FearNet Interviews David Slade

FearNet caught up with David Slade at the Dark Delicacies signing the other night and here is what he had to say in regards to Eclipse:

“…“I don’t really know.  We haven’t even started shooting yet.”  While the director says he has a basic idea of what he wants to do with it, he is more concerned with telling a good story than being “different.”  “It is darker, and there is a lot more action than the previous two,” he admits.  “The third book is from Bella’s point of view, but the film will be more objective.”  And just how will he do that?  “We are going to focus on the origin stories of several characters, like Jacob, and show how Bella will decide between Edward and Jacob.”


  1. Jacob’s origin? like being born?

  2. Judith Ivester says:

    Lord please don’t let him mess this up! While I’m glad he’s bringing focus to Jacob – he better include Jasper – I SO want more Jackson in this movie (sans grandma hair! I mean really? As bad as it was in the first movie, I’d prefer it to the New Moon Do!) Can’t wait to see the Bella/Jacob kiss though. And Rob of course!

  3. Judith Ivester says:

    jon – I thought it read Jasper at first – then saw Jacob, but it probably meant Jasper! Hopefully – because I think we’ll see Jacob’s backstory in New Moon. I thought it was weird too!

    • Yeah, I’m thinking he meant Jasper, too, because his origin is so integral to the events of Eclipse. That would be awesome, because I love Jasper.

      • I hope also that he meant Jasper!
        In Twilight (the book) Jasper was so sweet and kind to Bella towards the end in the hotel.
        But in the film Jasper got no air time at all and Waylon (butt crack santa) got more lines than Jasper and Emmett put together!
        We need more Kellan and Jackson please!! 🙂

      • Arhhh,My spider sense is tingling! I dont think this is going to end well at all.
        It seems like david has no idea yet what he wants to do with Eclipse! Lets just hope he stays as close to the book as Chris has for NM.(From what we have seen so far) 🙂 Dont wreak it David,please!

  4. OMG someone seriously needs to get in touch with this guy and tell him that he’s got it all WRONG! The books were written for 15 year-old girls? What? Since when?
    Eclipse is my favorite book out of all 4 and I’m really worried about what he’s going to do with it…

  5. Danielle says:

    I really hope he doesn’t mess this movie up! It just seems with filming only months away, his focus is not really on the movie at all. I’m sorry I guess that after he made fun of Twilight, its a little hard for me to like the guy. Even if he apologized,I still think his heart isn’t in it, his wallet is.

  6. Alunastrs says:

    I think David Slade needs to get a CLUE!!!


  7. I hate to say it, but I still have reservations about him. Chris Weitz is just so compassionate and so blasted committed to making an amazing movie that stays true to the book. Slade seems like he is in it for different reasons. He said he had a hard time getting into the books and he still believes they are just for 15-year old girls. How can he not know by now that the fanbase is so much broader than that? Stephenie has said that she never intended for the books to be geared towards teenagers, but that she just wrote the story in her head. Chris is constantly communicating with Stephenie to make sure he is doing justice to the books and I’m not sure if David cares enough to do that as much. I worry that he won’t put his heart and soul into the movie because he’s just making it for “a group of teenagers who don’t care about quality.”

    Eclipse has tons of very pivotal parts to the story and “love scenes” that have to be given enough time and attention to make the movie a success. I hope he realizes this.

    Meanwhile, I’m serious, what do we need to do to convince Summit to hire Chris Weitz to direct Breaking Dawn? I think he’s the only one who could do it justice!

    • Carly, I SO agree with you. I had reservations about him anyway and this interview just makes me cringe. I sounds like he had to be forced to read this book for 15 year old girls. Ugh. He doesn’t get it at all and doesn’t seem to have much respect for the Twilight saga.

      He opens his mouth and all I hear is, “I don’t really care about the books or the movie, I’m just here to make money and get my name out there on a guaranteed money maker.

      Not feeling good about this at all. Can’t we have Chris Weitz cloned?

