The Breaking Dawn DVD Review

Thankfully this isn’t like New Moon where we had to buy three versions just to get all the extras! The DVD’s are basically the same content no matter who you order it from it’s the packaging perks that are different. Though the Walmart version also has Bruno Mars and Chritina Perri videos on it ( hit youtube and you can see those as they have been out for months)

So, help out your fellow Twilight fans who haven’t run to the store or online yet.

Which DVD/blu-ray did you buy?

Which retailer did you get it from?

One thing we realized this morning was that the Blu-ray special edition (the one with the packaging that matches the special editions from the other films)was only available from Target online. You could get the basic blu-ray in the store.

Also what is your favorite part in the extras?

Walmart versions
—Perk= fabric poster on the wedding dressing version

Target versions
—-Perk=prop flower used at wedding in collectors tin collectors edition

Version available any place


  1. I got the Walmart wedding dress packaging version. The box is pretty, but really not all that special. I think I like the Target packaging better. BUT, the “cloth poster” inside of the Walmart packaging is absolutely beautiful. The picture on it is the picture that’s on the cover of the target version and when I unfolded it, I was really surprised at just how pretty it is. I am so glad I went with the Walmart version!

  2. Okay, I might be a little confused, so I want to clarify: The picture on the poster is the one of Edward and Bella that the Target version shows on the thing that has the flower petals in it (which I’m realizing now might not actually be the DVD packaging, but a separate thing you get??? I’m not sure!… I just wanted to make it clear that the poster is NOT the dark colored background with the ferns and the title treatment.)

  3. I got the special edition Target version from the store this morning. It has the purple cover on the outside and folds out to reveal the wedding photo with a slide out acrylic case. There is a flower encased inside and the back is numbered with the limited edition info. It is really nice packaging, and I think the flower is a neat keepsake/collectible to have. This version was on sale for 24.99/ regularly 29.99. It isn’t in a tin, though. It is more like a book.

  4. i bought the normal one which is the only version that is available in my country.. i was thinking whether to get the target version from ebay since it was sold out when i tried to pre-order it online..but it’s kinda should i buy or can i get it from elsewhere?

    My favorite part in the extras is edward & bella personal wedding video ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. thephantomcat says

    Fyi, Best Buy has a steel book edition!

  6. Did I just not explore the DVD fully or are there really NO extra scenes, outtakes, or extended scenes????

    • thephantomcat says

      Sorry. No deleted scenes.

      • nancy koltzau says

        yea that suck i love the deleted scenes i sure hope they come out with 1 really soon that has deleted scenes on it

      • Olympic Coven says

        Got the Target version and love the flower. I know, no deleted scenes, was hunting and hunting thru both DVD discs thinking I had overlooked it. That really stinks. Did any version have deleted scenes? Did love the Wedding Video.

    • You know what they’re going to do right? We have to pay all this money to get all these separate things and keepsakes. I got mine today with the petal and I’m watching the wedding scene trippin out that I got one of those. LOL…petty I know hehe. Anyways, I’m thinking they plan to wait till the last one is out…then release a special edition like extended directors cut edition (fingers crossed). Remember back in the days they said it was like 6 hours of movie they had to cut it down? Well…maybe they release all that for an exhuberant $300 price tag including all kids of bonus crap. Isn’t that what they’d done with The Lord of the Rings sets? Is it bad to say that I’d save up to buy it? lol. Just a theory ๐Ÿ˜›

      • I remember New Line releasing the LotR Special Edition after each movie, the same packaging design for each film. Then when all moves were done, they were sold in a box set. Those who bought the movies as they came out, got to order the empty box to store their movies for a small fee (I think it was $2) plus shipping.

        I wish Summit had been that considerate.

        New Line still got to get more $$$ from fans when the blu-ray release came out and movie companies will always get the chance to sell more versions as technology continues to advance. Look at the number of releases of Star Wars.

  7. thephantomcat says

    I got the Walmart Wedding Dress bluray with cloth poster which I agree is beautiful. It’s not the exact image from the Target cover, but it is the bride and groom together. Got it because it was the only edition that actually had extra features, the additional music videos.

  8. Aileen Leon says

    I got the Walmart ediciรณn todas at midnight , the poster fabric thing is pretty big :))

  9. Uh… people do realize that they are going to be releasing a box set of the Twilight Saga once all the movies are done, right? Why not wait for a pretty matching set?

    That’s what I’m doing ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Little ticked. Went to Target when they opened (was not doing the midnight release, too dang old). I wanted the Target Special Edition as it is the same design of the Twilight and New Moon ones Borders released when they were still in business and last year’s Eclipse Special Edition Target released.

