FearNet Interviews David Slade

FearNet caught up with David Slade at the Dark Delicacies signing the other night and here is what he had to say in regards to Eclipse:

“…“I don’t really know.  We haven’t even started shooting yet.”  While the director says he has a basic idea of what he wants to do with it, he is more concerned with telling a good story than being “different.”  “It is darker, and there is a lot more action than the previous two,” he admits.  “The third book is from Bella’s point of view, but the film will be more objective.”  And just how will he do that?  “We are going to focus on the origin stories of several characters, like Jacob, and show how Bella will decide between Edward and Jacob.”

Electronic Piracy Threatens Publishers and Authors

The New York Times examines various author and publisher sentiments on the double-edged sword of electronic books.  Now that they are in this format, it’s a never-ending battle to keep them off of file sharing sites.

“It’s exponentially up,” said David Young, chief executive of Hachette Book Group, whose Little, Brown division publishes the “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer, a favorite among digital pirates. “Our legal department is spending an ever-increasing time policing sites where copyrighted material is being presented.”

Everyone from Stephen King, to Ursula K. Le Guin, to Harlan Ellison chimes in about a problem that Russell Davis describes as, “…a game of Whac-a-Mole. You knock one down and five more spring up.”

Despite the piracy, the Twilight Saga is still bringing in big bucks for parent company Hachette.

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