    • I so agree with you. Eclipse is my favorite book for so many reasons everything builds to a head!Edward is back in the picture and realizes he has a serious rival,Jake has rebuilt Bella’s life,(knows he loves her and won’t budge)and Bella,poor Bella, has some serious choices to make…
      To write the books off for only 15 yr olds is not based in reality and doesn’t show me that he “gets it”. I’m going to try and stay positive…I’m just not sure he’s the right guy for the job.I believe that in order to direct Eclipse you need to imagine yourself caught up in the plot(s) and feel as if your life depends on making the right choice(s),just like Bella. . so many events take place in Eclipse and it would break my heart to see it misdirected.
      I pray that Chris Weitz comes back for Breaking Dawn. I love his energy and dedication he’s shown to New Moon.

  8. OMG!! Who pick this guy to direct Eclipse! He’s so going to screw it up. Now I’m worried how the movies going to come out.

  9. the movie hasnt even begun shooting yet….lets wait to til we see clips before we judge him as a screw up haha I think it sounds interesting….and I have faith that all movies will be great, they know what they are doing….

  10. tndpappas says:

    Oh dear …. Eclipse has so much – Jasper’s story, Rosalie’s story, the werewolves’ stories, even Bree’s frenzy over Bella’s scent . . . I have a feeling, this guy doesn’t get it – and yes, its darker, in respects that an army of vampires is after Bella, but never do we lose that the story is really about Bella wrestling with her choice – and these stories lend Bella an added dynamic. Will she be like that when she becomes a vampire? I love the part at the end after Edward kills Victoria and she says she can’t wait to be a vampire because she won’t be helpless anymore- she is conflicted because of Jacob, but she knows that she cannot live without Edward – THAT’S the story .

  11. Michelle says:

    i hope he doesnt mess it up either. that’d be so horrible. and teenage girls? i totally disagree with that.

  12. Obviously, Mr.Slade has not made a very good first impression unlike Chirs Weitz ,who at first did have a lot of speculation himself,until he wrote a letter to the fans. But I think that if he made any drastic changes to the movie in comparassion to the book, that Kristin, Rob, Talyor, ect. would step in a little bit like they did with Mike’s scene. But he does,however, need to give us fans a little respect because we are the ones who either makes him or breaks him.

  13. tammyinlalaland says:

    They are told from Bella’s perspective for a reason. I find this idea that it will be neutral offensive. This is why male directors doing female stories is a huge problem

  14. inhiding says:

    We do get the origins story of Jacob’s tribe in Eclipse- the night at the bonfire, remember? So perhaps that’s what he’s talking about regarding Jacob’s origins.

    Stephenie once said that every single thing in Eclipse is about Bella making her choice. So the story is not only full of turmoil, but also about balance, the constant weighing of pros and cons. Every interaction with Charlie, every fear of not being strong enough… everything is leading up to this immense decision.

    That one moment when she and Jacob do finally kiss- when she ASKS him- and she catches that glimpse of what she could have with Jacob- a life surrounded by the tribe and Charlie and Renee and the two black haired children she imagined in that brief moment….

    These little moments are the pivotal moments, the key ingredients in the movie. NOT ACTION!

    We didn’t fall in love with this story and pay MILLIONS to see it come to life to get the story changed into an ACTION flick. Someone needs to explain that to David Slade RIGHT AWAY!!!!

  15. That kind of makes me excited. It’ll be a nice change, and since he wants to give more background information about the characters then there should be more Jackson in Eclipse (WHICH THERE BETTER BE SINCE WE WILL HARDLY SEE HIM IN N.M) considering he is a huge part of the story, I mean there is a huge army of new borns coming their way, so they need to know how to fight.

    I don’t know anybody else who could teach them. 😉

  16. Cant wait. i agree with everyone. but i think its ridiclous how everyone says she has to choose. She never really had to choose she just realized she loves Jacob, but she never thought of “choosing” Jacob over Edward she was always decided, Edward.

    • tndpappas says:

      You’re right – because she said herself she might have wavered if she hadn’t known what it was like to already be without Edward, so even when she realized she loved Jacob, it never changed what she wanted.

    • ohjeez, you are right. It just makes me wonder why they picked this guy to direct that clearly doesn’t “get” the story. Bella herself says that there was no “choice”.

    • inhiding says:

      I don’t think it was a matter of choosing Edward over Jacob… if I’m not mistaken, Stephenie said it was about her choice of becoming a vampire. Something Bella wrestles with throughout the book is having to say goodbye to being human. That’s part of the choice DS needs to focus on, don’t you think? It’s constantly running through her head– not the choice between Edward and Jacob, but going through with her choice of becoming a vampire….