    They had regular, but no blu-ray special edition and I had chosen blu-ray when I did the whole take a pic of your ticket, send it, get a code, submit code, get coupon.

    So I got the regular blu-ray edition. Grrrr….

    And gotta say, why no deleted, extended scenes? That’s my favorite of any movie purchase. I was really looking forward to the breakfast scene and the Edward/Jacob confrontation scene! (And the snippets in the “making of” documentary doesn’t cut it.

    • I had the exact same issue as you did but I ended up buying the Target Special Edition without the blue-ray. I was a bit ticked about the store not selling the blue-ray edition in store because I also requested the coupon for blue-ray. Why make it so complicated….I’ve never had such an issue with purchasing dvds as with this series!

  11. Twilight Nymph says

    I think they might just end up putting all the extra stuff like deleted scenes when all the movies are out and they put them in a set. One thing I did notice is that at least on the bluray it says theatrical release with special features. Usually when Ive seen that on a movie is because they are coming out with a director’s cut later on. I hope they do, because some of the deleted stuff that was shown in the documentary would have been really good to have in the movie.

  12. Very disappointed that Bill Condon did not include deleted scenes and the actors commentary!!! That is my favorite part!! I hope he does a better job with BD2. Listen to the fans Bill!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I don’t think the director has much say in what gets put in as extras. I remember Chris Wietz getting a lot of flack about what deleted scenes had/hadn’t been available on New Moon, and he said that he thought the studio had decided to put certain ones on and apologized for getting everyone’s hopes up.

      As for this DVD, I saw interviews with Bill Condon, Wyck Godfrey, and Melissa Rosenberg where each one mentioned what deleted scenes would be on the DVD. Since the scenes weren’t there, they couldn’t have had any say in it either.

  13. Wal-Mart Canada didn’t have anything special and only the basic version; they only opened from midnight to 1am and had the smallest turn out yet; I was very disappointed.

  14. Me and a friend went to walmart first thing this morning because we liked the wedding dress packaging. When we got to the store and realized to was just basically a flimsy box we decided against it! I’m so glad i ended up getting the Target one! The prop flower is really great and nothing about the packaging seemed cheap to me. The target version seems like a little bit better of a collectors item!

    • I too went to Walmart saturday morning and was insanely disappointed! It was so cheap looking, i already hate going into Wal-Mart as it is, i was so mad i wasted my time.

      Good thing we have Target, i had to drive many miles away to go there, but i was happy in the end. The DVD was a lovely shade of purple and i couldnt believe how heavy it was! I was so impresssed! I really feel like the Target DVD represents The Twilight Saga and how beautiful of a story it is, unlike Walmart.

      Im so thrilled to see someone agreed with me on this! You rock Jillian!

  15. I went to the Target midnight release last night. I got the special edition to match with the previous 3 movies I have. The collectible keepsake flower in the case is gorgeous! I am very happy with everything except of course that there is no deleted scenes ๐Ÿ™ I’m hoping they’ll come out with a director’s cut later on after part 2 releases like yall are saying. It does say “theatrical release” on the movie disc, so maybe that’s a clue?
    All in all, I now have Breaking Dawn part 1 and can now watch it over and over again at home! lol
    I love this movie.

  16. Gay Bunnell says

    Well, I actually bought one of each. The one from Target is the nicest. And of course it does make a complete set like book ends. The Target Blue Ray can only be ordered on line – the one with the prop flower. We ordered all the others on line and should be getting them early next week. Best Buy has one with a Valentine color scheme, ordered on line. Not sure if the steel book is available on line or in the store.
    I have the complete Lord of the Rings Extended Version – every movie is like 45 minutes to 1 hr longer and there are endless hours of how it was made, deleted scenes etc. I would be thrilled to have them do that with Twilight. I don’t care what it would cost. They really need to get a grip and understand the wants and needs of this fan-base.

    • “…every movie is like 45 minutes to 1 hr longer and there are endless hours of how it was made, deleted scenes etc. I would be thrilled to have them do that with Twilight. I donโ€™t care what it would cost. They really need to get a grip and understand the wants and needs of this fan-base.”


  17. well i went to walmart to get tea and well i went an 1 hour for the movie call twilight saga breaking dawn part 1 and an half hour later am watching it and i bought to one blue ray and the other dvd gift box yes i got part 1

  18. Regarding the complaints about other commentary besides Bill Condon’s (which I did enjoy. Look forward to his commentary for BD2):

    Do they still do easter eggs on dvds?

    After listening to Bill’s commentary, I wanted to play the movie and turn off the commentary and turn on the subtitles.

