The Breaking Dawn DVD Review

Thankfully this isn’t like New Moon where we had to buy three versions just to get all the extras! The DVD’s are basically the same content no matter who you order it from it’s the packaging perks that are different. Though the Walmart version also has Bruno Mars and Chritina Perri videos on it ( hit youtube and you can see those as they have been out for months)

So, help out your fellow Twilight fans who haven’t run to the store or online yet.

Which DVD/blu-ray did you buy?

Which retailer did you get it from?

One thing we realized this morning was that the Blu-ray special edition (the one with the packaging that matches the special editions from the other films)was only available from Target online. You could get the basic blu-ray in the store.

Also what is your favorite part in the extras?

Walmart versions
—Perk= fabric poster on the wedding dressing version

Target versions
—-Perk=prop flower used at wedding in collectors tin collectors edition

Version available any place