The Bella Cullen Project Debuts Music Video

The Bella Cullen Project has just come out with their first ever music video produced by MockTurtle Productions that debuted at TwiCon. The band also was interviewed by Larry Carrol of MTV about it.

“MTV: Tell us about the new album.

Chandler: It’s a lot darker, just like the later books. Well, I wouldn’t say dark — maybe more meaningful.

Tori: Meaningful, like, deeper.

Chandler: Less campy.

Tori: And we have a clock theme that runs throughout, which is why we call it Tick, Tick, Tick, because [the “Twilight” series] is so much about time, and it’s so much about running out of time. We played off that and wrote a bunch of songs that involved that, and we didn’t really realize it until we’re like, “Oh, wait, that’s the theme!”

Chandler: So the face of the CD is actually a clock with little numbers on it.

Tori: And we have 12 tracks.”

See the rest of the interview on MTV.


  1. Nice work! It looks great 🙂

  2. I like the concept of making it tell the story from New Moon! Good Job=]

  3. Switzerland says:

    for some reason i really hate it when people do things like this..
    is it just me, or are there other twilighters out there who can’t stand songs directly linked to the books?
    the only thing like this i can tolerate is the twilight girls…
    WAY LAME TITLE but there music isn’t terrible, and can be interpreted differently.
    BCP on the other hand, can’t be.

    • No, Switzerland, I have the same thing. I think it’s wonderfull they’re creative enough to write their own songs and record them and all that, but I don’t really like them, because they’re so obviously ónly about Twilight. If they would be a little more distant, about the theme of Twilight or something, that would be much better.
      They have pretty good voices, though and the video is pretty good, although I personally am not a fan of the concept, it seems of. Escpecially because the réal movie comes out this year, so it’s really… non-saying? And if you’re gonna make a New Moon-vid, than you should have Jacob. Just saying. But ofcourse that didn’t go with the song; so you shouldn’t try to make a music video of New Moon then.

      • I’m not a huge fan of this concept either. I disagree that Jacob has to be in the video or “don’t do a new moon video” this seems to have been a specific part of new moon. ie: keep Bella safe. and it was more from Edwards view point as shown by the airport scene and him standing in the clock tower prior to Bella arriving.

      • I feel the same way as you all.
        She might have a nice voice, but she kinda ruined her chances by only doing the Twilight thing.
        He’s creepy and old.

    • Amanda Dubs says:

      I agree. I saw these girls play at a Borders near me once. Purely by accident I assure you. Lyrics that have things like “smelly werewolves” and “stupid shiney volvo owners” just makes me cringe.

      • Switzerland says:

        LOL! i know. i was on their site eons ago and i read their lyrics page and laughed for the longest time.

    • Switzerland – I just want to point out that you obviously didn’t listen to the song on the video. It’s not directly linked to Twilight like the songs on the BCP’s first album. This one makes much more subtle references….just as the Twilight Music Girls music does. At least be fair.

      • Switzerland says:

        Actually, i just visited their lyrics page.
        The first line of this song is “Skin frozen to the touch” or something along those lines. How often is it that you find a person with skin so frozen that it’s one of the most defining things about them?

        What’s sad is that this is their most subtle song..
        “Sleep Nessie”
        “Alpha Dog”
        “It’s Recreation Not Suicide”


        • Actually, Forevermore and Let It Go are the most subtle, but you probably haven’t listened to them.

          • Switzerland says:

            Maybe they do have other/more subtle songs, but i’m not interested in hearing them. Obviously i’ve heard them before, otherwise it would be unfair of me to judge them. But what i heard, i didn’t like.

  4. just cant get into it…Im a little over all this twistuff already..LOve the saga and everything but just think its gettin to much. Im all for gettin a few things here and there but stuff at like the party store all the tours(what can they possibly ask the cast that we dont know already) The group is talanted but i just like when established artists come up with songs.

  5. dude they suck. and i agree w/switzerland.

  6. I agree with the whole not liking the concept thing. Regardless, the video and the song are pretty good, so kudos to them 🙂 Maybe they can someday branch out to other themes.

  7. Look, I respect the fact that they are out there doing their art. Personally, I don’t like the video(or song) or the fact that all they do is twilight music. However, I think it’s cool that they try and do what the love.

  8. thparkle says:

    I think it’s a cute video and cute song. As long as they don’t take themselves too seriously with this is all good.

  9. I dislike TBCP a lot, to put it mildly. I’ll listen to this but I’m not getting my hopes up. They are very campy, very breathy and have under developed voices. I cringe at the title of their songs.

    • What I like about the BCP is that they started their band BEFORE the movie came out, when the internet fandom was just about the books. They were only 13 then and we’ve been able to watch their growth. To be honest, the internet fandom was ALOT more fun then, before the fans obsessed only with the movie stepped in and started being overly critical, hateful and opinionated of EVERYTHING! It’s not like the BCP is actively hounding sites to help them get on the soundtrack like every other musician that pops up with a new “Twilight” song. They’re still in high school!

      • Julie, I agree, they are more about the books than the movie. Good job girls. I’m also not crazy about all the movie cheese out there, but these girls were around way before all that.

  10. weird video

  11. there okay. but what happens when they run out of songs to sing about the books? where do they go? nowhere? I think it was cool to do a video like that, but if they really want to start an actual career i think only one of the girls voices is actually good, there rest….blah.

    • Ashlynn you have a point, but I seriously doubt that these 3 teenagers actually expectedto “hit it big” singing Twilight inspired songs….especially with the songs they wrote when they were only 13 or 14. It’s just a fan made video and fan made music.

  12. I disagree. this is a fine way to get noticed in the industry. wizard wrock groups have record deals and international tour dates. no one’s going to care if this is how they got their start. they have decent voices and their harmony together is nice. I think if they ditch campiness altogether they could be good. they’re song about stephenie particularly bothers me.

  13. Merebear says:

    You know what? I’m really surprised I enjoyed that. I typically am not into this genre of music (twilight themed, Harry Potter themed, etc…) but this was really good. I hope they continue and go beyond Twilight someday.

    • Love. Bite says:

      That was basically what I was going to type! I mean, the music was surprisingly good, and the music video was really accurate (well, it should’ve been, considering they are Twilighters) and it was well done.

      I think I’m going to check out this group a little more…

  14. Zookie Monster says:

    Bella Cullen Project is the only band I can really tolerate. I like their music a lot more than the other bands, and they were the first band to make Twilight songs. So, they’re my favorite 🙂 I love their song Switzerland and Vampwolf, two of the first songs they made 😀

  15. ugh. does anyone else find this band gets way more fame than it should? I mean, they’re ok, but I agree with Eclisse. Their voices are underdeveloped and don’t blend well at all. The lyrics aren’t meaningful. I think they’ve done a good job, considering they’re a cheesy band, but i’ve never really seen a lot of talent or gotten in to them. I think it’s great that they’re doing what they love, but it needs work…that’s all.

    • I think the reason they GET more fame is BECAUSE they were only 13 when they started the band and are only 16 now. How many 13-16 year olds do you know that could pull this off? That’s what impresses me about them. Of course their voices are underdeveloped, but songwriting can’t be that easy. It’s not just about the lyrics…you have to write the music, too, and they started out with only one of them playing the guitar.

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