Electronic Piracy Threatens Publishers and Authors

The New York Times examines various author and publisher sentiments on the double-edged sword of electronic books.  Now that they are in this format, it’s a never-ending battle to keep them off of file sharing sites.

“It’s exponentially up,” said David Young, chief executive of Hachette Book Group, whose Little, Brown division publishes the “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer, a favorite among digital pirates. “Our legal department is spending an ever-increasing time policing sites where copyrighted material is being presented.”

Everyone from Stephen King, to Ursula K. Le Guin, to Harlan Ellison chimes in about a problem that Russell Davis describes as, “…a game of Whac-a-Mole. You knock one down and five more spring up.”

Despite the piracy, the Twilight Saga is still bringing in big bucks for parent company Hachette.

Get the full story on the New York Times.


  1. Ugh. It’s just like the movie, music, and television companies. They’re so incredibly greedy. Even with piracy, these companies make BILLIONS. Authors, Actors, Musicians… they make more in one concert or one book signing than most people make in a year!

    • Twiligher14 says:

      that may be true but it doesnt give people the right to steal these things illegaly.

      • what is the difference of getting a copy for free at the library or getting a copy free at the Internet. they have not spent any money making that copy at all.

        I use the Internet all the time, to test run things and only buy it if its something I like.

        they do not loose money, in fact it is free publicity. If someone gives out free DVD everyone says yes, but if you sell them you only get a few buyers. you can not add the number of downloads together and think that they would actually have bought the product. But when we pirates like a product we spent the money and tell other about it.

        the last book I tested by downloading was Jenna Fox and I will not pay for it it was bad, Why should an author make money for something I hated.

        Instead of policing they should get with the technology instead of fighting it. You know it is the same as when you record a tv show it is not legal. but nobody cares unless you use a computer when you do it.

  2. Its sucks that people are copyrightign illeagly.


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