  17. Switzerland says:

    oh sweet jesus, why does everyone wanna make it different??
    do they WANT a million screaming teenage girls with pitchforks coming after them???

    • Probably.

    • arazcal says:

      So far, I think I love your comment the most!
      Why is it that people tend to want to change a story that stands on its own and is perfect the way it is?
      The only thing you forgot to mention was the million+ moms joining in on the carnage.
      Don’t forget, with age comes wisdom and believe me you always want age on your side when planning to storm the castle 😉

  18. Let’s just hope for the best.

  19. Taylor daniels says:

    The director doesnt control if the movie is going to be like the book..that would be melissa rosenbergs or watever her namez is fault… The director controls how the movie is going to look so we should stop bashing him and wait till the film starts shooting and until that trailor comes out…and by the way somebody sais that a guy shouldnt direct these movies..y does evryone think that these stories r just made for girls..even if most guys dont like them that doesnt mean all of us dont..ima guy and i enjoyed the books

    • Don’t even waste your breathe on some of these people. Some people are going to hate David Slade no matter what he does.

  20. Mr. Slade,
    I hope that you will resign from directing Eclipse. Why you might ask?

    One, a person who is so blind to who is the real audience of the Twilight books should not be in anyway involved in the project. Women AND men, 20 years of age and older….much older… are the silent majority.

    Second: Anyone who is so prejudice and judgemental against something he has not even read does not have the emotional or mental capability to direct a movie based on a that said literature.

    Third: YOU WILL SCREW UP THE MOVIE. You already have stated you are departing from Bella’s POV. It is NOT UP TO YOU to tell us the story. THE STORY IS THERE…. JUST PUT IT ON SCREEN.

    It is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE… you are not out to recreate a masterpiece. Would you walk up to a Picasso, a Degas, an O’Keefe painting and suddenly rip it up and start painting over it? No. Then have respect for Stephenie Meyer and her masterpiece and LEAVE IT ALONE!

    You seem to be a “one-note-wonder”. If you insist on directing Eclipse, then I suggest you stretch your emotional range than that of a “teaspoon” and start asking Meyer how the movie should go. Its not your story to tell, sir…..it is hers.

  21. NGroves says:

    I firmly believe, since the beginning, the reason why I like Twilight most, is because 1. It’s a woman author, 2. Woman director, 3. Woman Screenwriter..They understand what women want to hear and see.

    • heatherh says:

      I”m a woman and i thought Catherine hardwick’s rendition was an abomination… and so do all the other women i know.

  22. I really hope that rosalie gets to tell her story, cuz that would be awesome!

  23. papermoon says:

    please, please, please do not screw this up. if you don’t feel comfortable doing it- if you don’t ‘get’ these books- please bow out gracefully now. if you can do it justice, then best of luck to you.

    Melissa Rosenburg- *please* give him a screenplay he can work with.

    thank you.

  24. i agree witht he person who said htat hte movie hasn’t begun shooting yet! but shooting cudn’t possibly be that far. he sounds LOST! well hopefully they’ll get chris to direct BREAKING DAWN. Also who’s smart idea was it to pick some1 who made fun of Twilight. he’s so only doing it for the MULA

  25. Isabella says:

    Why is he going to make it objective? Isn’t it Bella’s struggle to choose between Jacob and Edward? Why would he make that objective?!
    Sorry, I just really hope that he doesn’t mess this up, I already thought it was weird that they chose a director that couldn’t connect with Twilight (although he said later the he COULD), but we’ll see. I guess Summit knows what they’re doing, so if he’s a good director, has read the books and listens to Stephenie (also VERY important), then I hope that he’ll do this right…

  26. Guys, I encourage all to read the actual article. At first I just read the quote above and reacted. Then I read the article and saw it all in context.

    1. He’s saying “I don’t know” to how things are going to be different than the first two. It’s hard to answer when the second isn’t even out to compare to. I’m sure he has does have an idea of how he’s going to shoot it, but maybe, like CH, he’s more organic with his shots and doesn’t plan out every little detail first…process of discovery and all of that.