    When I started playing the movie, next thing I hear is Stephenie Meyer, Taylor Lautner and Sarah Clarke talking about the invitation opening scene and how it impacted their characters. (I had the DVD menu up on the screen)

    Trying to figure out what I did, as the movie played once the talking stopped, and wound up at the scene where Rob is dressed in 20’s style & in the theater, a location scout was speaking of the theater, I tried to start the movie over again, but the commentary was gone.

    Can anyone figure out if they found this extra commentary? This is off the blu-ray edition.

    Apologies if this comment should not have been posted here.

    • that sounds crazy! i have the bluray copy, but i didn’t have time to watch the commentary yet. i’ll see if i figure this out later. if i do i’ll let you know.

  19. Well, I bought the 2 disc special edition . . . and I’m not impressed. I mean, I knew what I was getting. I’m a big deleted/extended scenes junkie, and I knew those hadn’t been listed in the extras, but I figured it’s a special edition, so it’s got to have SOMETHING good, right? No, not really.

    The first thing I did was watch the movie (duh!) which made me very happy. The second thing I did was to pop in disc 2 and watch the documentary. It was interesting, but I only watch the documentaries once, so I wasn’t all that excited for it, and then I ended up fast forwarding through some parts that had already been released as promos online. Then I watched the rest of the stuff on disc 2 – again, not impressed. The Jacob’s Destiny thing and the wedding thing mostly felt like filler that they put together to have something else on the DVD so it didn’t look so empty. There wasn’t much special about either of them, and I’m sure I’ll never watch them again.

    Then I put disc 1 back in for the commentary. I usually like director commentary – I’m weird in that the New Moon commentary was probably my favorite of them all, but this one’s just . . . meh. I’m only halfway through it now and 95% of the stuff he talks about I’ve already heard him say (often word for word) in interviews. The other 5% is split between actual new info and him talking about scenes that got cut, which just makes me more aware of everything this DVD is missing. After hearing so much about deleted scenes that we didn’t get (and seeing so much of them being filmed in the documentary), I can’t help but feel like I’m being bullied on a playground. It’s like I’m the short kid and the Summit execs are the taller, older kids, and they’re taunting me and laughing as they toss the deleted scenes back and forth over my head where I can’t reach them.

    The store versions didn’t impress me either. I don’t collect memorabilia, so I wasn’t interested in a prop flower from Target or a pretty case with a fabric poster from WalMart. I want CONTENT, but all we got was Walmart’s music videos . . . which I watched months ago on YouTube . . . for free.

    I honestly think this tops the fiasco of the 9 million versions of New Moon. At least then I had the option of buying what I wanted, even if I had to buy more than one version to get it. This time around, I don’t even have that opportunity. Nothing that I want is even available. I would happily have waited longer for this release if it would have had something more substantial to it. I wonder if the countries that had to wait longer for the release are getting any more on theirs?

    I know there are rumors flying everywhere about an extended cut on a Blu-ray/DVD combo. I’ve seen rumors that the missing deleted/extended scenes will be there, too. And, of course, people are saying that there will be a boxed set with all the extras after the last movie, but these are all just rumors. The director, the screenwriter, and the producers talked about deleted scenes being on the DVD, and they turned out to be wrong about it. Sure, they aren’t in charge of making the DVD, but they should be more reliable sources of information than rumors, and if people like that can be wrong, how can I give any weight to anything as flimsy as unsubstantiated rumors? (sigh)

    I can’t help but look at the 3-disc version of Twilight that Target put out and compare it to this. What the heck happened? When did they stop trying to please fans and just start putting the standard fillers on everything without thinking? I miss extras that were extras . . . and special editions that were actually special. How sad is it that the best part of this release, for me, was the clip of Part 2 shown at Target? It’s pretty pitiful when the best DVD extra isn’t even on the DVD . . .

    Honestly, I’ve learned my lesson. A year from now, if the extras on the DVD for Part 2 sound as unimpressive as these did, I’m going to skip the 2 disc “not very special” edition and buy the 1 disc version instead. At least I’ll save a couple of bucks that way. :'(

    • I am so disappointed there are no deleted scenes! I hope this is not just a marketing ploy to get us to all buy the later, greater edition to be released in the future. I don’t like being played. Especially by a woman who won’t even finish the final book because she was “played”!

      • I could even live with a later, greater edition, if I were 100% sure we’d get one with what I want, but I just can’t help but be . . . skeptical. I mean, it is their property, and I can’t argue their right to package it however they want, but the bone they threw us this time was pretty dry.

