Casting Call for Bella Cullen Project Video

This just in from The Bella Cullen Project:

Casting Calls

SAFETY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO (New Moon Inspired video)- 6/7/09 Saint Marcus Festival goers. Any age is acceptable. Must be able to travel to North Seattle, WA area. Must be able to wear as much red clothing as possible. Also acceptable is black clothing, cloaks, and fangs. We will also have a supply of plastic fangs for those who don’t already own them. We need everyone to look like they are celebrating the festival with their friends and family. This is the celebration of when Saint Marcus drove all of the vampires out of Volterra, Italy.

LET IT GO MUSIC VIDEO (Eclipse Inspired video) 6/6/09 Forks High School attender. Must be able to pass as a high school student. Must be able to travel to Federal Way, WA. Must be dressed for school with either a backpack or binder and books.

Each extra must sign a model release form. All roles are non-paying. If you would like to RSVP as an extra, please visit: and email your contact information to be put on the list. Please list which video you are available for in the subject line. Model release form, call times, and location information will be forwarded via email.

DISCLAIMER: These videos are fan films. We are not affiliated with Stephenie Meyer, her publishers, Summit Entertainment, or any of their affiliated companies.


  1. too bad i cant travel to washington =(

  2. Jeannaly says:

    1rst….that´s cool i wish i could go to WA

  3. Why does everything have to be so far away….:`(

  4. kinna late on this but i heard a song this mornin that really reminded me of edward and bella it sounded just like what i imagened edward would have said to himself as he was leavin bella in new moon its an old song but i think it really fits hope u enjoy this one thanks heres the link;

  5. oh guess i should have told ya the name of the song and artist huh lol its she’s like the wind by patrick swayze

  6. sigh… Yeah, I wish I could travel to be in the video also…..

  7. Kris Cullenz says:

    how much is a direct flight to Seattle from Florida?
    Dammit! why must i live in Bloody Frickin Hot Florida???
    *sobs* maybe my Grandpa will help me pay for a Direct flight… hmmmm
    lemme ask my parents….
    ~Kris Cullenz

  8. Darn it! I wish I had money! Or parents who would agree to this!

  9. Maybe if I cleaned my room my mom would let me … Nah, she wouldn’t.

  10. Federal Way Wa!! that’s where I used to live 😉 looking forward to checking out the video after it’s completed!!

  11. michelle says:

    what !? there getting someone diffrent for Bella’s vampire ?!!!!

  12. michelle says:

    sorry seen the title, didn’t read the story. Sorry 🙁

  13. michaela says:

    ( SPOILER ALERT)Is there going to be a different person as Bella as a vampire in breaking dawn? I would be absouloutley PERFECT for the part!!! I will probably grow taller in a couple of years because right now im too short.

  14. michaela says:

    It really sucks that I live in Tennessee, though.

  15. Patrick Swayze is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, he would surely be missed by a lot of his fan.

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