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2012 Bella and Edward Hallmark Ornament Preview Close-Up

One of our Lexicon readers told us about a month ago about the Breaking Dawn ornament being offered in the Hallmark 2012 collection. Now she has some close-ups.

She says:

It’s hard to tell in the picture but there is a lot of detail for such a small ornament (4″ high). You can clearly see all the buttons on the back of Bella’s dress and on the sleeves. I was very happy and impressed by this. I can’t wait to see the ornament in person.

Check out her blog Twilighters Dream for more details.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Preview Coming March 20th Full Teaser March 26

This photo an news just in from Summit/Lionsgate:

A sneak peek of  THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 teaser trailer will be available on March 20th at 6am ET exclusively on THE TWILIGHT SAGA Facebook and Twitter profiles! You can catch the full teaser trailer in theaters with THE HUNGER GAMES, and then online on Monday 3/26 at 6am ET!


Next Movie’s Male TwiHard Reviews the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD

The Male TwiHard has chimed in with his opinion about the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD:

I was looking forward to Condon’s commentary, because he got short-changed during his panel discussion at the Twilight Convention, when he was onstage with KStew, RPattz and Lautner. And the native New Yorker doesn’t disappoint.

Right out of the gate, he talks about how the film didn’t originally begin with Jacob receiving the invite to Bella and Edward’s wedding and running angrily off into the pouring rain. The first scene was Aro receiving the invitation, right after the Volturi have massacred 50 people. It was supposed to remind the audience of the looming threat of the vampire elite, but was cut because Condon felt “Part 1” is more about Bella’s struggle inside than the outside threats. Luckily, Condon also says that scene will show up on an extended cut at some point.

Condon is intelligent and gives a number of great insights — way too many to note here — but I will tell you that he says the original sex scene between Bella and Edward was more graphic. Unfortunately, the MPAA threatened an R rating unless it was scaled back, so we got what we got. And, there is no Bella nipple. I was wrong before. Trust me, I checked a few times.

See more on the Male TwiHard’s Column.

The Breaking Dawn DVD Review

Thankfully this isn’t like New Moon where we had to buy three versions just to get all the extras! The DVD’s are basically the same content no matter who you order it from it’s the packaging perks that are different. Though the Walmart version also has Bruno Mars and Chritina Perri videos on it ( hit youtube and you can see those as they have been out for months)

So, help out your fellow Twilight fans who haven’t run to the store or online yet.

Which DVD/blu-ray did you buy?

Which retailer did you get it from?

One thing we realized this morning was that the Blu-ray special edition (the one with the packaging that matches the special editions from the other films)was only available from Target online. You could get the basic blu-ray in the store.

Also what is your favorite part in the extras?

Walmart versions
—Perk= fabric poster on the wedding dressing version

Target versions
—-Perk=prop flower used at wedding in collectors tin collectors edition

Version available any place

Taylor Lautner in Company Magazine Preview

The full interview is out in the issue that release on Sunday. Digital Spy has this preview:

“It can be difficult. But now I’m used to the screaming and the occasional grabbing,” Lautner said. “The first time it ever happened I was like, ‘WOAH! What’s going on? Why are they screaming? Why are they touching me?’

“But now I get the fans’ passion. We understand it so it’s not that crazy to us anymore. I just have to be more strategic about where I go, so I don’t go to the hippest restaurants at the busiest times, and I try not to tweet before I go.”

Discussing time spent in London, the 19-year-old said: “I’ve been there three or four times, but it’s always flying straight in and out on promotion for a film. This time I’m here a bit longer, so I’m going to hit up Rob [Pattinson] about where I should go. I’ve heard there are some great restaurants, so I’m really looking forward to trying them.”

Admitting to being a fan of British girls, he added: “The British accent is definitely not a negative!”

See more on Digital Spy

Collider Looking For a Breaking Dawn DVD Reviewer

One of our favorite websites is Collider. The have excellent interviews that don’t just rehash the same old questions all of the time,and they’ve always given Twilight fans a really fair deal by not running a parade of snide comments and cheap shots with their movie news. The owner of the site, Steve, last year reached out to us looking for a reviewer for the Eclipse DVD because he wanted a fan to state if it had what fans wanted. Not being a fan himself, he wanted some “expert” advice. He found a fan reviewer, Gretchen, and she was terrific. This year he is reaching out again. Check out the details on Collider.

Video: Yahoo Previews the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD

ET had their video earlier now it’s Yahoo’s turn.

Video: ET Previews the Breaking Dawn PArt 1 DVD

Check out the featurette that appeared on ET.

Video: Breaking Dawn DVD Preview

The big day is right around the corner on February 11. Here are some details

The BBC Mentions Breaking Dawn in Year End Review

The BBC lists Breaking Dawn as a film that brought out the passion in UK fans.

Via TwiFans.