        I grumbled about buying two versions of New Moon to get both deleted and extended scenes, but at least they were there to get . . . and now I have a one of a kind 3 disc extra-special edition of New Moon with both deleted AND extended scenes . . . it’s the two disc version from Borders with the third disc of Target’s extras, lol. And I sold the first two discs of the Target version for more money than I paid for the Border’s version on eBay, so how could I NOT be happy about that?

        This movie’s DVD, however, is just disappointing. ๐Ÿ™

  20. I cant believe they didn’t have any deleted scenes. That’s such BS. They shouldn’t have rushed to release it and should have actually spent some time putting together a half decent DVD. Love the movie, but the “special features” blow.

  21. Got mine at WalMart & I wasn’t that impressed w/the “collectible” Bella’s wedding dress cover, it’s just carboard & could easily be ruined. But I do like the fabric poster of Bella & Edward.

    One question though when Edward speaks Portuguese it didn’t show the subtitles & I could have sworn when I saw it in the theater it did have subtitles. Anyone else?

  22. Dawnika Stephenson says

    I got the Wal-Mart version with the wedding dress packaging and cloth wedding picture poster. In regular DVD, not blu-ray. I got It there because I work there.However I didn’t go to the release party at midnight, because I didn’t work that night,but had to work the next day, so I got It then. I think It’s awesome they had the cloth wedding picture poster. I like that better than getting a replica flower. I also think it’s cool because when the BDP1 movie poster came out a lot of people on this site were disappointed that it didn’t have a picture of Edward and Bella In their wedding outfits and they never released a regular poster of that either,but now with this DVD,they have that. Except this Is even better,because It’s not paper, so It will last longer. I’m fine with the features,though It would have been nice to have a commentary with Rob and Kristen, like Twilight and Eclipse had. Even better one with Rob,Kristen,and Taylor! They should do that on BDP2. That would end the DVDs nicely. They should of had that on all 5 movies DVD’s,even New Moon. It’s awesome!

  23. i got the costco bluray special edition. it cost $22.99 (target was $24.99). i too wish for deleted/extended scenes, but i’m hopeful we’ll get that some kind of future version.

    so far, i watched the movie and the documentary and jacob’s destiny. loved them all. i saw the wedding video online, so i didn’t bother watching that one at the time. next time i have a chance to sit down with it, i’ll watch the commentary with bill and the wedding video.

    i’ve loved everything so far. especially the documentary. i love all the specific info on how they made it.

    now i want to find that BD 2 sneak peak i think i’ve been hearing about. is that true?

  24. I have a question about the Target collectible edition… Is the flower a Real flower that was used at the wedding set? Or is it just a silk look alike flower? Just want to make sure before i buy a copy.

    • It is a real prop flower from the set. It comes with a certificate of authenticity on the back and is a numbered limited edition–so get it before it’s gone.

      I thought they did a beautiful job with the packaging, and I’m really happy with mine.

      Like many other commenters, I wish they had included some extended/deleted scenes on the DVD, but I though the documentary was great. I loved seeing all the behind-the-scenes making the movie things, and I was fascinated by the special effects. It was neat to see Rob and Kristen between takes and hear from Bill Condon about his vision for the film. I thought this was wonderful feature was done really well, and I for one will watch it more than once.

    • It’s a silk flower. It’s beautifully displayed in an acrylic case the size of the DVD box.

      I was also disappointed in the lack of deleted scenes, the teasers in the “making of” documentary make me want to see them all the more. If Summit knows what they’re doing, they should definitely do an extended version of both Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2. I don’t care if they release Part 2 on DVD first, then follow up with the extended version. I’ll buy both. I did it with LOTR, and I love Twilight so much more.

  25. I got the regular 2 disc set from target….with my $3 coupon it was $14.99…great deal. I like the cover with all three (B,E,J) and the wedding pic. It matches all my other movies!!!! I watched the movie twice saturday ;0 I miss the deleted/extended scenes but I bet after BD2 then deleted scenes will come ou!!! I Love twilight!!!

  26. Went to Best Buy and got the Special Edition Blu-Ray. No bells or whistles. And of course watched it multiple times yesterday. Loved the documentary..favorite part of that was the description of Bella’s pregnancy (how they got her looking so emaciated) and the birth. Brings chills just thinking about it.

  27. I purchased what is labelled Special Edition, but it only has 1 disk. I’m fine with that. I’m not one to buy extra momentos. It’s not worth the extra money.
    I did really enjoy the Wedding video extra. I thought Mike’s wedding toast was very sweet, and in character.
    Please tell me I’m not the only one who rewatched the honeymoon scene again, and again, and again… lol.

