outside the hotel. Stephenie Meyer has gone out. Yesterday she had dinner out with fellow producer Wyck Godfrey(I told you guys in Brazil you should be paying more attention to the middle-age, pasty, white guys in glasses! :p If Wyck was their earlier and unobserved, you can bet Bill Condon is there too! ). One fan who was eating at the same restaurant has her account on Foforks.

“Look, me, my mother and my friends (and Rafaella Julia Perez, and her sister) Found Out That Stephenie was going to Porcão (restaurant), and went there. Then, we got in, made friendship to the waiter, and When We Were done eating, Looked at her table and saw her coming to Our table. Then I thought, “Wow, I can not believe it.” Then she cam, Talked to us, I Told her I have a blog and like to write, and She Gave Me the super advice, she told me to never stop writing , told me to write EVERY day, all my dreams, my desires, That Was That She started this way. She was really caring and affectionate, I loved her. Then she signed books and took Our pictures, then left. There Were her with the security, the translator and another security. She looks like a doll and is really caring, and I loved meeting her.”

See full photos here. and here.

After the filming tonight, which could go quite late, the cast and crew are going to move to the Isle Esme location which by all reports is a distance from Rio and has to be reached via boat and/or helicopter.

Video: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Pose With Fans at the Airport

The other day we told you about Bruna who was able to get her photo taken with Stephenie, Rob, and Kristen at the airport. There is now video footage of the encounter. You can see how it’s pretty low-key not a swarm of people, and that Rob and Kristen are really relaxed about the whole thing.