Isle Esme House in Brazil In Danger of Destruction

Blog TwiBrasil tipped us off to this one. It seems that the house where they shot Breaking Dawn’s honeymoon scenes is in an environmentally protected area, and may have to come down. Read the original Portuguese and the translation on Blog TwiBrasil.

Hopefully all the footage shot there is fine because reshoots on that location are not looking good as of now.

Videos from Filming in the Lapa District Featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

The videos give you the overall of a the crowd scene which is probably an arrival scene in Brazil since you’d hardly expect Bella and Edward to be partying on their way out of Brazil! This is likely some of the only footage that will be seen in Brazil as other areas by all accounts will not be accessible to the public.

According to BlogTwiBrasil and FoForks on Twitter,  filming went through the night, approximately 7 hours. Lots of backing up and resetting to get crowd angles just right which is very typical of large crowd scenes. That many people are difficult to coordinate and timing is everything. Mostly the crowd of extras was cooperative. There were a couple of incidents of fan extras trying to hug Rob and/or Kristen in between takes. (photos here) There was also at least one extra who was removed from set for apparently being drunk and uncooperative.

Videos via BlogTwiBrasil and FoForks