  28. I went to walmart. I didn’t do the midnight thing but I did get the 2 disk edtion. I have watched the movie but nothing else yet. I hear all about no deleted scenes whitch stinks maybe on part 2. I am not big on the extra fancy stuff so the packaging with just the 3 of them and then the wedding pic is really nice in my book.

  29. Anyone else spot the GINORMOUS screw-up at the end of the Edward&Bella’s Wedding Video featurette? Seriously?!?!?! LOL!!

  30. I went to the midnight release at Walmart. I got the regular two disc special edition. As everybody else has said, i’m disappointed no deleted scenes or extended scenes! ๐Ÿ™ I got home, watched the movie but when i went to disc 2, i watched the documentary and i kept looking for the deleted scenes so i went back to Disc 1 and nope NADA! went back to disc 2 to see if I missed it, nope wasnt there!! -___- thats the only thing i didnt like. I decided to buy the regular special edition just like the other 3 dvds i have, because the fancy bellas edition wasnt really worth it, wal mart gave me a tiny movie fabric poster, i was happy with that, it at least has all three main characters, i wasnt going waste for money for the bella/edward wedding fabric poster<-thats the only extra thingthat makes it special… oh and the videos wowww hello youtube! lol To be Part 1, I would rather waste more on the part 2 DVD special edition whatever its going to include poster, key chain idk? but i would waste more money on it, because i know its the last dvd!! and worth buying the extra stuff, because its the end of the saga ๐Ÿ™ Also, i thought "Jacobs destiny" was going to be like a preview of his destiny for part 2, not just the same thing we saw in part 1? whats the point of jacobs destiny lol, i was also disappointed at the wal mart i bought it at, they didnt know about the $3 discount the official Twilight Saga company gave out :O, they gave out the dvd like at 12:15, they werent prepared, i holded the line, i was 5th in line hehe, sorry other fans that were behind me hehehe. but wal mart let me still use the coupon hehe, the dvd only cost me $18(:(: as usual i'm going to watch my movie in peace, although no deleted scenes or extended scenes like the others has ๐Ÿ™ go twilight!!!! i just hope next yrs dvd has deleted scenes nd extra stuff.

  31. I got the Walmart Wedding dress edition today . I love the fabric poster of Bella and Edward at their wedding , it is so beautiful. Yeah , the package was just a box, but that it’s the poster not the packaging that is supposed to be the prize of that edition . I prefer it to a silk flower in a case ( prop or not ) , so I’m happy with my choice . I loved the extras but wish they had given us the extended and deleted scenes though .

  32. I bought the two disc version, and I loved the movie but I am so disappointed on the extras. I was looking forward to all the deleted an extended scenes, and here I am with nothing… O…O . Gosh I hope they come out with a extended version of bd part 1 & 2 , if summit knows what there doing they’ll probably be doing that when breaking dawn part 2 comes out on DVD. I can’t wait:) I don’t care if I have to buy both extended and breaking dawn part 2.. Only the true twi fans would :))

  33. My standard 2 disc dvd doesn’t have the English subtitles when Edward speaks Portuguese (my friends dvd does). anyone else have this problem?????

  34. Was I the only one disappointed with the Target preview? Our Target had it on every TV and therefore the echoing sound made it almost impossible to understand. Everyone around me said later that they couldnt hear anything. One thing I did hear was the actors mentioning that BD2 would be coming out this summer…. Did something change? I though the release was for November. I hope it is summer but that was the first I’d heard of it.

  35. Totally love the Target edition! How cool to have a prop from the movie! The total thing is just beautifully packaged and far exceeded my expectations. As we didn’t have a midnight show at our target, I was forced to watch the bootlegged extras of BD2 on YouTube. Not cool! ๐Ÿ™ I was disappointed that it wasn’t on the disk…and yes, I did look a quite embarassing long time on both disks for the deleated scenes…. But I know they will release them at some point. …. Get the Target special If youcan still find one.. They are limited to 158,000 and well worth the keepsake!

  36. I got the Target Blu-ray and was a bit disappointed. It would have been nice to get a DVD or digital copy included with it. The first thing I did was look for deleted/extended scenes. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next release.

  37. I have yet to buy the DVD as I am searching and searching for which version I’d like to purchase. I was told at our local Best Buy they carry the tin boxed version. I would hate to go to walmart again and be stuck with only the flimsy generic cased version. I’m weird like that.

    I did hear, once upon a time, that Breaking Dawn Part 2 will carry all of the goodies and extra’s (scenes and such) from both movies. Who knows. Kind of sucks to wait if it is true. *le sigh*


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