Final Bella Cullen Project Video

The Band recently announced that they are moving on to new projects. Chandler is working on a solo project (Her Music MySpace is here.) and Tori is writing some songs. Ally is moving on tho other things.

In talking to MTV about the group and and breaking up, Chandler said to MTV, “It’s just because it’s been such a huge part of our lives so far. All of our teenage years, until now, have been circled around this fandom and all the people. Of course, we’re going to miss all the people we’ve met at conventions, and all of our fans that have been so supportive. It’s hard to let go of something that has been such an important part of your life for years.”

See the rest on MTV.

Best wishes to Chandler, Ally, and Tori to follow their dreams and to be successful and happy wherever their paths lead.


  1. please please please contact me at I have a SONG that is dedictaed to Twilight Saga, nice romantic melodic song in rock style for two singers (male and female) with lyrics.

  2. moreover, that is a GIFT and it’s an amazing song…

  3. As a Wolf Pack gal, I enjoyed this song tremendously! I wish the girls good luck in all their future endeavors and I am sure they will succedd in anything they do!

  4. Switerland XOXO says:

    I love the video. Poor Jacob!!!! He just doesn’t get a break!

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