    2. He says he’s excited about making a movie from a book because it’s something the studio execs CAN’T change, and he doesn’t want to change it. He’s not interested in being different, he wants to tell a good story.

    3. Yes, it’s from Bella’s POV, but will have to be a more objective simply to give other others a little more screen time to show their back stories (que Jasper….joy!!!). The first two are less objective than the books as well. Never fear, it will still all revolve around Bella.

    4. His pov about the age range…well, he says he did have that conception at first, but once he tried to get past it, he realized what a great story it is. He says he’s really excited about the script and the prep they’ve done so far…

    So, I say lets wait to sharpen our pitchforks until we see some crew interviews and see some footage!

    Oh, and in my humble opinion, gender is not always an issue. I appreciate catherine and her dedication. Without her I don’t think the suits would have let the ball roll like it did (anyone remember the first draft with bella as star athlete, jet skis, night vision, and the FBI??) However, I’ve a feeling I’m going to like Chris’s version better. Yes, he’s a man!! I’m personally in the design field and know several male designers who can come up with a space that is more luxurious and beautiful that a lot of women designers…gender, not always an issue.

  27. All these people who are saying everything has to be from a woman’s perspective are WRONG. Seriously, who ever said men can’t portray true emotion? From what I can tell, Chris Weitz is doing a phenomenal job on New Moon. Not only are comments like that extremely judgmental and sexist, but they demonstrate true ignorance as well.

    • Carly I agree that a man can do a good job as well as a woman, but this guy admittedly doesn’t get squatt about the books. He has them all mixed and botched up and they start filming in August, I think its time for a serious reality check for this guy. Plus to say its for teenage girls! These books are for everyone, all ages, both genders. Right now all my books are lent out to men! They are loving them! Not even young men, one is 35 and one is 41…..

      • Everyone has related Twilight to teenage girls, so there’s nothing new in his comment about that. Yes all ages do read the books but it’s teenagers their trying to reach with the movies because that’s the bigger and most obvious audience.

        • Melisa, I disagree. Chris certainly didn’t say this was for “teenage girls”. Most of those who have made the “teenage girls” comments have been select media who know nothing about it. As far as a target audience, they zipped up the action in the first movie to appeal to a more broad audience. They know that teenage girls alone are not enough to make this big.

          Slade continues to diss these books.

  28. Like many of you, I am concerned that David will not do the characters or storyline for that matter due justice. He admitted that he does not get it (the books) and even made a few off remarks last year regarding the twilight series. He also does not appear to be hooked in to the fan base at all. I appreciate the note Chris left for us on Stephanie’s website when the director’s changed. If David doesn’t bring the right attitude and vision to Eclispe, Summit will lose out in many areas.

  29. switzgal says:

    OMJB, he better not mess up Eclipse. It’s my favorite book of the series!!!
    I’m starting to worry. I mean he should have ideas about it now. They start filming in August!!! I hope Chris Weitz tells him about the rapid fans and explains that he has to stay true to the book!!!

  30. Twilight9009 says:

    I think what he meant by Jacob is the origin of the werewolves because there is like a whole chapter about how vampires and werewolves came to hate each other.

  31. There is a lot about the origin of the wolves in Eclipse. Remember the whole 3rd wife story…which I personally didn’t really find interesting, or necessary. So that may have been what he was referring to. I won’t speculate about the type of end product he will produce. I do think he was a smart choice for the darker, more intense drama and fight scenes that this movie will require. “30 Days of Night” is a dark movie. He may not get everything right…hell Catherine didn’t get everything right, and Chris isn’t going to get everything right. When you’re dealing with a movie with muliple sequels, it’s almost impossible to make them all great. There’s usually one that disappoints. Eclipse may fall short…or it may be the best of the series. Let’s just wait and see shall we?

  32. sillygirl says:

    “the book was written for 15 year old girls”!!!! This guy hasn’t got a clue what he is talking about, I am a lot older than 15! I don’t trust this guy at all. Why would they choose a director that looks at these books like they’re a joke. I agree we have to wait and see, but this guy is not building any trust with the fans, saying the things he says.

  33. I have a bad feeling about this. Newsflash Mr. Slade!!! All 4 books, except for a part of Breaking Dawn, were written from Bella’s point of view. Not just Eclipse. I hope he gets it together.

