Former Bella Cullen Project Singer Releases CD

ChandlerNashSoloCoverBefore there was ever a Twilight movie, back in the days when people said “Stephenie who?” there was a Twilight all girls band. In fact, back in those days there were only two bands that hooked into Twilight, they were The Mitch Hansen Band and The Bella Cullen Project. Mitch is still going strong, but the Bella Cullen project amicably broke up late last year.

Chandler Nash, one of the former members of The Bella Cullen Project, now has a CD out. According to a press release from her management:

“Few 17-year old musicians can claim veteran status with a straight face.  Dallas singer-songwriter Chandler Nash is one.  Her previous band, The Bella Cullen Project (formed with two friends at a sleepover when they were just 13), released 2 full-length original albums; enjoyed over 1 million MySpace plays; performed live nationwide; and was featured on MTV, ABC’s Nightline, and in Esquire, People and CosmoGirl magazines.

Yet, as she embarks upon a solo career, this Dallas singer-songwriter remains eager to evolve her craft.  “I just want to keep playing,” Chandler enthuses.  “Since I was 6-years old I’ve always wanted to be a musician.  Even if it doesn’t work out, I’m still going to play music even if I’m just a wedding singer or something!”

Moving away from her old band’s folky sensibilities, Chandler is now melding diverse influences into contemporary, robust pop/rock expressions flecked with lurking country heartache.  On her debut, the aptly-titled Solo (released through Interscope Digital Distribution)

, increasingly accomplished songwriting connects through her emotive, lithe-yet-lived-in timbre.   “I like a little bit of everything,” mulls Chandler.  “[But] my favorite artists are kind of oldies like Billy Joel, The Beatles and Elton John.”

While many young, ambitious artists let themselves be molded by producers and Svengalis, Chandler writes for herself, from the heart.  She has already composed or co-written nearly 40 songs and, with her adult life just beginning and endless new experiences imminent, fans can expect that catalog to swiftly swell.

“If something big happens, then I’ll write about it,” she explains.  “That’s why my songs mean so much to me – because I pull from my own experiences.

There’s this one song [on Solo] called ‘Gotta Get Out Of Here’ that’s about my best friend since I was 6 or 7.  We stayed close through our freshman year, but then some tragic stuff happened in her life and we lost touch.  She’s always been on my mind, so I wrote about that.”

Live performance is a pillar of Chandler’s passion and, despite still being in high school, she performs regularly, both solo and with a full band.  “There’s just something a little more intimate about doing an acoustic [solo] set, because you get to talk to people more and it’s very raw – it’s just you and your voice.  But it’s easier when you’re playing with a big back-up band to kind of let go and let the music take over and really connect with all the people in the audience.”

Though Solo is now showing the world how far Chandler’s come as an artist, she retains a charmingly wide-eyed outlook that sets her apart.  “Of course I have huge dreams,” she concludes.  “I just want to go further but, even if I don’t, it doesn’t matter to me so long as I’m playing.  But I hope that it gets bigger and that I can tour around the country and get a bigger fan base, and maybe play at venues that I’ve been dreaming about playing since I was younger.”

The 7 track EP is now available in the following digital stores:  iTunes, Amazon mp3, MySpace Music, Rhapsody, Lala, Shockhound, Zune, Nokia and Amie Street with the physical CD coming soon to Amazon On Demand.

Final Bella Cullen Project Video

The Band recently announced that they are moving on to new projects. Chandler is working on a solo project (Her Music MySpace is here.) and Tori is writing some songs. Ally is moving on tho other things.

In talking to MTV about the group and and breaking up, Chandler said to MTV, “It’s just because it’s been such a huge part of our lives so far. All of our teenage years, until now, have been circled around this fandom and all the people. Of course, we’re going to miss all the people we’ve met at conventions, and all of our fans that have been so supportive. It’s hard to let go of something that has been such an important part of your life for years.”

See the rest on MTV.

Best wishes to Chandler, Ally, and Tori to follow their dreams and to be successful and happy wherever their paths lead.

Bella Cullen Project New Horizons

The Bella Cullen Project was one of the very first Twilight themed bands out there. Don’t worry they haven’t had an epic Beatles break up or anything; they’re still friends, but the girls are now moving on to new projects.

Chandler Nash is going solo.  According to her reps, “She just recorded 3 new songs with her new manager/producer Rob Clark (bass player for Stereo Fuse when they were with WindUp Records).   Tori is actually co-writing some new songs for Chandler to record, but prefers not to perform, so Chandler will be performing solo with a new back up band Rob has put together for her.  Although the new music is not Twilight inspired, Rob has produced a new pop rock version of Chandler’s song “Forevermore” which IS Twilight inspired.”

Twitter:  chandlernash
iLike:  Chandler Nash

We’d like to wish Chandler, Tori, and Ally the very best of luck in whatever they do. It took guts to be one of the first Twi-bands out there and we say hats off to them!

The Bella Cullen Project Debuts Music Video

The Bella Cullen Project has just come out with their first ever music video produced by MockTurtle Productions that debuted at TwiCon. The band also was interviewed by Larry Carrol of MTV about it.

“MTV: Tell us about the new album.

Chandler: It’s a lot darker, just like the later books. Well, I wouldn’t say dark — maybe more meaningful.

Tori: Meaningful, like, deeper.

Chandler: Less campy.

Tori: And we have a clock theme that runs throughout, which is why we call it Tick, Tick, Tick, because [the “Twilight” series] is so much about time, and it’s so much about running out of time. We played off that and wrote a bunch of songs that involved that, and we didn’t really realize it until we’re like, “Oh, wait, that’s the theme!”

Chandler: So the face of the CD is actually a clock with little numbers on it.

Tori: And we have 12 tracks.”

See the rest of the interview on MTV.

Casting Call for Bella Cullen Project Video

This just in from The Bella Cullen Project:

Casting Calls

SAFETY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO (New Moon Inspired video)- 6/7/09 Saint Marcus Festival goers. Any age is acceptable. Must be able to travel to North Seattle, WA area. Must be able to wear as much red clothing as possible. Also acceptable is black clothing, cloaks, and fangs. We will also have a supply of plastic fangs for those who don’t already own them. We need everyone to look like they are celebrating the festival with their friends and family. This is the celebration of when Saint Marcus drove all of the vampires out of Volterra, Italy.

LET IT GO MUSIC VIDEO (Eclipse Inspired video) 6/6/09 Forks High School attender. Must be able to pass as a high school student. Must be able to travel to Federal Way, WA. Must be dressed for school with either a backpack or binder and books.

Each extra must sign a model release form. All roles are non-paying. If you would like to RSVP as an extra, please visit: and email your contact information to be put on the list. Please list which video you are available for in the subject line. Model release form, call times, and location information will be forwarded via email.

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