  34. I just finished re-reading Eclipse for the third time.I think what will be the tricky thing with trying to adapt it,is that not only do you have the Edward/Bella/Jacob storyline to deal with,Jasper and Rosalie’s backstories are also revealed in the third novel. So something is going to be trimmed out or condensed for pacing reasons. I agree with Avee that all the detail about the 3rd wife was long,however it does set up the later event,where Bella is willing to sacrifice herself during the battle with Victoria and Riley. We know Eclipse is going to be just as dark as New Moon will be,but hopefully a good adaptation of the book,so those that have not read it will understand the choice Bella has to make by the end of the movie.

  35. I’m not too sure how I feel about David directing Eclipse. I’m really going to try to reserve judgement until I see the finaly product. (Which is too far away! Next summer, oh man.) I just really hope that Eclipse has become his “bible” and that he really understands the story and will do the book justice. I also have wondered why Stephenie hasn’t come out & said anything about David and if she’s talked to him & his ideas for Eclipse, like she did with Chris. I think if she came out and said something that would make fans, myself included, feel better about him doing Eclipse.

    And Bella’s not 15, she’s 18 in that book! Geez. They had better show Jasper and Rosalie’s stories. I loved reading those parts and getting to know them better.

  36. He really doesn’t seem that into it at all. I hope it’s not going to be a huge disappointment. I also really hope they get back CW for BD if it’s made…crosses fingers. And yes, I hope they skip over most of that boring third wife story …lol… except the essentials. It was way too long in the book.

  37. To be honest I don’t understand this massive hatred toward David Slade. Its not like he was insulting the fans or anything. You guys are twisting his words. All he is saying is he found it a little harder to get into. Who cares if he said the books were made for 15 year old girls? That doesn’t reflect nothing about how he’s going to direct Eclipse. Besides just because you have seen guys read and get into the books doesn’t mean all guys WILL. So don’t judge him because of his comment. Did you even read what he said after? He said the books were ‘quite good’ and had a ‘great story’. I have no idea what the problem here is.

    Anyways, I don’t know what he is going to do, but I’ not gonna get all mad because of this little article. Its ridiculous. I’m going to wait til filming and when the movie is released to make a decision. And just because Eclipse is going to start filming in a couple months doesn’t mean he has to have every single detail worked out yet. He has time to think and plan for that.

  38. erica miranda says:

    i think in my mind i think Chris Weitz should direct Eclipse i think he could bring more life into the movie he did a grat job on New Moon he did stay true to the book but i dont know about this guy. I dont think he will stay true to the book and that worrys me alot.

  39. So I’m an optimist…David Slade is an intelligent and talented director. But, if he tries to interpret key parts in a way that go against the truth of the books and the script, I believe he’ll get pulled back into reality by Stephenie, and the cast, and the producers. By the time Eclipse is being filmed, you know that our beloved team of actors will love their characters and the story so much that they will not let any director pull them in the wrong direction. It’s too important and I’m sure, if they want the final book made into a movie, the pressure will be on to make sure they don’t disappoint the fans.
    It is disheartening that he doesn’t yet seem to have a grasp on the saga but he will, right?

    By the way, I heard somewhere that when Rob Pattinson was first cast, there was a rebellion, a lot like this (a 5000 signature petition against his casting). It is my personal opinion that nobody could have brought Edward to life for me better than he did in Twilight.

    So, I have faith and optimism that all involved will create an amazing film for us to enjoy, over and over and over and over again. 🙂

  40. Samantha Carter says:

    I agree with most of this board in regards to David Slade directing Eclipse. Making this movie will not be easy, so I was quite shocked when I looked up David Slade’s filmography; uhhhhhhh, not much there. It would be one thing if this were the first movie and not already a proven profit-generator. I could see hiring an inexperienced director then, but NOW??!! What is Summit thinking? Why are they willing to roll the dice and take a chance on someone who has yet to prove themselves? Are they really THAT profit-hungry they would not want to put forth a best effort and spend a few thousand dollars more for experience?

    Of course, I really do hope he’s able to pull it off, despite his lack of experience. However, I will definitely wait for reviews from my fellow Twilighters before spending any money at the box office or on a rental.

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